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The premiere of “Happy Parents” was praised as “living room comedy” with warmth and deep empathy

The premiere of “Happy Parents” was praised as “living room comedy” with warmth and deep empathy

Recently, Hunan Satellite TV & Mango TV’s first “living room comedy” “Happy Parents” broadcast exclusively on dual platforms of the year was launched, and its ratings led the Spring Festival season. The Kuyun Digital Entertainment platform showed that it has dominated the average ratings of prime time satellite TV for 4 consecutive days. The ratings are top 1. At the same time, the drama also topped the list of real-time ratings data on Major social platforms have ignited discussions, with topics such as “Happy Parents Group’s hilarious family drama”, “Zhang Jiayi’s new drama crashing and taking the baby to catch up on homework” and “Happy Parents Group’s intergenerational parenting so real” occupying the hot search lists, with “interesting” + “loving” “The plot strength of ” has attracted fans, and its popularity and reputation continue to rise.

If the admission of new students is compared to a war, then those who rush to the “battlefield” are not only students facing a new environment, but also “novice parents” who are taking up the job for the first time. With high care, warmth and deep empathy, “Happy Parents” uses the dual perspective of “family + campus” to wrap warm reality with living room comedy, expanding the creative ideas of realistic themes. Under the sincere and joyful emotional background of the play, it is a visual testimony of the confusion and growth of parents and children, and also reveals the observation, reflection and foresight of social phenomena and educational concepts.

  Based on the reality of life, the delicate and warm brushwork outlines the life of the family.

As an “evergreen” theme in the Chinese drama market, family themes are inherently endowed with a sense of closeness to family culture and a keen perception of social reality. “Happy Parents” digs into the details of real life and uses the form of “living room comedy” to solve the problem. With its unique realism and liveliness, it breaks out of the “comfort zone” of family emotional drama creation. “Happy Parents” depicts event details and living environment close to reality, and creates concise and tender characters. In the play, the WeChat parent group has two groups: “With Teachers” and “Without Teachers”. The parents’ group information updates too much, setting Do Not Disturb settings, and important information being habitually filtered by parents. The real situation is filmed and put on the screen. With growth as the main thread and happiness as the foothold, the broadcast of “Happy Parents Group” has practical and educational significance, allowing the audience to feel the truth of the story and the truth of the group portraits.

In the play, in order to complete the manual homework assigned by the teacher, Liu Xiangshang (played by Zhang Jiayi) and Guo Ning (played by Wang Yuxuan) spent hundreds of yuan to make a cardboard robot; facing the job election for the class committee, the cute kids even did not hesitate to start a fight. War of wits.” Different from a superficial brushstroke, “Happy Parents Group” flattens and zooms in on the perspective, exploring the diversity and multifacetedness of the images of parents and children. Parents who are comfortable in the workplace will also find it difficult to do their children’s homework; cute children are not just “simple and beautiful” images, but seek dialogue, respect and understanding with their preliminary understanding of the world and themselves. Because of this, the family life created by “Happy Parents” is three-dimensional, warm and touching.

  Focus on profound social topics, activate growth temperature and create an emotional resonance chain

When depicting the parent-child relationship, the style of “Happy Parents” is also eye-catching. As the story develops, the cognition between parents and cute children continues to blend, get closer, and deepen. The friction and estrangement between parents and children is gradually resolved, and the “two-way rush” growth arc becomes clearer. In the play, Dai Jing (played by Chen Hao) was kicked out of the parent group because she was busy with work and often scuba diving, and began to reflect on whether she had been absent from the growth of her children; We did it together”, which also made parents gradually understand that what their children need most is companionship with a sense of participation. Numerous storylines with far-reaching implications are actually “assistant tools” for bringing parents and children closer together. On the basis of upgrading the concentration of drama, “Happy Parents” carefully creates an emotional interactive chain, allowing different audiences to find “microcosms of themselves” in the story. , generates emotional resonance, and uses the theme words of dreams and warmth to give the family drama more levels of thinking and reflection.

“Happy Parents” starts from the public concern of children going to school and new parents, focusing on the behind-the-scenes of different family lives. Through parents and children constantly thinking and growing in the process of new environment and new identities, it will be a “living room comedy” for family fun. Integrated with warm realism themes. With the posture of thinking, it conveys the warmth of emotion, soothes anxiety and warms people’s hearts. Comments from netizens such as “The plot is real and beautiful, as if it is happening around you”, “The comedy effect is so good that you will laugh till you burst into laughter”, “The model of a parent group is very novel in film and television dramas”, etc. became the center of discussion, and the audience gave the series a thumbs up The high recognition of quality once again confirms the vivid appeal of “Living Room Comedy”.

“Happy Parents” is produced by Xi’an Zhaomai Film and Television Media Co., Ltd., 2016 Film and Television, Xi’an Film Studio Co., Ltd., Hunan Happy Sunshine Interactive Entertainment Media Co., Ltd., filmed by 2016 Film and Television, directed by Li Yafei, and acted by Ma Guangyuan Screenwriter, starring Zhang Jiayi and Chen Hao, special starring Wang Xiaochen, Zhao Da, Liu Ruilin, Ling Zi, Fang Qingzhuo, Li Chuanying, Zhang Lu, Wang Yuxuan, Wei Nuojin, Sun Sicheng, Yin Chenxi, Ren Qiguang, Wei Ran, Fan Jing?, Shi Hanglu Starring in the two-way growth family light comedy “Happy Parents”, it will be broadcast exclusively on the dual platforms of Hunan Satellite TV & Mango TV from 20:00 on February 1, and members can watch it first. Let’s witness the growth journey between parents and children!

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