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likeuu’s detachable outdoor equipment allows children to make friends with nature!

The temperature in spring is always hot and cold. When many mothers don’t know how to dress their children, a windproof and wear-resistant coat is a very suitable choice. However, ordinary coats are not wear-resistant or windproof, and cannot meet the needs of children to explore nature outdoors. And it is difficult for ordinary coats to flexibly adapt to sudden temperature changes in this season.

To this end, likeuu children’s underwear brand has launched outdoor equipment like building blocks, including not only detachable jackets, but also detachable outdoor skirts, detachable outdoor trousers and outdoor vests, no matter boys or girls can find a favorite It allows children to freely explore nature without fear of temperature changes!

As a children’s underwear brand with good quality and reputation, likeuu has been focusing on the research and development of intimate clothing for growth and development. The detachable outdoor equipment launched this time fully considers the uncontrollability of outdoor weather, and can be combined and matched like building blocks. The hat sleeves are detachable, and there are 2 unlockable long-sleeved/half-sleeved/stand-collar jackets/hooded windbreakers, a variety of collocations, the length can be changed according to the season, and the temperature can be switched freely. Feel the changes of nature and enjoy the moment happily. The detachable coat is also equipped with a small shoulder bag of the same style for storage. When the coat is taken off, it is not afraid of losing it, and both mothers and children can free their hands.

likeuu looks for inspiration in nature. The fabric of detachable outdoor equipment is slightly wrinkled, showing a simple and organic texture. There is a natural and light rustling sound when touched. The upper body feels good outdoors, and this fabric is baby-grade A-safe Standard, even if the child has grown up, likeuu will still give you baby-level protection. In addition, this rusty weave fabric is windproof and wear-resistant. It is not broken after 15,000 frictions, and its air permeability is only 18mm/s. It can well resist the wind in the mountains and let children get closer to nature.

The whole series of likeuu detachable outdoor equipment is very light in weight, so there is no pressure to stack and wear, making outdoor running and jumping more comfortable. Moreover, the maximum size of this dress is 165, and it looks good on my mother, and the beautiful parent-child style is easy to get!

likeuu’s detachable outdoor equipment allows you to blow wind in hot weather and windproof in cold weather. Wearing this suit, you can feel the changes in the outdoors and make friends with nature!

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