The TV News Center of Shanghai TV Station interviewed Ou Bo, the general manager of ManpowerGroup, on the theme of Shanghai vigorously attracting high-level talents

The TV News Center of Shanghai TV Station interviewed Ou Bo, the general manager of ManpowerGroup, on the theme of Shanghai vigorously attracting high-level talents

“Professional Bole” attracts talents from all over the world, and the market-oriented talent introduction is effective.February 27,Shanghai TV News Center(Dragon TV news and news integrated channel news), making news reports on the theme of Shanghai’s vigorous efforts to attract high-level talents,Michael Ou, Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) and General Manager of Recruitment and Solutions Division (R&S) of ManpowerGroup Greater China, was invited to interviewShare high-end talent introduction and development plan.

  Talent is a powerful engine for high-quality development in the new era, and it isThe “golden key” of urban innovation and development.Especially under the normalized control of the epidemic, local government agencies have taken multiple measures to consolidate the foundation of a strong city with talents and innovation, and further implement the strategy of talent employment. As a comprehensive human resources solution service organization, ManpowerGroup has always been adhering to the mission of “unleashing the development potential of talents”.

Ou Bo was invited to be interviewed by the TV News Center of Shanghai TV Station

  About the company’s high-level talent action planOu Bo said in an interview that in order to actively respond to the national employment priority strategy and the strategy of strengthening the country and enterprises through talents, and to support Shanghai in building a highland for talent gathering, ManpowerGroup hopes to passIndustry focusimplementation, not limited to focusInnovative technology and high-end manufacturing areas that the country focuses onsuch as medicine, chip semiconductor and other industries; at the same time, the company is furtherStrengthen the layout of the global talent delivery network and improve the ability to search for high-level talents at home and abroadto help enterprises and talents “go in both directions”, and empower Shanghai to continue high-quality development and leadership.

  About Shanghai to create a “strong magnetic field” for gathering talents from all over the world, he mentioned that Shanghai, as the national and global economic hub, and the most attractive Chinese city in the eyes of foreign talents, has continuously optimized the business environment in recent years, introduced various new policies for talents, and strengthened the construction of first-class educational resources, attracting foreign students from all over the world. High-level talents gather in this “treasure place”. For the various policy support and incentive measures provided by relevant institutions in Shanghai to high-quality human resources companies, Oubo expressed his sincere welcome and gratitude.

  Regarding high-level talent delivery results,Urban innovation and development requires the support of talents from all walks of life, and the discovery of talents is inseparable from “professional Bole”. ManpowerGroup has won the2022Shanghai Human Resources Service “Bole” Awardto encourage the company’s unremitting efforts in recruiting talents.

ManpowerGroup’s talent hunting is a headhunting service, focusing on mid-to-high-end talents and professional talent recruitment solutions. It not only helps companies search for executives, select middle-level managers, and recruit professional elites, but also helps talents obtain better jobs and achieve dual matching. In the future, the company will continue to rely on insights into global talent trends, a professional local team, and the “workplace +” technology platform to provide partners with better talent search solutions and empower their long-lasting vitality.

  About ManpowerGroup Greater China

ManpowerGroup Greater China Co., Ltd. (HKEX: 2180.HK), started its services in Hong Kong and Taiwan in 1997. So far, the service has covered more than 20 directly-operated cities including Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Taiwan, and the headquarters is located in Shanghai. Our major shareholder, ManpowerGroup Inc. NYSE: MAN, is a global leader in human resource solutions with a history of more than 70 years and a service network covering more than 75 countries and regions. ManpowerGroup Greater China has been deeply involved in the local area for more than 20 years, with a service network reaching more than 240 cities and serving more than 20,000 enterprises. In 2015, ManpowerGroup’s Greater China strategic alliance with CITIC Industrial Fund accelerated the deployment of local strategies. On July 10, 2019, ManpowerGroup Greater China Co., Ltd. successfully landed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The company has always been committed to unleashing the development potential of talents. With comprehensive human resources solutions such as flexible employment, talent hunting, recruitment process outsourcing, management consulting and training development, it has been widely praised by the industry and has been awarded “Asia-Pacific Human Resources Leading Enterprise” for many times.


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