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Dialogue with screenwriter Zi Xin: “Long Time Love” is a “love letter” to all those born in the 1990s

Dialogue with screenwriter Zi Xin: “Long Time Love” is a “love letter” to all those born in the 1990s

A standard post-90s generation uses the story of a group of post-90s generation to write the most beautiful final chapter for his youth. This is a very romantic thing to think about. The person who jointly participated in this matter was Zi Xin, the screenwriter of Jiangsu TV’s hit drama “Long Time Love”.

This drama uses the growth story of the “Hangtian City Six” to outline the entire youth picture of the post-90s generation. “This is a story about love and growth. I hope everyone can gain the strength to become a better version of themselves. This is a ‘love letter’ to all those born in the 1990s.” Mu Zixin said in an exclusive interview with Jiangsu Satellite TV So said when.

  “For Jiang Yi, Huang Yingzi is an irreplaceable existence.”

Almost everyone has a close “small group” in their campus life. Therefore, when building the story structure of “Long Time Love”, the first thing Zixin did was to assemble the “Hangtian City Six” in her heart: the smart and lovely Huang Yingzi, the well-behaved and lovely Lan Yifei, the rational Zhi Zhi Fang Mingyu, the “ruin handsome” and affectionate Jiang Yi, the academically superior Zhuang Yuan, and the hard-working Guan Chao. “In fact, their personalities are very complementary, and they are even healing some of the pain in their original families. So it’s not surprising that these six people can become good friends. It’s all fate.” Mu Zixin said.

Among them, Huang Yingzi and Jiang Yi can be said to be the most special beings among the “Hangtian City Six”. “Huang Yingzi has always been irreplaceable in Jiang Yi’s life.” Mu Zixin explained: “Due to the absence of his parents, Jiang Yi is actually very lacking in love, which has also developed his slow-warming character. So willing to express himself. The appearance of Huang Yingzi not only made him feel the warmth of home, but also softened Jiang Yi invisibly. She was always by his side and participated in his growth.”

In the play, they have been in love since childhood, but they always passed each other amidst constant speculation. Finally, they reunited 12 years later and rekindled the spark of love. So much so that in the play, even Fang Mingyu and Zhuang Yuan said more than once, “I’ve been reading this story for 12 years, and finally it’s time to sprinkle sugar!” As for the relationship between Huang Yingzi and Jiang Yi, her mother Zixin said that this is actually the relationship between adolescence. The normal state of boys and girls. “We often say that there are three major misunderstandings in the world, that is, the door is ringing, the phone is vibrating, and she likes me.” Mother Zixin said with a smile, because everyone is young, so the price of confession becomes higher. It would be more difficult to say “like”. “That’s why everyone sees that Huang Yingzi is constantly testing, while Jiang Yi only dares to secretly write letters and collect photo posts. Everyone should have done these things, and it is easy to empathize with him.”

  “Thank you Yang Zi and Fan Chengcheng for making the characters difficult to copy.”

Previously, both Yang Zi and Fan Chengcheng said in interviews that the biggest difficulty of this drama is the extremely long time span. But in Mu Zixin’s opinion, this is also the most brilliant part of the show. “The actors have to present the innocent and innocent part of the 18-year-old, and also interpret the state of being tempered by life at the age of 30. The contrast between the two spaces will make the characters very attractive.” Mu Zixin said.

During the interview, Mu Zixin especially praised the performances of Yang Zi and Fan Chengcheng. “From Yang Zi’s performance, I can clearly see the growth of this character in 12 long years.” Mu Zixin said that during the filming, Yang Zi showed an actor’s super professionalism, ” We often finish work in the early hours of the morning, but she will still prepare for the next day’s shooting. After each scene, she will discuss with us whether the performance she just performed was accurate enough, whether it was too intense, and whether it was too restrained. .” In the view of Mu Zixin, Yang Zi was almost harsh on herself in the process of shaping Huang Yingzi, but it is precisely because of this harshness that Huang Yingzi looks so smart and energetic.

When talking about Fan Chengcheng, her mother Zixin was even more praising, “The role of Jiang Yi has become a character that is difficult to copy because of Fan Chengcheng’s performance and precise control.” Mu Zixin revealed that in fact, compared with the character in the script, Jiang Yi on the screen now has many aspects of the actor’s personal charm, such as his wackiness. “The script reading was the first time I met Fan Chengcheng. At that time, I thought he had a very interesting soul.” Mu Zixin said.

  “The story of the Six is ​​the story of all those born in the 1990s”

“It’s really telling the story of us born in the 90s.” “I, who was born in the 90s, really had the urge to cry after watching it.” After the broadcast of “Long Time Love”, there was a wave of nostalgia for those born in the 90s on social platforms upsurge. As a witness of that era, her mother Zixin talks about these past events of her youth with great fondness.

“For example, we have heard Stefanie Sun’s songs since we were young; for example, “Legend of Sword and Fairy” was a drama that we would watch every day when we were young. There are also QQ space, MP3, and all kinds of potato chips and shrimp crackers…” Mu Zi Xin smiled and said, “In a word, your childhood and mine seem to be the same.”

As a screenwriter, Mu Zixin also incorporated many of her own stories into the play. During the interview, she talked about her most memorable scene. It was when grandma was dying. Huang Yingzi and Jiang Yi hurried back to Hangtian City. They accompanied grandma and sang a song from their childhood. “Actually, this scene is a memory from when my great-grandmother passed away. This ballad was also what my great-grandmother often sang to me.” Mu Zixin said: “The story of the six-person group is actually the story of all those born in the 1990s. . So when I follow dramas now, I often don’t know that I am moved by them, but by my own experience.” At 19:30 every night, lock in Jiangsu Satellite TV’s Happiness Theater “Long Time Love” and watch “Hangtian City Six” “People” run into the distance with love and courage.

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