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The largest cumulative number in the industry!Haier Smart Home wins the manufacturing industry championship again

The largest cumulative number in the industry!Haier Smart Home wins the manufacturing industry championship again

The development of manufacturing industry is related to the foundation of the country, and strong manufacturing will make the country strong. For enterprises, manufacturing strength can better highlight their own technological hard power.

Recently, the public list of the eighth batch of national manufacturing individual champion companies (products) was released, among which Qingdao Haier Dishwasher Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Haier Smart Home, is on the list. This is the seventh national-level manufacturing individual championship that Haier Smart Home has been awarded, the most in the industry. The largest number of products highlights Haier Smart Home’s industry-leading technological innovation capabilities.

  Obtained national certification again! The industry has accumulated the most 7 championships

Individual champion companies in the manufacturing industry are elites and benchmarks in the manufacturing industry, as well as innovators and leaders in the manufacturing industry. The selection criteria for national manufacturing individual champions are more stringent. There are specific and strict requirements for the market share, revenue, standard setting and other aspects of participating companies. For example, the market share of a single product ranks among the top 3 in the world. , Engaged in relevant business for 10 years or more, etc. Because of this, successfully receiving the award means that the company has the highest level of manufacturing in this field, and its scientific and technological strength has received national certification.

Take the Qingdao Dishwasher Internet Factory that was awarded this time as an example. It has focused on the household dishwasher industry for 24 years and is second to none in the industry in terms of its market competitiveness and innovation capabilities. In terms of market competitiveness, Haier’s dishwasher market share has ranked among the top three in the world for three consecutive years, and it is the only Chinese brand in the world’s TOP5. Through the deployment of industrial Internet automated production lines, production efficiency has increased by 20%; through the establishment of full life cycle reduction Carbon system, the average energy consumption per 10,000 yuan of output value has dropped by 40% in the past two years. In terms of technological innovation, it has obtained nearly 1,000 authorized patents and participated in the formulation of 23 international and domestic standards, etc., successfully promoting the process of Chinese dishwashers.

What is even more noteworthy is that the eighth batch of lists announced this time is already the seventh national-level manufacturing individual championship that Haier Smart Home has been awarded. Since the beginning of 2018, Haier Smart Home has repeatedly been on the list, becoming the company with the largest number of cumulative awards and the only company in the industry that covers the four major industries of refrigeration, washing (drying) machines, water heaters, and air conditioners.

  Constantly subvert for users!Highlight China’s manufacturing hard power

The technological competition among enterprises is becoming increasingly fierce. Why can Haier Smart Home continue to maintain its leading position? This is inseparable from its original intention of technological innovation, which always innovates for users and is committed to serving users’ better lives. This has also prompted Haier Smart Home to subvert the industry with new technologies again and again, letting the world see the hard power of Chinese manufacturing again and again, and benefiting more users.

Take dishwashers, for example. In the past, they were developed and iterated around the characteristics of Western-style kitchens, which was not friendly to local Chinese users. Chinese dishes and bowls made of heavy oil and thick materials are not easy to wash thoroughly, and the shelves are not suitable for enlarging dishes and bowls of different sizes and depths. In response to these specific problems, Haier dishwashers have original double-sided cleaning technology and an innovative H-shaped spray arm, which sprays up and down in two directions with a water flow of over 50,000 Pa. Both the front and back sides of deep bowls and pots can be fully washed to achieve cleaning. The index rose from 1.12 to 1.16making dishwashers more suitable for Chinese families.


  There are also Haier home clothes dryers that subvert users’ traditional ways of drying clothes, and Haier air conditioners that meet users’ needs for healthy air. The constantly iterative new technological products allow thousands of families to easily enjoy a smarter and better life. In the rainy season in the south, clothes that are not dried in the sun are prone to smell. Haier clothes dryers with innovative AI technology accurately identify clothes can also sterilize and eliminate mites while drying clothes, which is convenient and healthy. In the winter and spring when the air quality is poor in the north, Haier air conditioners with Clean Air Technology can not only effectively remove dust mites, lint and other pollutants in the air, but also effectively sterilize and remove mites, allowing users to enjoy healthy, fresh and good air throughout the house every day. .

  For an enterprise, being awarded the national manufacturing individual championship is both recognition and responsibility. As far as Haier Smart Home is concerned, by adhering to the development direction of specialization, innovation, and internationalization, firmly focusing on user needs, and constantly making breakthroughs for upgrading users’ better lives, it can not only lead the high-quality development of the industry, but also contribute to the manufacturing industry. Strong countries contribute greater strength.

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