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A comprehensive list of the must-visit traditional markets in Sharjah | Feel the exotic Arab culture and customs

  In Sharjah, the traditional trading area or bazaar has been completely preserved, not only becoming a charming and interesting landscape, but also a window for tourists to immerse themselves in the pure humanistic style of Arabia. Follow us to visit the market in this issue, and you can expect to come home with a full load!

  Central Souq

The Central Market is actually the “Central Market” that we are familiar with.locomotive market“, because its overall shape resembles a locomotive. Its building facade is decorated with blue mosaics, so you occasionally hear people call it “blue market“. The market consists of 2 buildings, connected to each other by a pedestrian bridge. The huge vaults and 20 wind towers form its unique skyline. It stands next to Khalid Lagoon and is connected to the Liangyan Lake. The light complements each other and the appearance is very photogenic.

The Central Market was completed in 1978 and retains the characteristics of traditional Arab markets on a large scale. The exquisite wall tiles, carved railings and windows, and gorgeous chandeliers all reveal a sense of antique elegance.The market covers an area of ​​80,000 square meters and isThe largest souk in the UAEFirst, more than 600 shops sell an overwhelming number of products. Although there are no luxury brands such as Chanel and Dior, they range from Persian carpets and Arabic essential oil perfumes full of regional customs to colorful bowls and plates, and camel pattern key chains. It is simply a shopping paradise for local souvenirs! Moreover, you can also buy gold sold by weight on the same day, and even let the store customize the style for you. There is a foreign currency exchange counter on the second floor of the market, which is very convenient. And in order to shorten the distance, many shopkeepers here can speak a few simple Chinese words~

  Al Jubail Souq (Souq Al Jubail)

Not far from the Locomotive Market and just across the bridge from Flag Island, is the Al Jubail Market with traditional Islamic-style domes and arches. It is located between Corniche Road and Sharjah Harbor. Creek), and the bustling fishing boats parked in front of the door together outline a beautiful scenery. The entire market covers an area of ​​more than 370 million square meters and is composed of a fish market, a fruit and vegetable market, a beef, mutton, poultry, and date market, and there are “hidden mysteries” inside.

Before oil exploration, the people of Sharjah had always relied on fishing for a living, so fish market auctions have a long history. Every day around 6 a.m. and 4 p.m., Al Jubail Souq holds two traditional Arabian fish market auctions.Looking at the entire UAE, such large-scale indoorfish marketAuction events are rare, so many tourists will come here to experience it. You can witness the busy scene of fishermen transporting freshly caught seafood from fishing boats to the market. The area painted with a big blue circle in the fish market is a special auction venue. Buyers and sellers gather together and shout a series of Arabic words. The ceremonial auction process is eye-opening!

You can see hundreds of kinds of sea fish in the fish market. If you want to eat the freshest, of course, you can “solve” it on the spot in the special grilled fish area here.

If you want to buy some dates, a specialty of the United Arab Emirates, to give to your relatives and friends to try, the prices at Al Jubail Market are very reasonable. Date palms are mentioned many times in the Quran and Hadith. Their nutritional content is no less than that of meat. They have preventive and therapeutic effects on many diseases. There are no side effects when eaten in large amounts, so they are called “desert bread”. . Breaking the fast with dates has always been a tradition in Ramadan. During Ramadan, local devout believers come to buy sweets to supplement nutrition during the fasting period.In addition, Al Jubail SouqEvery year from mid-June to the end of SeptemberMetropolisDate Palm Festival.

Souq Al Arsah, Souq Al Sanasiyah, Souq Saqr and Old Souq are located next to each other in the Heritage Heart of Sharjah A compact area in the Heart of Sharjah District.

  al aShamarket(Souq AlArsah)

Al Asha Souq isThe first in UAE history?indivualmarket, was born in the 1950s. In the past, Bedouins would bring their camels to gather here and use their charcoal to exchange rice with merchants from Persia and India. The current market has been renovated, covered with a roof, and installed with air conditioning, allowing customers to have a more comfortable shopping experience. Even so, this market can still take you back to that long-ago time. The deep alleys, well-designed solid wood doors, unique coral brick walls, and sentimental wall lamps automatically cast a nostalgic filter on this place. It’s easy to take photos with rich texture.

The bazaar has many antique shops, Arabic dowry boxes and pearl boxes, exotic jewelry, copper coffee pots, phonographs and vinyl records, perfume bottles and incense, hand-woven clothing, shawls, Persian carpets, palm leaves Handicrafts with Arab characteristics such as woven baskets, medicinal materials, and various novelties abound.

