Do home appliances and home furnishings have their own strengths?Three-winged bird: integrated scene in one step


When renovating a home, there are usually many service providers involved. You need to find a designer for the preliminary design, a home decoration company for the construction, and a professional home appliance brand for the home appliances. But when users want a home appliance and home integration solution, we find that every service provider seems to be “scientific”: those who make home appliances don’t understand home appliances, and those who make home appliances don’t understand home furnishing either. Because the professional barriers are too high, most aspects can only be done by users themselves.

At the Three-winged Bird’s new model and strategy conference held on March 13, Three-winged Bird gave a solution. This time, Sanyiniao has carried out strategic upgrades focusing on smart home appliances and home integration. Based on its design capabilities, delivery capabilities and accumulation of smart capabilities, it has built a home appliances and home integration platform with the highest efficiency and the best experience for users. This means that in the future, users will no longer have to work hard to decorate their homes. Leave everything to Sanyiniao, and they will be able to enjoy more efficient and smarter home appliances and home integration services, and build a new home in one step!

Why can the three-winged bird do it? At the meeting, Xu Meng, General Manager of Government and Enterprise Strategic Affairs of Haier Group, Vice President of Haier Smart Home, and General Manager of China, gave the answer, “Three-winged Bird has always started from the needs of users in the three years since its birth, and has continuously promoted the implementation of scenario solutions. , bringing users the best smart life experience in the era of smart living.”


  Integrating home appliances and home furnishings makes home decoration construction more worry-free

Many users who have had home decoration experience have complained that running around every day during home decoration is really tiring. Home furnishings, home appliances, doors and windows… Different products need to be inquired at different stores, and the entire delivery and installation process requires connecting with multiple service providers. The most intolerable thing is that after hard work, you find that the style and design of the home appliances do not match, and you have to rework them again.

In fact, the reason why there are such problems and pain points is essentially due to the current situation of the industry. The first is that there are barriers between industries. Those who make home appliances do not understand home appliances, and those who make home furnishings do not understand home appliances. It is difficult for users to get the best of both worlds. The second is that standards and quality are not unified, which leads to uneven products and solutions delivered. , I don’t even know which party to contact if a problem occurs.

In order to change this situation, Sanyiniao took the lead in proposing the construction idea of ​​”home appliances and home integration”. By building an integrated home appliance platform, the entire process of planning, customization, and delivery is integrated, which not only improves service efficiency, but also brings convenience to users in dimensions such as space utilization, visual aesthetics, comfort, and customized installation services. sex.

  First of all, program integration ensures the aesthetic unity of design and style.In the past, various soft and hard decoration links in the home decoration process were independently handled by different suppliers. Because there was no coordination between them, there may be mismatched styles and unreasonable installation. The difference is that Triwing Bird brings a whole home floor plan. Doors, cabinets, walls and other related accessories can be purchased on the platform in one stop. Home appliances and cabinets can also be integrated into each other to achieve seamless connection. The most important thing is that the platform designers have full-category design capabilities and will understand the entire process. Strictly control the style of home decoration, furniture, and home appliances to make the whole house space design more harmonious.

  Secondly, customization integration enables personalized satisfaction for thousands of people.In the past, home customization was more about product customization, such as customizing a cabinet, table and chairs, which could not be implemented on a large scale. However, Triwing Bird can customize the entire home appliances and home integration. In terms of space, the space will be effectively planned based on the apartment type in the early stage of the design, and larger living space will be released through the integration of home appliances and furniture; in terms of location, the integrated design can make the home appliances better match the location of the home, avoid the embarrassment of accumulation and occupying space, and is convenient. Daily cleaning and maintenance; in terms of intelligence, the integrated design can integrate more smart products, including smart boxes, smart lights, smart switches, etc., to improve convenience and comfort and bring a better product experience.

  Afterwards, delivery integration reduced costs and improved efficiency throughout the entire delivery process.It has always been difficult for the industry to achieve perfection in post-delivery. Different materials and home decoration links are handled by different suppliers, and if there is a problem, the person in charge may not be able to be contacted to solve it. Now with Triwing Bird integrated delivery, all after-sales related services can be handled with just one phone call, ensuring no worries; and integrated delivery can also save the cost of later maintenance and installation, achieving integrated delivery and installation services. Zhang Huajun, general manager of Haier Smart Home China’s Sanyiniao market, said that through the Sanyiniao delivery platform, users can enjoy integrated professional services with unified scheduling, unified standards, and unified supervision.


  Three major advantages lead the industry and improve user service experience

The home decoration industry is an industry with a long industrial chain and complex process links. To achieve integrated customization of home appliances, the platform needs to have strong resource integration capabilities, including materials, talents, technology and many other elements. Sanyiniao’s ability to build the industry’s first integrated home appliance and home platform is based on the accumulation of nesting design, wing delivery, and smart home brain capabilities, forming three major advantages ahead of the industry.

  First, industry-leading design capabilities increase design efficiency by more than 6 times.Considering that most design companies at this stage have limited design talents and resource plans, the efficiency of issuing design drawings is not high. Sanyiniao has created the industry’s first integrated home appliance and home design platform – Nesting Design, which can quickly generate design plans based on the user’s real house type. At the same time, it has also innovatively developed a home appliance and home integrated design module to make home appliance design like It’s as easy as building blocks,It is both professional and efficient, and design and delivery are more worry-free.

  Second, industry-leading delivery capabilities ensure that what you see is what you get.Previously, different suppliers had varying quality and quality in home decoration, and there was no unified standard, which resulted in the final delivery possibly not meeting expectations.Three-winged Bird is the firstYi Delivery, an integrated delivery tool for home appliances and home furnishings, achieves the perfect integration of home appliances and home furnishings in scenario solutions by pre-setting delivery standards. Moreover, under such standardized delivery, the previous industry problems of cabinets not being installed and aligned have been solved. Based on digital delivery, users now only need to contact one person to solve all delivery problems.


  Third, industry-leading intelligent interaction capabilities enable two major upgrades to smart life.After delivery, users can continue to experience the convenience brought by smart life through the Haier Smart Home Brain installed on the Triwing Bird digital platform. The first is the natural interaction in the whole scene. Different from the command-based voice control in the past, his questions and answers are like natural communication between humans. Take the air conditioner in the smart living room as an example. You can turn on the air conditioner, cool down, and adjust the temperature by saying “Xiaoyou, Xiaoyou, I’m a little hot.” You can also have a continuous conversation, saying “the wind is louder” and “don’t blow me”. It will adjust the wind speed and change the wind direction. Secondly, the whole-house active service also changes the passive command service in the past. The home can sense your needs and upgrade to a more considerate service experience. Take the smart kitchen as an example. Haier Smart Home brain has built-in a large amount of digital recipe data, which can actively recommend meal plans based on user preferences and status, ensuring that every day’s diet can be properly matched.

It can be said that it is precisely because of the continuous leadership of these three major advantages that Sanyiniao can achieve rapid implementation of channel touch points, and various scenario solutions can gradually enter more user households across the country. Today, Sanyiniao has more than 2,900 store contacts across the country, more than 80,000 customized solutions, scene transaction volume exceeding 5.1 billion, and has brought customized smart life solutions to 413,000 families.

Along the way, we have witnessed the continuous upgrading and evolution of the three-winged bird. From its fledgling days to its current brilliance, Three-winged Bird has not only promoted the integration of home appliances and home furnishings into users’ homes, but also allowed thousands of users who trust and follow Three-winged Bird to see the beauty of their future families. picture.

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