The second Begonia Flower Festival is about to kick off, with many highlights in leisure consumption activities


  Tianjin Northern Network News:It is understood that this year’s Begonia Flower Festival will launch 4 major sections and 18 sub-items, including Leshang Begonia, Yiyun Begonia, Unbounded Begonia, and Tesco Begonia, with a total of 67 activities. More diverse”. This year’s Begonia Flower Festival will create a nine-day flower viewing and music feast for everyone amid the city’s begonias and century-old mansions. There will be 48 music activities of different styles in scenic business districts such as Wudaodao, Jinjie and Jiefang North Road.

During the Begonia Flower Festival, the Minyuan Market will be open at the same time, launching a variety of Internet celebrity delicacies, and inviting time-honored Tianjin brands, allowing tourists to taste authentic delicacies in a leisurely and comfortable way. Flower-themed activities spread along Dali Road, presenting mini bouquets, flower cups and other flower products as well as unique cultural and creative products to visitors, allowing everyone to enjoy the culture while admiring flowers.will be overflowing " flow " become economical " Increment "During the Begonia Flower Festival, Heping District will also issue consumption coupons, launch consumption carnival activities with nearly 3,000 scenic spots, restaurants, hotels, and large supermarkets, hold special spring markets, add flower viewing suites, and use special consumption scenes to further boost passenger flow.

 Exclusive “Flower Viewing Music Feast”

There will be 48 concerts of different styles taking turns in scenic business districts such as Fifth Avenue, Golden Street, and Jiefang North Road. The City Concert at Minyuan Square features stars such as Lao Lang and Wan Xiaoli. Visitors can go to Dali Road’s “Zhangyuan” to enjoy a string quartet, listen to healing music at Mianli Art Museum, or go to Anligan Art Center to enjoy a review of century-old golden songs, and watch a confrontation between Chinese and Western music at Jinwan Square… Heping District will be built into A Haitang music and art garden allows visitors to encounter their favorite music and beautiful scenery.

 Exclusive “romantic adventure”

“The moment a flower blooms, it always reminds people of happiness and sweetness.” This Begonia Flower Festival creates a “romantic adventure” with a full sense of ritual for all lovers and predestined people. Set up 7 “confession scenes”, 16 “romantic installations” and 27 “sweet check-in places” in scenic business districts such as Wuda Avenue, Jinjie Street and Jiefang North Road. Visitors can go to Jiefang North Park to participate in the “Love Confession Wall” event and receive the best wishes from “Begonia King” Jin Xi.

 Exclusive “Tinmen First Show”

The Spring Festival Gala’s hit “Poetry of Mountains and Rivers in Chang’an” “Chicken Li Bai”, “The Secret Box of the Tang Dynasty” that has never slept in the Tang Dynasty, and “Ao Bao”, the mecha dragon king who has appeared on CCTV many times, will be performed during the Begonia Flower Festival this year. Performing their “Tinmen debut”, they presented special performances unique to the Begonia Flower Festival such as “Poetic Begonia” and “Begonia Secret Box”. By then, tourists will be able to compose poems with “Li Bai” and “Knife Guard” on the Five Avenues every day, talk about the past and present with “Fang Mou Du Duan”, and interact and chat with the Dragon King “Ao Bao”. At the same time, the “Jingyun Tumbler” created by Heping will also be launched at the Minyuan Square to bring you a special performance of “Jingyun Begonia”.

 Exclusive “special gift”

More than 3,000 scenic spots, hotels, restaurants, and shopping mall merchants in Heping District offer tourists and friends special gifts unique to the Begonia Flower Festival. For example, Kangle’s Begonia Ice Cream, Guishunzhai and Xianghe Cake Shop’s Begonia Flower Crisps and Begonia Cake, Lao Meihua’s Begonia Flower Embroidered Shoes, and more importantly, Shunde and other hotels’ Begonia Flower Afternoon Tea and thousands of coffee and beverage shops. Begonia flower special drink.

  Exclusive hidden “surprise”

There are various surprises hidden in the 67 activities of this Begonia Flower Festival. For example, audiences who attend the “City Concert” at Minyuan Square will receive a “Begonia Flower Sticker.” A lottery will be held during the concert, and lucky viewers will have the opportunity to receive Huawei mobile phones, watches, bracelets and other gifts. With this sticker, they can also redeem limited special drinks at Sloth Coffee.

Exclusive quality “service”

At present, the landscape facilities of Dali Road have been upgraded across the board, and many public restrooms have been built. Enterprises, institutions, and catering merchants have been called on to open public restrooms to tourists. Shared bicycle parking spots have been carefully set up to facilitate transportation connections. Scenic spots, units, and merchants across the region responded positively. Minyuan Plaza provided 500 square meters of free space for tourists to rest. Runyuan, PetroChina, and Agricultural Bank of China on the Fifth Avenue all opened their courtyards for tourists to rest and enjoy flowers. For self-driving tourists, Heping Impression City provides a 4-hour free parking service and a free shuttle bus.


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