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The legendary kung fu movie “Green Tan” is scheduled to be released on March 22. Hao Shaowen will lead the team to destroy Japanese pirates.

The legendary kung fu movie “Green Tan” is scheduled to be released on March 22. Hao Shaowen will lead the team to destroy Japanese pirates.

Movie “Green Tan” finalized poster

Directed by Liu Ke, starring Chen Yiming, Feng Mengmeng, Hao Shaowen, and co-starring Fan Ruixue, Cao Minghua and others, the legendary kung fu movie “Green Tan” is scheduled to be released on March 22. At the same time, the film released a movie poster. It is understood that the film brings together a number of new generation kung fu actors to jointly interpret a kung fu legend of protecting national treasures.

There are many highlights in the film, especially the bold use of young actors to play important roles. What is particularly surprising is that Hao Shaowen, who has been absent from the film industry for many years, once again practices martial arts in the film. It is understood that this film is also a follow-up to Hao Shaowen’s classic action comedy “The Boy in the Woods” ” and “New Oolong Yuan” challenged Kung Fu movies again after many years. In the film, Hao Shaowen changed his past cheerful image and starred in the film as a simple and honest young martial arts practitioner. Most of the fighting scenes in the film were personally performed by Hao Shaowen, which can be vaguely felt Hao Shaowen’s past classic works are imprinted on him. It is understood that all the kung fu actions in the film were shot in real scenes with the actors’ real fists and swords. In order to make the action scenes in the film realistic, all the actors performed the action before the film started. After months of martial arts training, only by meticulously preparing for the filming, can we finally perform the ultimate confrontation between the Chinese stick method and the Oriental samurai sword in the film. The highly practical fighting scenes in the film are indeed hearty and enjoyable. .

The film tells the story of the Qingtan treasure that has been hidden for thousands of years and was coveted by Japanese pirates during the Anti-Japanese War. The two brothers (played by Chen Yiming and Hao Shaowen) who have studied martial arts at Qingtan Temple for ten years laugh and fight every day. Wu Hao felt uncomfortable until one day Japanese pirates came to challenge his master. In order to protect the two of them, the master did not tell the truth, but cruelly drove them down the mountain and ordered them to live in the mortal world. After the two senior brothers came down from the mountain, the master was killed by Japanese pirates. The situation of the two senior brothers was also different after they came down from the mountain. The parents of senior brother Li Erniu (played by Hao Shaowen) were also killed by Japanese pirates, and the junior brother Guan Feinian (played by Hao Shaowen) was also killed by Japanese pirates. Chen Yiming’s lover (Fan Ruixue) whose father also defected to Japanese pirates. In order to protect the Qingtan treasure as a teacher, avenge the blood shame for the family, and jointly resist the Japanese pirates from snooping and coveting the treasure, the two brothers practiced kung fu hard with the help of Lao Tu (played by Kong Qingsan), worked hard, and finally launched a life-and-death struggle with the Japanese pirates… …

The film was filmed in Gaomi, Shandong, produced by Shandong Qingtan Culture Media Co., Ltd., Qingdao Qianyi Film Co., Ltd., and distributed by Beijing Linyu Film Co., Ltd. I believe that the film will definitely give the audience an unusual feeling in the theater when it is released.

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