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The National Anti-Fraud Center App accumulated 310 million early warnings

The National Anti-Fraud Center App accumulated 310 million early warnings

According to the latest data released by CCTV,Since its launch, the App of the National Anti-Fraud Center has received a total of 23.23 million clues from the public and issued 310 million early warnings to the public.Played an important role in preventing fraud.

  It is reported that the App of the National Anti-Fraud Center will be officially launched on March 15, 2021.

This is an official mobile phone anti-fraud protection software, which mainly has the following functions:

  The first is efficient early warning and dissuasion prompts.When a user receives a phone call or text message suspected of fraud, it will give an early warning as much as possible.

  The second is to quickly report clues involving fraud.When users find clues of fraud in their lives, they can use the App’s one-click reporting function to report.

  The third is remote identity account verification.Users can verify the real identity, social account and payment account of suspicious netizens through the app to reduce the risk of fraud in online transactions.

  The fourth is to have a comprehensive understanding of anti-fraud and anti-fraud knowledge.The App of the National Anti-Fraud Center regularly releases anti-fraud knowledge and fraud routines to improve users’ ability to identify and prevent fraud.

The official reminds that this app must be installed in time, especially some older groups, who will be deceived if they are not careful, and the anti-fraud app can give early warning in time.

  At the same time, the official also reminded that the 96110 early warning and dissuasion line is a special number for anti-telecom network fraud, which is specially used for early warning and dissuasion, anti-fraud consultation and fraud reporting. If you have a call from this number, you must answer it in time and stop the loss in time.

According to reports, since it was officially launched on November 8, 2019, public security organs in 29 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities across the country have opened this special line.

The 96110 Early Warning and Dissuasion Line has three main functions:

  One is early warning and dissuasion.If you receive a call from the number 96110, it means that you or your family members are suffering from telecommunications and network fraud, or you belong to the vulnerable group.

  The second is anti-fraud consultation.If you encounter suspected telecommunications and network fraud, you can call 96110 for consultation.

  The third is to report fraud.If you find clues to illegal crimes involving telecommunications and network fraud, you can call this number to report.

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