The live-action version of “War God Master” will be released soon to open the first year of oriental fantasy

The live-action version of “War God Master” will be released soon to open the first year of oriental fantasy


Recently, the much-anticipated Ruohong Culture Co., Ltd. is about to release the first part of the live-action series “War God Master” in Ruohong Culture’s Wanjie Universe series. The company aims to create an IP universe for a series of works. As the masterpiece of this universe, the live-action drama “Master of the Martial Gods” will lead the opening of Ruohong Myriad Realms universe and lead the audience into a fantasy world with infinite possibilities.

  IP Member of Ruohong Culture Wanjie Universe Series

Ruohong Culture was established in 2015. The founders are the well-known Internet writers Snail and Dark Magician. It has signed a large number of works. It has developed comics such as “The Story of the Demon God”, “Xingwushen Jue”, “The Immortal Cultivator vs. Super Power” , “Super Involution System” and more than 20 titles, and more than 30 animations have been developed, including “Yao Shen Ji”, “War God Master”, “Xing Wu Shen Jue”, “Myriad Worlds”, “Myriad Worlds God Lord” and so on. In the film and television department, there are three film and television works, including “War God Master”, “Star Martial Art”, “My Junior Brother is a Little Cute”, and several works are authorized to develop a series of derivatives such as games and physical products.

Open cooperation, the three-year plan and five-year plan of Ruohong Wanjie Universe: Create endless cosmic stories

Ruohong Culture announced the exciting and ambitious three-year plan and five-year plan, aiming to lay a solid foundation for the development of Ruohong Universe.

In the three-year plan, Ruohong Culture will focus on the initial construction and promotion of Ruohong Wanjie Universe. They will lead the audience into this fantasy wonderland that spans time and space through the successful opening of the live-action drama “The God of War”. At the same time, Ruohong Culture also plans to cooperate with more works, integrate more IP into the universe of Ruohong Myriad Realms, and expand the scale and depth of the universe of Myriad Realms.

In the five-year plan, Ruohong Culture will continue to expand its territory, based on Ruohong Myriad Worlds universe, to further explore and develop new worlds of works, and create more unique cross-border story experiences. Ruohong Culture plans to launch a series of representative works, bringing audiences into various worlds and allowing them to appreciate endless cosmic stories.

Ruohong will also open up all IP libraries, and carry out multi-dimensional and in-depth cooperation with more partners to jointly improve the work system of Wanjie Universe.

  Build a new process and be a disseminator of Chinese traditional culture

Ruohong Culture is positioned as a linker of the cultural industry. The front end is linked to novel authors and screenwriter teams, the middle is linked to comics, animation, film and television, and game production companies, and the back end is linked to major video platforms and game distribution platforms to provide IP for partners. Operate solutions for the entire industry chain to empower the cultural industry. At the same time, in the creation, he advocates the establishment of a Chinese-style oriental aesthetic system, promotes the traditional Chinese culture, and contributes to the Chinese culture going to the world.

With an excellent production team and advanced special effects technology, Ruohong Culture creates a shocking oriental aesthetic visual feast for the audience. We hope to bring the oriental fantasy world to life through carefully constructed scenes, gorgeous special effects and fine modeling. The audience will feel as if they are in a magical oriental fantasy world, enjoying the beautiful scenery and exciting battles.

  With the theme of true feelings, the fantasy world also has positive energy

The story of “The God of War” tells the story of a young man’s inspirational growth, and has created many distinctive characters, and the characters are rich in group portraits. The theme of the work is family affection, friendship, love, and righteousness, punishing evil and promoting good, and defending the country. It tells about great love and reshape the character of Xianxia drama. Starting from “Master of the Martial God”, Ruohong Culture will launch a series of live-action dramas to open the barrier of breaking the dimension of the universe.

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