On 3.10, Liu Mintao brought a suspenseful new work “Corridor Pavilion” to attack the mysterious housekeeper Lin Zhenhui and captured thousands of expectations

On 3.10, Liu Mintao brought a suspenseful new work “Corridor Pavilion” to attack the mysterious housekeeper Lin Zhenhui and captured thousands of expectations

Written and directed by Lai Mukuan, starring Ren Suxi and Liu Mintao, “The Corridor Pavilion” will be officially released in mainland China on March 10, 2023. This suspenseful movie, adapted from the famous novel by Keigo Higashino, starts with a “suspected murder” bizarre fire in the corridor pavilion. Force max. Not only the texture of the plot is good, but also the enthusiastic participation of a group of powerful actors in the film is also surprising, especially Liu Mintao, who plays Lin Zhenhui in the story, has captured the expectations of a large number of audiences early on.

The calm and dormant murderous heart suddenly emerges, and the mysterious housekeeper Lin Zhenhui attracts sympathy

In the film, Lin Zhenhui, played by Liu Mintao, is a seemingly “simple” butler who has been silently guarding the corridor pavilion for many years, conscientiously and fulfilling his duties. But under her seemingly calm appearance, there is a turbulent inner world hidden. Before being noticed by lawyer Ye Tong, almost everyone was deceived by Lin Zhenhui’s simple and quiet appearance. When the truth comes to light, we will find that although this woman seems to be blinded by hatred and greed, she is subtle. When you think about it, she is also a very poor person. In the earlier screenings, many viewers expressed their strong sympathy for the role of Lin Zhenhui after watching the movie. If you analyze this role carefully, you will find that throughout her life, her life has been shrouded in a thick fog of escape and struggle, and finally crushed by reality, succumbing to the dark side of human nature, and becoming a sinner beyond recognition. With the blessing of Liu Mintao’s superb acting skills, Lin Zhenhui’s complex and contradictory personality is vividly interpreted. Through her delicate and emotional performance, many viewers said that “every woman can feel her struggle and collapse”. Such a realistic and full-bodied character has made many female audiences empathize strongly.

“Vengeance Evil Girl” & “Crazy Criticism of Beauty”, Liu Mintao’s explosive acting skills hit the hearts of the people

Different from many classic characters created by Liu Mintao before, Lin Zhenhui played by her in “The Corridor Pavilion” this time is a “crazy beauty” who avenges love. Under Liu Mintao’s careful interpretation of such a role, the emotional level is very rich. Talking about the characters, Liu Mintao himself said frankly that “everyone in this drama is a person who lacks love”. It is not difficult to see that Lin Zhenhui’s revenge seems to have another hidden meaning. Looking at the domestic film market, excellent works with the theme of “female revenge” rarely appear. Under the premise that the original works are already famous, the interpretation of the film version of “The Corridor Pavilion” is a heavy pressure on the actors, and it is also a challenge to their own performance. a huge test. And under Liu Mintao’s precise interpretation, the image of Lin Zhenhui’s “Vengeance Evil Girl” is vivid on the screen. The full emotional tension and strong emotional explosiveness make people feel full of substitution, and the excellent lines are even more immersive. The environment generally feels a sense of power coming to the face. Such a full-bodied character with both depth and vitality is played by Liu Mintao with full impact.

The suspenseful movie “The Corridor Pavilion” starring Ren Suxi and Liu Mintao was officially released on March 10. In the film, Liu Mintao shows people with a brand new image. The vivid image of “Vengeance Evil” Lin Zhenhui is impressive. This wonderful film with a good look and feel also allows us to see another surprising and fresh side of Liu Mintao. After “Corridor Pavilion”, Liu Mintao is currently filming the TV series “Surgery Live Room”, and there are three upcoming films “Drug Hunting”, “Bystander” and “Enthusiasm”, as well as “Thirteen Years of Dust”. A TV series is waiting to be broadcast. I wonder what surprises Liu Mintao will bring us in the next works? We wait for the best work together.

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