Marriage leave is extended in many places, and Aichao takes advantage of the platform to solve the problem of marriage and love in society

Marriage leave is extended in many places, and Aichao takes advantage of the platform to solve the problem of marriage and love in society

Recently, many places have adjusted the marriage leave accordingly when revising the population and family planning regulations. According to incomplete statistics, Chengdu in Sichuan, Nanjing in Jiangsu, Tianjin, Anhui, Jiangxi and many other places have explicitly extended their marriage leave. Among them, the longest marriage leave in Gansu and Shanxi provinces is 30 days. Behind the adjustment and extension of marriage leave in many places is one of the effective means to help my country’s population policy and fight against population aging. According to data, on January 17, 2022, the National Bureau of Statistics announced that the population at the end of last year decreased by 850,000 compared with the end of the previous year, and China’s population experienced negative growth for the first time.

How to solve social marriage and love problems and help singles get out of singles efficiently? As a new generation of marriage and love platform-Ai Chat APP closely follows the basic concept of “decentralization”, relying on self-developed AI intelligence, recommendation algorithms, and through platform matching mechanisms. Singles provide an inclusive platform environment, real social opportunities and safe and efficient marriage and love choices.

Since its launch, the Love Chat APP has been creating a “inclusive, authentic, and efficient” marriage and love atmosphere, which fits the contemporary singles’ pursuit of the same three views, like-minded, and mutually tolerant marriage and love psychology and relationship mode. Aichao APP promotes equal rights by algorithm, weakens the priority of appearance, and realizes the value of inclusive traffic. The love chat APP attaches great importance to “real information” as the entry threshold. Among the more than 120 million users, more than 90% of the users have passed the real person authentication, which meets the real marriage and love needs of users. At the same time, the iChat APP also breaks the limitation of social distance in marriage and love, and realizes intelligent AI precise speed matching with the support of big data. Its comprehensive matching function allows single users to calculate the relationship according to the comprehensive matching score of zodiac, constellation, personality and other dimensions, helping both parties Chatting gets along better.

The same-city fate function of Aichao APP can help users quickly meet more singles of the opposite sex in the same city, and find their own fate in the fragmented time. The husband and wife Chen Haifeng and Huang Yuanxin got acquainted in the same city dynamics of Aichao. They live in the same county. Since they got married in Aichao in 2020, they are now a happy family of three. And on Valentine’s Day not long ago, they also participated in the romantic dating benefit activity of ichat as unmarried users, and they had special sweet memories!

Online, iChat app always has insight into user needs, and performs thousands of function iterations and updates every year. Offline, iChat also held a number of public welfare activities such as iChat’s first collective wedding for users, offline viewing of movies and making friends on the Qixi Festival, advocating the concept of marriage and love in the new era, and helping single men and women achieve a happy marriage. iChat also launched a bus handle advertisement on Valentine’s Day this year. Through the strong recommendation of brand spokesperson Cecilia Cheung and the brand slogan “If you want to get out of the single, go to iChat”, it stimulates and helps the motivation and confidence of the single group to get out of the single.

Aichat always focuses on user needs, actively responds to relevant government policies, serves the national population strategy, and adheres to the mission of “Technology Achieves Marriage in the World” to continue to create a new generation of marriage and love platform. As of 2023, iChat has been deeply involved in the field of Internet marriage and social networking for nearly eleven years. In the future, iChat will optimize product functions through continuous technological innovation, take advantage of the platform to hold various brand activities, and continue to link online and offline to help singles Groups get out of the singles as soon as possible, realizing the vision of “helping 100 million people get out of the singles”!

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