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Friends, please have a meal, and the schedule will start today. The meal partner Yang Di and Chen Zhuoxuan explore the ordinary fireworks

Friends, please have a meal, and the schedule will start today. The meal partner Yang Di and Chen Zhuoxuan explore the ordinary fireworks


Recently, the popularity of special forces tourism for college students and Zibo barbecue show that young people are more willing to explore different ways of travel and have their own exclusive food memories. In response to the emotional preferences of young people, the urban food exploration variety show “Friends Please Eat” produced by Tencent Video is scheduled to start broadcasting today, and the official announcement poster of the schedule has been released. , Let’s start the city’s wild gourmet journey together.

  Yang Di and Chen Zhuoxuan’s brand-new rice pairing combination, playing wild urban food and authentic pyrotechnics

Yang Di has always been active on various variety show screens with variety shows and full-fledged performances. “Friends Please Eat” is based on the story between food and friends as an emotional entry point, sharing friends to deepen emotions through food In the emotional moment, Yang Di’s performance in it also faded away from tricks and returned to life itself. Yang Di and Chen Zhuoxuan are presented in front of the audience as a brand-new combination. The two “dinners” will go to Beijing, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Shanghai, and Changsha to play wild authentic food in the show and experience the real fireworks of the city. gas. In the first broadcast of the program, Yang Di and Chen Zhuoxuan came to Beijing to ask local friends Qin Xiaoxian and He Jiuhua on the streets to ask for directions and hit the field, knocking on the door of Beijing’s gourmet food.

In the first broadcast of the content of Beijing Railway Station, Yang Di and Chen Zhuoxuan, led by their aboriginal friends Qin Xiaoxian and He Jiuhua, searched for all kinds of authentic food from breakfast snacks to exclusive private dishes, and experienced different tastes and styles of dining culture. The program also presents old Beijing special snacks such as noodles with fried sauce, bean juice, and noodle tea to the audience one by one. In addition to traditional authentic food, the guests shuttled through the intricate hutongs in the streets and alleys of Beijing, not only feeling the spiritual outlook and customs of the local people in Beijing, the old men who are keen on playing mahjong in those alleys, and the aunts who are enthusiastic about guiding the way on the street; Qin Xiaoxian and He Jiuhua became professional companions, sharing authentic Beijing food culture and unique food stories with Yang Di and Chen Zhuoxuan: Beijingers prefer to drink cold bean juice in summer, and the way of eating barbecue is more particular. …These feelings, which are difficult to describe in words, are presented to the audience through the program, so that the public can have a more comprehensive understanding of the city of Beijing.

In a comfortable and relaxed social field, they share exclusive urban food stories with friends, seek out the city’s emotional resonance to comfort each other, gain exclusive memories of the city’s food, and complete a life experience of gathering with friends and accompanied by delicious food and beautiful scenery. Share pyrotechnic food and popular emotional topics with the audience, so that the audience can heal their souls while feeling the distant travel.

  “Friends Invite Me to Dinner” explores the social relationship of young people’s food, and provides new possibilities for exploring food in urban tourism

With the rapid development of social media and Internet technology, the way of socializing among young people is also changing, and the way of socializing with food as an emotional connection is favored by many young people. The core slogan of the program “Wonderful gathering, or the best taste of friends” in the finalized poster of “Friends Invite Me to Dinner” is just projecting the real emotional world of young people’s gourmet socializing. The program also takes this as an entry point, and provides new possibilities for urban tourism and food exploration by exploring the social relationship of young people’s food. Turn food into an emotional bond, and shorten the distance between people by exploring, tasting and sharing food together. In this process, the audience can not only appreciate the unique food in various places, but also feel the real fireworks atmosphere of the city. A more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the taste of the city that contains the humanistic atmosphere intertwined with the warmth and coldness of human feelings.

In the era of national tourism, food is one of the main consumption methods of contemporary young people, and food occupies a very important position in the people’s livelihood economy. The “Friends Invite Me to Dinner” program takes food as the theme, connects vision, taste and emotion, and brings new development opportunities for the tourism and food industry. It provides more possibilities for the way of travel and food, empowers the taste of the city, explores the fireworks in the ordinary, has a positive impact on the urban tourism economy, and feels the infinite possibilities of urban food travel.

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