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Fill the gap in the industry!Haier Smart Home AWE takes the lead in releasing five standards

Fill the gap in the industry!Haier Smart Home AWE takes the lead in releasing five standards

Science and technology is the primary productive force, on which the country is strong, companies depend on it to win, and people’s lives depend on it. How to measure an enterprise’s technological innovation capabilities? The quality and quantity of standards are one of the important yardsticks.

On March 14, during the 2024 China Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics Expo (AWE2024), Haier Smart Home released 5 standards to lead the industry with high quality and high quantity. The five standards cover the four major areas of refrigerators, washing machines, freezers, and water heaters, and can meet users’ multiple life needs such as integrated built-in home appliances, healthy and clean care, frost-free preservation, and healthy bathing, bringing users smarter and more convenient solutions. While providing a better life experience, it also promotes the standardized development of China’s home appliance industry. This is another important display of achievements after Haier Smart Home released new achievements towards becoming a “world-class smart residential ecological enterprise” at the Ecological Conference.

  Leading the release of 5 standards to fill industry gaps

Standards are an important force that changes life. They originate from life needs and return to life. In response to the problem of large gaps between refrigerators and cabinets, large gaps between the top and bottom, left and right sides, uneven front and back, and unsightly appearance, Haier Smart Home released the “Flat-mounted Refrigerator” standard to break the sense of separation between refrigerators and cabinets and achieve healthy, safe, comfortable, beautiful and individual kitchens. In response to the problem that multiple drums or a drum and washing machine combination occupy a large area and require a small bench to use, Haier Smart Home released the “Flat-mounted Integrated Washing Machine and Dryer” standard, which not only saves users space, but also effectively increases product volume. At the same time, the integrated design also enhances the aesthetic feeling of the laundry space.


In addition to releasing integrated built-in home appliance products and standards, Haier Smart Home is also leading the upgrade of lifestyle experience. The cleaning function products in the washing machine market are mixed, and cannot meet the comprehensive needs of users for sterilization, rinsing, lint removal, odor removal, etc. Haier Smart Home released the “Technical Specifications for Health and Cleanliness Evaluation of Washing Machines and Dryers”, which for the first time provides cleaning effects for washing machines. A three-dimensional evaluation system has been established to lead users to upgrade from ordinary care to healthy and clean care. Zhang Xiuchun of the China Standardization Association commented, “This standard will not only lead to the further standardized development of the washing machine industry, but also upgrade users’ product selection experience, providing an important guide for purchasing washing machines and dryers with excellent cleaning capabilities.”

In addition, Haier Smart Home also led the formulation of the industry’s first “Electric-Assisted Heating Gas Instant Water Heater” standard, which solved the main pain points of users such as turning off and then turning on the water when bathing, cold water and noise, leading users from safe water to healthy bathing water Advancement; formulating the first “frost-free horizontal freezer” standard, redefining the technical requirements for air-cooled horizontal cabinet freezing and convenience, filling the gap in the industry, and leading users to make the leap from frost preservation to frost-free preservation.

  Behind the leading standard formulation is leading scientific and technological strength

In the fiercely competitive smart home field, why has Haier Smart Home always become the standard leader and leader? In the final analysis, it lies in its leading scientific and technological strength. Haier Smart Home not only has leading scientific and technological innovation results to lead users’ lives, but also continues to have the right to speak standards and lead the industry.

In terms of technological innovation, Haier Smart Home has always insisted on starting from users and going to users. The refrigerator has poor freshness preservation effect, and vegetables turn yellow after being stored for a few days? Haier Smart Home’s original “full-space freshness preservation” technology achieves zero fluctuations in temperature, zero delay in cooling, and zero interference in wind speed. Whether it is vegetables or top-quality ingredients, it can lock in the original flavor. Ordinary washing machines are not clean? Haier Smart Home’s original “Essence Direct Injection” technology allows 3 times the concentration of essence to instantly penetrate into the clothes, ensuring that the clothes are as clean as new. Even though you have used the dishwasher, there is still oil residue on the plate? Haier Smart Home’s original “double-sided washing” technology sprays up and down in two directions to keep both front and back sides clean… comprehensively upgrading a better lifestyle for users from all aspects of clothing, food, housing and entertainment.


Secondly, Haier Smart Home has achieved industry leadership in both domestic and international standards, both in terms of quantity and status. Currently, Haier Smart Home is the only company in the industry that leads and participates in the smart home standards of international organizations such as IEC, ISO, IEEE, OCF, and Matter. It is also the only company in the world that has entered the two highest management organizations of IEC IB and IEC MSB at the same time. As of December 31, 2023, it has led and participated in 97 international standards and 678 national/industry standards, both of which are the most in the industry.

Haier Smart Home continues to push the boundaries of technology and bring unprecedented life experiences to users around the world. It adheres to the “user-centered” concept, which is not only reflected in every detail of product innovation, but also runs through every aspect of service upgrades. With the further development of technology, Haier Smart Home will continue to lead new trends in users’ lives and make smart life a daily routine for everyone.

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