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“Flying Life and Love” ends tonight with Hu Xianxu and Wang Yanlin continuing to write the racing legend

“Flying Life and Love” ends tonight with Hu Xianxu and Wang Yanlin continuing to write the racing legend

Tonight, starring Hu Xianxu and Wang Yanlin, Yu Entai, Yan Hexiang, Qu Zheming, Chen Yuxian, Zhao Haohong, Li Jiahao, Zhou Zixin, special appearances by Kan Qingzi, Wang Yinglu, Sun Tianyu, Zhou Tie, Yu Xiaolei, Qin Xiaoxian, Zhang Xiaoqian, Gao Huayang The racing-themed urban comedy “Flying Life and Love” starring , Huang Tingting, and Luo Zekai is about to come to an end. As the music of “The Ordinary Road” sounds, this story about racing, passion and youth is coming to an end. Lin Zhendong is about to set foot on the Dakar track, and Zhang Chi will also usher in his destined race. Will you be destined to follow the same path again, or change your destiny and win a new life?

  Drive high and go high, full of stamina, and the exciting race will set off the “speeding” craze again

Since its launch on February 28, “Flying Life and Love” has once again set off a “Flying” craze with its passionate racing story. During the broadcast period, the popularity of the series continued to rise, occupying the top positions on Youku’s major lists, Weibo’s series influence list, Maoyan TV series popularity list and many other lists, and the topic and discussion continued online. . Up to now, the series has received a total of 1,811 related hot searches on major social media platforms, with over 2.65 billion views of the main topic, over 4.82 billion views of the main topic on Douyin, over 120 popular short videos with 100,000+ hits, and 10 views on Station B. There are more than 25 videos with more than 10,000 views, with the highest number of views reaching 2.256 million.

In terms of reputation, “Flying Life and Love Chapter” continues the theme core of youth and no regrets in the series of works, and on this basis, it creates a group portrait of the team, adds team feelings and friendship content, and expresses the value orientation of collectivism. At the same time, the series uses a narrative method of both competition and comedy, which has been highly praised by the audience. Some viewers said: “The theme of racing and fantasy is very novel, and the setting of two souls in one body is particularly interesting. The actors’ performances added a lot to the setting.” Some viewers also believed that the setting of two souls in one body gave the series a strong comedy Colors and working together to pursue dreams keep the drama alive, and the two narrative techniques are perfectly integrated.

  Expand the broad scope of Feichi IP, and interpret the theme of “love” with youthful passion

“Feichi Love of Life” is a successful creation of the Feichi IP expansion. With a younger story background, more youthful actor faces, and a more special fantasy setting, it presents a brand new racing story and leaves a deep impression on the audience. impression. Regardless of their stance, the characters in the play all have their own obsession with racing and winning the game. They interpret the theme of “love” with their youth and passion, and always show the positive value of unremitting pursuit of dreams.

Tonight, the story of “Flying Life and Love” is about to come to an end. With the efforts of everyone in the Flying Spur team, Lin Zhendong finally succeeded in winning and won the qualification to go to Dakar. Can he compete in the new schedule? Continue to shine? In order to prevent Wei Qianli from manipulating the naming of the track, Zhang Chi still chose to race illegally. Can he change the fate of being banned and defend the naming rights of Ye Gong’s track? With the death of Ye Gong, where will everyone in the Flying Spur Racing Team go? Can the name of the Flying Spur Racing Team continue? All suspense will be revealed one by one in the finale of Youku tonight.

Comeback again, hilarious comeback! “Flying Life and Love” is produced by Youku, jointly produced by Alibaba Pictures Gleaning Studio and Shanghai Tingdong Pictures Co., Ltd., directed in November, written by Xu Wei, and Zhang Wenli and Li Wenwen serve as chief producers. It ends tonight, so stay tuned.

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