Turning the corner casually, the strong sweetness will lead you into the popular Oman Sweet Factory. This shop specializes in brewing a kind of dessert that is respected asOman’s national famous snacksThe famous dessert can only be eaten in a few countries surrounding Oman. This is a gel taste between maltose and jelly. It has a rich texture and a unique sweetness mixed with the aroma of nuts. All the ingredients used are the most traditional raw materials and there is no fancy technology. Many people on Google commented that this is the best Omani dessert in the world. If you come here, you must try it.

There is also a beverage shop in the market where you can tasteThe most luxurious drinks of the 1970sOne, Namlet fruity soda with different flavors, has a small glass ball in the mouth of the bottle, which requires some “careful thinking” to drink it~

When you are tired of shopping, go to the public cafe in the center of the market to take a break, drink a cup of Arabic coffee or Sulaimani black tea, review the day’s spoils, chat with locals and tourists, and find out where they like to go.

  Arshanasiya Bazaar(SouqSanasiyah)

Alshanasiya Bazaar is committed to supporting local businesses.It brings together creative products from local designers and local specialties. Each store is divided into two parts, one side is the craftsman’s studio, and the other side is the product sales area.There are Bait Al Kandora, the first boutique offering a full range of custom-made traditional Arabic men’s clothing, Gshar, a one-stop store dedicated to displaying Emirati designer brand works, Jasmaria Perfumes, a perfume store that uses natural raw materials to prepare high-end Arabic perfumes, etc. At the ???Spice Shop, you can not only buy organic spices, herbs and teas, but also experience handmade spice projects; the Al Ghurzah boutique sells classic and modern twists on dresses, evening gowns and accessories; and Ashya’a It is a concept store that can customize unique decorations and furniture according to personal style, ensuring that you will never wear the same clothes.

The Arshanasia Bazaar was rebuilt on the site of one of the oldest bazaars in the area, where many excavated18Archaeological remains from the late centuryyou can gain an in-depth understanding of the history of Sharjah’s ancient bazaar by visiting its Archeological Findings exhibition.

  The first local restaurant in the UAE – Arabian Tea HouseI opened a branch in the Al-Shanasiya Bazaar, sitting in the antique Arabic courtyard, with blue benches and white wicker chairs neatly arranged under the elegant gauze curtains, and smelling the frankincense in the air. The unique music of the United Arab Emirates is heard in my ears, and the open harbor is looking out. The local food of the United Arab Emirates seems to be more delicious in my mouth. It turns out that the life of Sharjah people is so happy.

  saSouq Saqr

Sakr Bazaar used to beclothing and goldland of trade, also known as “Souk Al Bahar” (Souk Al Bahar) because it is located next to Sharjah Harbor. The port is full of cargo ships traveling to Iran, Pakistan and India. Today, you can still enjoy leisure time along the picturesque coastal boulevard and visit the authentic old market that still retains its charm. It’s perfect for travelers looking for a real-life atmosphere, and it’s a photographer’s paradise from every angle.

The shop has a wide variety of products at very reasonable prices. Spices and herbs, hand-painted henna, woven palm leaf baskets, perfumes and oils, hookahs and flavored tobacco have always been the best-selling specialties. Occasionally you will find some large shops selling Arabic burqas and cosmetics, as well as women’s tailor shops specializing in ethnic wear, wedding dresses and beaded clothing.

  old market(Old Souq)

In Sharjah, where ultra-modern buildings are now everywhere, the old bazaar seems to be a gateway to the past.Walk into this place with30years of historyIn the bazaar, you can feel the fireworks in the market that the older generation of Arabs remember. In the long streets and narrow alleys, wisps of agarwood spread from perfume shops, and there is an endless stream of tourists coming to shop for treasures.Clothing stores and food stores here have affordable prices, andSara Shopping Centerso many locals like to come here to buy traditional style festival dresses to wear during Eid Al-Fitr.

  sandJiaThe oldest mosque in the city——Al Daleel MosqueLocated in the old market, there are also many art galleries, among which,Museum of Art(The Art Museum)The artworks collected by His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Sharjah, are permanently on display and are well worth a visit.

  Rolla Gold Market (Rolla Gold Market)

Although the UAE is full of gold, Sharjah is more cost-effective.Whether you want to buy jewelry or collect gold to store value, it is recommended to go to the Rolla Gold Market in Rolla Square Park.sandJialargest jewelry retailerConcentrationone. Walk through many brand stores such as Damas Jewelery, a popular jewelry store in the Middle East, Malabar Gold & Diamonds, an old Indian gold jewelry brand, and Kalyan Jewellers, one of the largest jewelry companies in India. Choose the one you like most among the homemade designs of gold, gemstones, diamonds and pearls.

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