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“Flying Life and Love” premieres today, with Hu Xianxu and Wang Yanlin performing hilarious dream-chasing stories side by side

“Flying Life and Love” premieres today, with Hu Xianxu and Wang Yanlin performing hilarious dream-chasing stories side by side

Starring Hu Xianxu and Wang Yanlin, starring Yu Entai, Yan Hexiang, Qu Zheming, Chen Yuxian, Zhao Haohong, Li Jiahao, Zhou Zixin, with special appearances by Kan Qingzi, Wang Yinglu, Sun Tianyu, Zhou Tie, Yu Xiaolei, Qin Xiaoxian, Zhang Xiaoqian, Gao Huayang, Huang Tingting, The racing-themed urban comedy “Flying Life and Love” starring Luo Zekai will be broadcast on Youku Video tonight.

As the final trailer, debut posters and personal posters have been exposed one after another, the inspirational comeback story of Hu Xianxu and Wang Yanlin running side by side and passionately pursuing their dreams continues to attract the attention of the audience. The high-spirited youth, the high-burning passion of competitive sports, and the determined pursuit of dreams. Heart and other contents continue to raise the expectations of netizens.

  Hu Xianxu, Wang Yanlin’s “brothers” are on the line with the Flying Spur Racing Team to start their dream journey

“Flying Life and Love” mainly tells the story of Zhang Chi (played by Wang Yanlin) who was seriously injured after flying off the track. He accidentally awakened in the body of 21-year-old Lin Zhendong (played by Hu Xianxu), and tried every means to prevent his 24-year-old self from making the same mistake again. . The setting of “Two Souls in One Body” not only adds to the fantasy effect, but also pave the way for the comedy effect, bringing a new viewing experience.

The final trailer released today is full of highlights. Lin Zhendong and Zhang Chi formed a new racing “brother team”. In order to prove himself on the Dakar track, Lin Zhendong shouted domineeringly: “The Mercedes-Benz team will not negotiate for peace, but we will see you on the track.” Zhang Chi said boldly: “Everyone will fight. But let’s fly and that’s it.” Even though there have been ups and downs in performance, rollover injuries, and differences of opinion in the process, the hearts of the Flying Spur Team will always be together. “Dakar, the Flying Spur Team, no one can be missing.” “, and the sentence “Let’s defend the title together” witnessed that the spirit of the Mercedes-Benz Racing Team will never be forgotten.

The two sets of posters also echoed the trailer. The debut poster showed the team momentum of the Flying Spur Racing Team. Lin Zhendong and Zhang Chi walked side by side in racing suits, with firm eyes, representing the courage and courage to move forward. Behind them, Ye Gong ( Yan Hexiang (played by Yan Hexiang), Sun Yuqiang (Qu Zheming), Shen Xiting (Chen Yuxian), Hong Kuo (Zhao Haohong), Zhang Wei (Zhou Zixin), Li Xiaohe (Kan Qingzi) and others firmly followed, representing the speeding team. Team spirit and cohesion. In the single-person poster, the objects next to each person represent their different identities and personalities, and also indicate that everyone has their own life cards and value coordinates.

  The dual narratives of passionate comedy present diverse stories and the spirit of never admitting defeat demonstrates the charm of competitive sports.

“Flying Spur Life and Love Chapter” continues the racing theme of the Flying Spur series, and on this basis unfolds a new dream-chasing story. Lin Zhendong and Zhang Chi are racing kings from different eras. Because of an accident, they had the opportunity to fight side by side. Together, they helped the Speedy Racing Team make a comeback against the wind and pursue their dream of Dakar. Through the dual narrative method of passion and comedy, the series presents a rich core of the story, including passion, youthful friendship, humor, and original intention to pursue dreams. While giving the audience twists and turns in the plot, it can also fully arouse emotional excitement. resonance.

Since its release, the creative team of “Flying Life and Love” has received high expectations from netizens. The director has been deeply involved in passionate themes in November and has directed many high-octane works. He is unique in the tension of the narrative and the expressiveness of the characters. “Flying Life and Love” brings together many powerful actors such as Hu Xianxu, Wang Yanlin, Yu Entai, Yan Hexiang, Kan Qingzi, etc. Some netizens said, “I can’t wait to see the passionate story of the ‘Racing Brothers’ comeback against the odds.”

The trailer is full of attractions, and the plot to be aired tonight is even more ups and downs. The 24-year-old Zhang Chi accidentally awakened in the body of the 21-year-old Lin Zhendong. In order to change his fate of being injured and knocked out due to a rollover due to rain, he went to the Speeding Racing Team to persuade Ye Gong to change to rain tires. But in the face of cloudless weather, no one in the Mercedes-Benz team could understand. After awakening, can Zhang Chi persuade his old teammates to change to rain tires, thereby turning around his own and the team’s fate? More exciting content will be available to the audience soon.

Comeback again, hilarious comeback! “Flying Life and Love” is jointly produced by Youku, Alibaba Pictures Gleaning Studio, and Shanghai Tingdong Pictures Co., Ltd. It is directed by Yiyi Yiyi, written by Xu ??, and Zhang Wenli serves as the chief producer. Youku members will update 2 episodes every day at 18:00, 5 episodes will be updated on the first day, and non-Youku members will update 1 episode every day, so please stay tuned.

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