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The live-action drama “Master of the Martial Gods” starts broadcasting today

The live-action drama “Master of the Martial Gods” starts broadcasting today

The much-anticipated live-action drama “Master of the Martial Gods” will be launched on June 14 and will be exclusively broadcast on Youku. The IP of “War God Master” has been widely successful in the field of online novels and animations. The drama version “War God Master” is the first work of Ruohong Culture Wanjie Universe series adapted into a live-action drama. Co-directed with the original author Dark Magician to ensure the original flavor of the series. The new-born actor Zhan Yu will play the leading role Qin Chen, showing off his martial arts demeanor in the fantasy world. Ruohong Culture also has two dramas to be broadcast, “Xing Wu Shen Jue” and “My Junior Brother is a Little Cute”. These works will show the charm of more fantasy magic stories, and strive for high quality through production, actor selection and plot narrative. and high standards.

  Myriad Realms series of novels lead the trend of fantasy

The Ten Thousand Worlds series of novels under Ruohong Culture is a series of fantasy novels jointly created by many top domestic online novel authors such as Dark Magician, Guan Pingchao, Bandit Jia, etc. “, “The Spring and Autumn Period of Myriad Realms”, “The God of Myriad Realms”, “The Only One of Myriad Realms” and many other works. These works are all set in a mysterious space called “Wanjie” as the background, and tell the stories of different protagonists who have experienced hardships, grown up, and become strong in different worlds. These works have a huge fan base and influence, and have been adapted into animations and comics, and broadcast on video platforms such as Youaiteng and comics platforms.


  The live-action drama “Master of the Gods of Valor” will be launched soon, co-directed by the original author Dark Mage

The first novel in Ruohong Culture’s Myriad Worlds series, “Master of the Martial God” has been adapted into a live-action drama, which will be officially launched on Youku on June 14th!

Although the play did not invest too much money, it has one of the biggest advantages: the snail, the Internet god, and the original author, the dark magician, are co-directed, which means that the play will only be more authentic. The dark magician supervised the whole process to ensure the fantasy, refreshing, exciting, and fun of the story.

The two directors have distinguished achievements in the online literary world, and their joint direction combines creative talent and rich experience to bring unique and fascinating content to the series. Most importantly, their participation ensures the coherence and consistency of the series in terms of style, plot, and character creation, allowing the audience to get closer to the emotions and atmosphere in the original novels and anime.

  Zhan Yu plays Qin Chen, facing many challenges and looking forward to surprises

Qin Chen, the protagonist of the live-action drama “Master of the Martial Gods”, will be played by Zhan Yu, a talented actor of the new generation. Zhan Yu is an actor with many years of acting experience. He has appeared in many popular film and television works such as “The Allure of the Son” and “Sweet Language Fu”. With his excellent acting skills and handsome appearance, he has won the love and recognition of many audiences. Zhan Yu said that he is very honored to be able to participate in the filming of the live-action drama “The God of War”, and he also likes the role of Qin Chen very much. He will go all out to create a vivid, three-dimensional, flesh and blood image of Chen Shao, so that the audience can see a A different Valkyrie.

The role of Qin Chen in the live-action drama “Master of the Martial Gods” is particularly important, almost running through the entire drama. This is undoubtedly a huge challenge and test for Zhan Yu. I believe that Zhan Yu can perfectly restore the image of “Shao Chen” as a king.The three upcoming dramas of Ruohong Culture attract anticipation, and the universe of Wanjie is about to open

Wanjie Universe is a super IP project under Ruohong Culture, aiming to create a fantasy world that spans time and space, has infinite possibilities and is full of imagination. “Star Martial Art” and “My Junior Brother Is A Little Cute” are also pending dramas, and they will also bring fantasy stories from different fields to the audience. Whether it is the mysterious star power or the interesting life between brothers and sisters, these stories will show more charm and depth under the presentation of live-action dramas. Ruohong Culture strives to create these works, and strives to achieve high quality and high standards in terms of production, actor selection, and plot narrative.

Ruohong Culture hopes to show the audience the charm and uniqueness of Chinese traditional culture through these works. There are profound meanings and stories behind each world, allowing the audience to feel thoughtful and inspired while being entertained. Ruohong Culture will also use the influence of these works to promote the export and dissemination of Chinese culture and make greater contributions to China’s cultural industry.

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