Hu Bing reveals the secret to staying in shape, controlling carbohydrates and exercising every day for decades


Recently, Hu Bing was invited to appear at the third Everyone Fashion Week organized by Xiaohongshu. At Fashion Week, Hu Bing served as the opening model of the first show, wearing a black velvet top and trousers. The Chinese-style top was paired with sunglasses, bringing a new sense of fashion to the new Chinese style. Her solid steps, professional movements, and supermodel style in every move made the audience raise their mobile phones one after another. Many netizens in the online live broadcast room also frequently praised her, “She is indeed a top-notch supermodel.”

  Hu Bing provides a new interpretation of Chinese style for emerging designers.

At the catwalk of our fashion week, Hu Bing wore a new Chinese-style top. The black velvet material showed elegance. The folded collar design was full of Chinese elements. The waist-length trousers perfectly highlighted Hu Bing’s supermodel figure. During the catwalk, Every step of Typhoon reveals stability and professionalism.

Because I just participated in the four major fashion weeks a few months ago, I was asked by the host if there is any difference between the four major fashion weeks and our fashion week? Hu Bing said there is no difference, “Because clothes are for people to wear after all, so they have to be close to life… When you step out of the house, you are on the catwalk.” Whether it is the four major fashion weeks or our fashion week, the platform for displaying clothes is different, and the clothes themselves serve people. For supermodel Hu Bing, everywhere except home is a show.

  Hu Bing reveals the secrets of supermodels and encourages new models to be themselves 

As China’s first generation supermodel, Hu Bing has worked in the fashion industry for more than 30 years. When asked if he had any tips for new models, Hu Bing also gave encouragement and guidance: “Keep your own style, because everyone has their own style.” Have your own style, and let the designer think of you when he thinks of a certain style. Don’t be too greedy. Only when everyone is different on the catwalk can everyone be wonderful.”

When asked about the secret to keeping in shape, Hu Bing said that supermodels all have their own little secrets, but he was immediately exposed by Qu Ying next to him, “Brother Bing’s secret is that he is very self-disciplined. Because he used to be an athlete, he has been in shape since he was 20.” “I have been in the habit of keeping fit and controlling carbohydrates since I was a few years old.” Hu Bing also revealed that he actually loves eating pasta and other carbohydrates, but he gets fat when he eats them. So in order to maintain a supermodel figure, he can only strictly control his diet. I have maintained my current figure.

Our fashion week has been held for the third time. The theme of this year is “Small fashion is very fashionable”, encouraging everyone not to blindly follow the trend, but to freely interpret their own style. Just like Hu Bing’s advice to new models, only by perfecting your own style can others remember it. Only by being different can the show be more exciting. He himself has been encouraging and supporting new forces in the fashion industry. On the road, it never stops.

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