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“The Case of Di Gong of the Tang Dynasty” premieres today. The legendary mystery sets off the screen during the Spring Festival

“The Case of Di Gong of the Tang Dynasty” premieres today. The legendary mystery sets off the screen during the Spring Festival

  The hard-core costume suspense detective drama “The Case of Di Gong of the Tang Dynasty” is now on the air!February 6, 21:30Log inIt is broadcast on CCTV-8 and exclusively broadcast on Youku.The play is produced byCCTVProduced by , Youku, Ruyi Pictures, 2016 Film and Television, Leihai Guanlang Film and Television,Produced by 2016 Film and Television, with Zhang Jiayi as the artistic director, it is adapted from Gao Luopei’s novel of the same name, with chief director Li Yunliang and chief screenwriter Jing Yu, starring Zhou Yiwei, Wang Likun and Zhong Chuxi, with special guest appearances by Zhang Jiayi and Zhang Ruoyun, You Yongzhi and Ji Ta , Ling Zi, starring Li Chen and Li Naiwen, Yang Xue, Chen Duling, Wang Jinsong, Jiang Yi, and Yin Xiaotian.

  “The Case of Di Gong of the Tang Dynasty” is organized into unit cases, including the Phoenix Seal Case, the Screen Case, the Golden Case, the Legend of the Rain Master, the Red Pavilion, the Desert Chase, the Empty Gourd, the Skylark’s Chirp, and the Nine Wonders of the Chaoyun Library. The cases are independent of each other and echo the main line.The three strong forces of “strong reasoning, strong logic, and strong reality” create hard-core suspense, and the stars gather together to protect legal principles and discern people’s hearts on Bo Yun’s treacherous investigation journey. At present, the number of reservations for the show exceeds 7 million, and expectations for the most popular “electronic New Year goods” during the Spring Festival are full.

Zhang Jiayi

  There are many clues to the truth about the missing Phoenix Seal The new young man Di Gong is both civil and military.

  “The Case of Di Gong of the Tang Dynasty” is adapted from the novel of the same name written by the famous sinologist and diplomat Gao Luopei. The original work combines the essence of traditional Chinese public case novels and Western detective mystery novels.. As the first case at the beginning of the play,“The Phoenix Seal Case” is original and expanded based on the original work. The “Phoenix Seal” that symbolizes supreme power is lost, and the rumors of “Sky Fire” spread wildly in the city, laying the foundation for the whole drama to have a strange and hard-core suspense color. What kind of truth do the fragmented clues point to? He has not yet taken up his post but is already facing numerous doubts and challenges. The fate of young Di Renjie is worrying at the beginning. “Di Gong” is a well-known screen character, a “super detective” in the eyes of the audience, and is also known as “Oriental Sherlock Holmes”. This time, Di Renjie (played by Zhou Yiwei) portrayed in “The Case of Di Gong of the Tang Dynasty” has set his sights on fresh people. The well-known Judge Dee was young. In the play, Dee Renjie is both civilized and martial, free and easy, and his “meddling” character background gives the young Dee Gong a unique and vivid color. It also reflects the character’s inner integrity and kindness in defending law and justice and making the truth known.

  Main character of “The Case of Di Gong of the Tang Dynasty”The “hard-core” suspense investigation takes the narrative closed loop of “case incident-investigation-solving” in Oriental public cases to the extreme. Di Renjie leads the audience into the best perspective of the case. He has amazing insight and is good at discovering “hidden clues”. His thinking is even more meticulous and he can find inextricable connections between clues. The main theme of the whole drama is “Where there is foreshadowing, there must be an explanation.” The discovery of the truth relies on solid evidence and rigorous reasoning to accompany the audience, especially fans of suspense reasoning, to spend the New Year.


  The detective team faces the ups and downs together Unit cases provide insights into the world and people’s hearts

  The whole drama “The Case of Di Gong of the Tang Dynasty” contains nine major units of strange cases, with a high density of information.In addition to the “double speed” effect, the suspenseful and reversal of the case deduction process, the group of characters involved in it is another highlight of the whole drama. Among the many trailers that have been exposed, the process of Di Renjie and Cao An (played by Wang Likun) from acquaintance to falling in love has aroused the appetite; why he was able to win the favor of the queen (played by Zhong Chuxi) and was ordered to “find out the truth” is even more suspicious. At the same time, the detective team assembled. The loyal servant Hong Liang (played by You Yongzhi), the guards Qiao Tai (played by Ji Ta), and Ma Rong (played by Ling Zi) have distinctive and full personalities. As the person who accompanied Di Renjie’s growth, Hong Liang was both a domestic servant and an elder. The mystery of Di Renjie’s hidden identity and family background, and the key to uncovering the mystery lies with Hong Liang. Qiao Tai and Ma Rong are like “guardians on the left and right”, loyal and fearless but obviously lacking in resourcefulness. They will inevitably create laughter while investigating the case. It is estimated that they will contribute a lot of comedy to the whole drama.

  In the Phoenix Seal Case, Wei Wuji (played by Zhang Jiayi), as Di Renjie’s former teacher, has a mysterious and unpredictable character. To Di Renjie, Wei Wuji was like a teacher and a father, teaching him wholeheartedly; as a loyal minister in the court, Wei Wuji also had his own firm opinions. He not only played a vital role in solving the Fengyin case, but also played a vital role in solving the case of Fengyin. Di Renjie, an official, brought an important lesson in life. “Di Renjie of the Tang Dynasty” uses a highly stylized narrative method to connect thrilling and mysterious cases, and also provides insights into the subtleties of human nature in the process of searching for the truth.The spiritual background of “The world is impermanent, but justice will last forever” shines brighter on Di Renjie and his party’s fearless journey forward, and resonates with the present.

  tonight(February 6), the legendary and suspenseful masterpiece “The Case of Di Gong of the Tang Dynasty” is about to take place! During the Spring Festival holiday, go with Di Renjie to find out and discover the truth together!

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