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The TV series “The Storm Chaser” is launched with enthusiasm. Wang Yibo and Li Qin jointly compose a hymn for the growth of the youth of the era.

The TV series “The Storm Chaser” is launched with enthusiasm. Wang Yibo and Li Qin jointly compose a hymn for the growth of the youth of the era.


Produced by CCTV and iQiyi, co-produced by Ruyi Pictures, Enlightenment Pictures, Oriental Panorama, and Wanda Pictures, a Strange Love Studio project, with Wang Xiaohui and Chen Zhixi as executive producers, Dai Ying and Zhang Shuwei as chief producers, and Yao Xiaofeng As the chief director, Weng Liangping serves as the screenwriter, starring Wang Yibo, Li Qin, Wang Yang, starring Zhang Tianyang, special appearances by Wang Xueqi, Gao Lu, and friendly starring Yang Kun, the contemporary youth growth drama “The Storm Chaser” will be released on CCTV starting today -8 prime time broadcast simultaneously with iQiyi.

The TV series “Storm Chaser” tells the story of Wei Ruolai, a patriotic young man in the 1930s who witnessed the darkness of society, gradually found his life direction, and finally joined the historical torrent of the new democratic revolution led by the Communist Party of China. The drama is about to premiere, and the final trailer of the “Love Edition” and the group portrait poster of the “Wind Up” edition of the show have also been exposed today, kicking off the storm of Shanghai in this special era for viewers who have been waiting for many days.

  In this era of no hesitation, young people keep their original aspirations toward the bright future

The final trailer for the “Inspiring Edition” released today opens with Shen Tunan, a senior adviser to the Central Bank, announcing the detection of the counterfeit currency case in Shanghai. However, this action led to public criticism from his personal assistant Wei Ruolai at a press conference. The powerful man covers the sky with one hand, and there seems to be an ulterior secret hidden behind this case. Shen Tunan warned Wei Ruolai to learn to “judge the situation”, but Wei Ruolai, who believed that “you must be punished if you do evil”, had no hesitation, “even if you risk your life, you will fight them to the death.” From then on, the master and the disciple broke off their friendship. Shen Tunan’s sister Shen Jinzhen questioned Wei Ruolai and Shen Tunan’s persistence, “Can it really save China?” After giving the answer “Only the Communist Party can save China,” the true identity of tailor Xu Nuo gradually emerged. Shen Jinzhen and Xu Nuo seemed to have chosen another bright path together, “because of faith and to save the country and the people.” The homeless people are suffering, and their hearts are toward the light and they keep their original aspirations. Under the inspiration and guidance of Shen Jinzhen, Wei Ruolai embarked on the bright road to Ruijin and the Central Revolutionary Base without hesitation.

The unpredictable and turbulent current situation, the smoke-filled power disputes, the tense financial secret war, the mentor-disciple friendship between enemies and friends, the firm belief of the Communist Party members, the innocent heart of serving the country with fists… Although the final trailer only contains a few words. The pen outlines several aspects of the story concisely and concisely, but it is still full of ups and downs and high energy, allowing the audience to get into the drama instantly, and making people look forward to the premiere of “Wind Chaser” tonight.

  Facing the wind, the waves and clouds on the Huangpu River appear in various forms.

In the group portrait poster of “Upward to the Wind” released at the same time as the final trailer, Wei Ruolai (played by Wang Yibo), who has just entered the workplace, wants to overcome all injustices in the world with the belief of “riding the long wind and breaking thousands of miles of waves”, with a calm look in his eyes. Shen Jinzhen (played by Li Qin), an underground member of the Communist Party of China, cherishes communist ideals. She is gentle and beautiful, adding a touch of warmth and brightness to the gloomy era, but her gorgeous dress cannot hide her valor and vigor; Shen Tu, senior adviser to the Central Bank Nan (played by Wang Yang) calmly examined everything that happened in front of him. He seemed indifferent but made people feel that his city was unfathomable.

Other important characters Lin Qiaosong (played by Zhang Tianyang), Xu Nuo (played by Wang Xueqi), Su Cishu (played by Gao Lu) and Aunt Zhou (played by Yang Kun) are lined up on both sides. Characters with different perspectives jointly depict a picture of the troubled times. A picture of various forms.

  The young boy who grew up with passion finally makes a comeback in the workplace

“The Storm Chaser” is a legendary adventure, and it is also a passionate story of a newcomer’s counterattack and growth that subverts the rules of the workplace: The crisis-ridden metropolitan ecology frightens the “Shanghai drifter” Wei Ruolai. He did not graduate from a prestigious school, but also He has no background or backing, but he has to compete for jobs with the noble sons and connections of Shanghai merchants. He has no skills and ambitions but cannot escape the fate of being eliminated. But real gold is not afraid of fire. Wei Ruolai accidentally gets the appreciation of Bole Shen Tunan and takes him as his personal assistant, and accidentally gets acquainted with Shen Jinzhen, the daughter of a wealthy family – Shen Tunan’s sister. The counterattack journey of the low-level workers begins… The curiosity of young people from a small town when they first arrive in a big city, the anxiety and panic when they first enter the workplace, the difficulties faced by colleagues, and the disguises used by underground members of the Chinese Communist Party to perform tasks, etc., add a lot of fun to the ups and downs of the story of “Storm Chaser”.

There will be times when the wind blows and the waves break, and the clouds and sails are hung directly to help the sea. Wei Ruolai came from a humble background and then fought back. With an innocent heart and aspiration to reach the sky, he walked out of a humble home and achieved extraordinary things through unremitting efforts. The youth growth drama of the era is about to be wonderful. Different audiences can find their own inner resonance in the character. The TV series “Storm Chaser” will be broadcast simultaneously on CCTV-8 Prime Time and iQiyi from today. CCTV-8 prime time broadcasts two episodes every night; iQiyi updates 4 episodes on the first day and 2 episodes every day at 19:30, so stay tuned!

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