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The first work of “CNT Live” “The Age of Heroes” will be launched on the cloud theater on May 26

The first work of “CNT Live” “The Age of Heroes” will be launched on the cloud theater on May 26


On May 24, the National Theater of China and iQiyi signed a strategic cooperation agreement. The two parties will carry out in-depth cooperation around the online and offline “dual performance integration” of digital literary works. At the event, the China National Theater officially released the “CNT Live” (ie, China National Theater Live) online performance brand. The first work of “CNT Live” “The Age of Heroes” will be launched on iQiyi Cloud Cinema on May 26, and the follow-up drama “Green Snake” HD restoration, drama “Jizhou Suspicious Clouds”, drama “Three Lives Road”, and drama “Holding Hands” “Flying Man” and the stage play “Dunhuang” and many other works will also be launched on iQiyi in the form of online performances.

Lu Yingchuan, Vice Minister of Culture and Tourism, Zhou Hanping, first-level inspector of the Art Department, Ma Li, deputy director of the Industrial Development Department, Tian Qinxin, president of the National Theater of China, Gong Baojiang, party secretary, Bai Xuefeng, vice president, Wen Guo, deputy party secretary and secretary of the Disciplinary Committee Jiu Jiu, Vice President Cheng Peng, Su Zihang, General Manager of Guohua Shuzhi Culture Technology Co., Ltd., Yang Xianghua, President of iQiyi Film and Overseas Business Group, and Song Jia, Vice President of iQiyi and General Manager of Film Center, attended the event. Bai Haotian, director of the National Theater of China and director of “The Age of Heroes”, and actors Liu Peiqi, Han Tongsheng, Xin Baiqing, Li Guangjie and Liu Jingjing attended the premiere ceremony. Gong Yu, the founder and CEO of iQIYI, delivered a video speech and congratulated the launch of the “CNT Live” brand.

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  “CNT Live” uses digital technology to empower drama, and “Age of Heroes” gathers powerful creators

The National Theater of China has abundant artistic creation resources and a glorious tradition of drama culture. Adhering to the creative concept of “Chinese originality, world classics, and experimental exploration”, the National Theater of China has launched “Green Snake”, “Jizhou Suspicion”, “Three Lives Road” “, “The Age of Heroes” and many other classic and new plays. “The Age of Heroes”, which will be launched on iQIYI Cloud Cinema this week, is the first original public security drama produced by the National Theater of China. It stars Liu Peiqi, Ni Dahong, Li Guangjie, Xin Baiqing, Han Tongsheng and other powerful actors, and has been well received by the audience. .

“CNT Live” is an online performance brand launched by the National Theater of China to implement the national cultural digitalization strategy and implement the deployment of “online and offline integration, performance and broadcasting” by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. “The Age of Heroes” was screened in the form of “CNT Live” online performance, which means that Internet users across the country will also be able to watch this high-quality work on the iQiyi platform. Tian Qinxin, President of the National Theater of China, said that in the future, the National Theater of China and iQiyi will leverage on each other, give full play to their advantages, integrate resources, cooperate sincerely, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results. Carry out in-depth cooperation in aspects such as digitalization and digital presentation, promote the deep integration of digital technology and drama art, and lead the new direction of the development of the performing arts industry.

Lu Yingchuan, deputy minister of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, said that the first appearance of the “CNT Live” online communication matrix of the National Theater of China has realized the concept innovation of the state-owned art troupe to break through the tradition and take the road of brand development, and has realized the empowerment of digital technology. Technological innovation of traditional theater mode. The empowerment cooperation between the National Theater of China and iQiyi has realized the model innovation of “creative strength + resource strength + brand influence”. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism will, as always, encourage literary and artistic creation and production, support cultural innovation and development, and create better conditions for the development of cultural undertakings and cultural industries. We also welcome Internet platforms, news media, and all walks of life to pay more attention to and support the innovative development of state-owned art troupes. Make greater contributions to promote the prosperity and development of literature and art in the new era, promote cultural self-confidence and self-improvement, and promote Chinese-style modernization!

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  The content category of iQIYI Cloud Cinema continues to expand, helping more outstanding works to be broadcast online

In 2021, iQiyi officially launched the “Cloud Cinema” brand. Through independent pricing by the film studio, users’ single-chip payment and superimposed member viewing account sharing service creators, iQiyi Cloud Cinema has launched more than 100 works so far. “The Age of Heroes” is the first paid on-demand “CNT live” work introduced by iQiyi. The on-demand price is 12 yuan, and iQiyi VIP members enjoy a half-price discount. Gong Yu, the founder and CEO of iQIYI, said that just like the development idea of ​​”CNT Live” insisting on the integration of offline and online, as well as simultaneous performance and broadcasting, iQIYI is also constantly exploring the combination of technological innovation and traditional culture. In the future, I hope to work with the National Theater of China to create more excellent works that are both artistic and ornamental, and jointly promote the prosperity and development of the literary and artistic undertakings in the new era.

The creation of “The Age of Heroes” has fully considered the audience’s need for immersion in watching movies online, creatively adopting the nine-square-grid magic-style building structure stage, changing different scenes such as streets, shopping malls, and command centers, and using technology to solve the problem of a single background for stage performances. Enhanced the richness of the drama scene. At the same time, multiple video shooting positions are set up to realize multi-screen collaboration and real-time switching. Finally, through film and television shooting methods and post-editing processing, the film visual effects of “Age of Heroes” were enhanced.

Yang Xianghua, President of iQIYI Film and Overseas Business Group, said that innovation is the spirit of iQIYI, and the online performance of “CNT Live” in iQIYI Cloud Cinema reflects the combination of technology and creativity. In the future, we will work with the National Theater of China to use the power of science and technology to promote the online release of more works, so that audiences across the country can see more excellent classic plays through more screens.

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