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Wang Yibo and Li Qin’s “Wind Chaser” has been praised since its launch. The young people of this era set sail and write legends.

Wang Yibo and Li Qin’s “Wind Chaser” has been praised since its launch. The young people of this era set sail and write legends.


  In the context of the Republic of China, a revolutionary struggle that has never been seen before is presented from a new perspective.eye-catching”, “The plot is compact and full of twists and turns.Shanghai beachThe ‘big’ and the pyrotechnic ‘small’ blend together,Epic temperamentIt also adds humanistic warmth to the outside, and you can even see the shadow of a laborer in the characters.“…Along with the broadcast, the TV series “Storm Chaser” ended withTroubled timesuniquetemperamentups and downsnervousDrama and livelinessHarvest of group portraits of little peopleAudiences praised it.

  “The Storm Chaser” tells the story of Wei Ruolai, a patriotic young man in the 1930s who witnessed the darkness of society, gradually found his direction in life, and finally joined the historical torrent of the new democratic revolution led by the Communist Party of China.. The drama sparked a drama-watching craze in the first week it aired.Displayed according to data platform: As of Sunday,“The Storm Chaser”Ratingsbreak2,goldTime TV drama ratingsTOP1, viewership share5.484%;iQiyi’s popularity breaks through9000point,causeWeibo and short videosDiversified discussions among netizens from all walks of life on the platform,The popularity of the Internet remains high.

  Fresh clothes and angry horsesBoth solemn and harmonious A book about counterattack and growth for newcomers in the workplace

  Among the first ten episodes aired in the first week, “storm chaserStraightforwardtaking the young boy Wei Ruolai (played by Wang Yibo) into the Central Bank as a clue, showing the shaky and turbulent situation in the entire Shanghai beach, and then leading to Shen Jinzhen (played by Li Qin), Shen Tunan (played by Wang Yang), Lin Qiaosong (played by Zhang Tianyang) , Xu Nuo (played by Wang Xueqi),Su Dishu(Gaolu decoration),Aunt Zhou(Played by Yang Kun) are waiting for a group of characters to compete in this invisible war and all living beings who are forced to be involved in the storm.Wei Ruolai starts a counterattack and advances in the workplace, Shen Jinzhen uses clever tricks to eliminate traitors for the party, Shen Tunan declares war with the old forces despite numerous obstacles, the detective team arrests underground members of the Chinese Communist Party and sets up layers of traps, and financial worms steal national property for their own personal gain.…In just a few episodes, “Storm Chaser”It laid out multiple climax points, and the plot had twists and turns.,Crisis continues,main characterIn chaosWorldmiddleClear the clouds and see the suntouching.

  Although “Storm Chaser” has a complex historical background, the play uniquely unfolds from a workplace perspective that is closely relevant to contemporary young people., the plot is tense and ups and downs while still being relaxed and interesting. Especially when Wei Ruolai first joined the central bank as a newcomer and was made things difficult for his colleagues in every possible way, and then relied on his own efforts to overcome the difficulties and finally won the appreciation of Bole Shen Tunan, the young audience talked about it.Some viewers liked:fromLooking at the turmoil of the times from the perspective of a “worker” is indeed a way to open a passionate period drama that I have never thought of..“Some viewers said:”The multi-line narrative is logically clear, smooth and natural, the editing is clean and neat, and the rhythm is very well controlled. I haven’t had such a great drama-watching experience in a long time!“Don’t put 1900inappropriate later‘00back‘, Wei Ruolai is the originator of rectifying the workplace. “”Storm Chaser” brings an extremely relaxing and joyful drama-watching experience to the audience.

  Chess encounters an opponent, an enemy or a friend Shanghai fireworks breath painting panoramic map

  The charm of “Storm Chaser” is not only thatmagnificentThe tide of the times and the scholarly enthusiasm that denounced Fang Qiu alsolies inerain the torrenteachcomposeOwndestinyPsalmsof little people.In addition to the main characters such as Wei Ruolai and Shen Tunan, who are rivals in chess, Shen Jinzhen and Lin Qiaosong, who are at odds with good and evil, the cunning and kindness of Aunt Zhou, the landlord of Qibao Street, the straightforwardness and righteousness of the rickshaw driver Awen, and the showmanship and innocence of the neighbor’s uncle…all deeply moved the audience.dramaEvery one who appearsfigureAll wereportrayhave toFull and vivid, they jointly interpret a vivid and three-dimensional group portrait drama in Shanghai.

  Some viewers praised the series’ comprehensive and three-dimensional portrayal:While the high-density plot is output, it also provides a lot of characterization of the characters, as well as the inner exploration and expression of the characters.“Using a very clean and neat rhythm, the depiction of group portraits is completed.In the end, the whole play was relaxed and relaxed, making people watch it.ofIt is fascinating at the time and has endless aftertaste after reading it.The warmth of humanity in the market alleyandShanghaicurrent situationThe biting windform a strong contrast,The audience seems to be in that era,andRoleexperience togetherlegendaryfateups and downs.

  Behind the scenes of the gold medal The Republic of China-themed drama series breaks creationUnruly

  the soul of a workinseparableManaging an excellent teamhas gained a high reputation in the industry with works such as “Leaves Falling in Chang’an” and “Tangshan Earthquake”.Director Yao Xiaofengthis timeuse uniquecreationperspective and delicate expression techniques, willThe economic secret war of the Republic of Chinastory withOld ShanghaiofFireworks in the marketcleverly blended into onemaking this typedramasetonceNew explorationand try,forThe audience broughtVery different from beforetheater viewing experience.

  Heavy yet light at the same time, “Storm Chaser” delves into the complexities of human nature and the power of faith.The characters in the play struggle and make choices between money, power, and faith. Their fate is closely linked to the rise and fall of the country..On Wei RuolaiOverflowing with positive values,Finally relying onThe perseverance of the spirit won theAudience Favor:Everyone is the protagonist of his own life. Even if he is in an unknown script, as long as he has firm belief and is determined to pursue his ideal, he can become a hero who illuminates the darkness!While enjoying the plot, the audience can also think about the nature of human nature and the value of faith.As the show’s chief director Yao Xiaofeng said:The pursuit of emotional resonance and in-depth and dialectical thinking not only hopes to bring a unique aesthetic experience to the audience, but also hopes to inspire contemporary young people to, together with the protagonists in the play, not be afraid of hardships and obstacles, strive for self-improvement, and move forward.The emergence of “Wind Chaser”Dramas about the Republic of ChinaInjected afresh bloodalso letaudienceSaw this type of dramasetPossess unlimited vitality and innovationpossible.

  The contemporary youth growth drama “The Storm Chaser” is produced by CCTV and iQiyi, co-produced by Ruyi Pictures, Enlightenment Pictures, Oriental Panorama, and Wanda Pictures, and is a project of Strange Love Studio. Wang Xiaohui and Chen Zhixi serve as directors and producers. Ying and Zhang Shuwei serve as the chief producers, Yao Xiaofeng serves as the chief director, Weng Liangping serves as the screenwriter, Wang Yibo, Li Qin, Wang Yang lead the starring roles, Zhang Tianyang stars, Wang Xueqi and Gao Lu make special appearances, and Yang Kun guest stars.CCTV-8’s prime program and iQiyi are simultaneously on the air. CCTV-8 prime time broadcasts two episodes every night; iQiyi updates 2 episodes every day at 19:30,in the storm“The Storm Chaser” willWhat kind of adventure chapter will start?The excitement continues tonight!

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