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The TV series “Public Prosecution” premiered on May 29th Di Lieba and Tong Dawei to combat cybercrime

The TV series “Public Prosecution” premiered on May 29th Di Lieba and Tong Dawei to combat cybercrime


Approved by the Information Office of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, the Information Office of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, the First Procuratorate of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, the Fourth Procuratorate of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, the Institute of Procuratorial Theory of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, and the Internet Crime Research Center of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate serve as procuratorial business guidance Unit, China Procuratorate Publishing House, Sichuan Century Warner Pictures Co., Ltd., and Tencent Video jointly produced China’s first procuratorial-themed TV series “Public Prosecution” with the theme of procuratorial organs’ combating new types of cybercrime. Broadcast on Zhejiang Satellite TV, Beijing Satellite TV, Tencent Video, and iQiyi.

Zhu Jianhua, Sun Zhonghuai and Liu Siyu are the chief producers of the play, Li Guangsen, Chen Weizhong and Liu Siyu are the chief producers, Hou Shaohui, Wang Yashi and Wang Jing are the producers, Yu Ding is the director, Chen Fujun and Zu Ruomeng are the chief screenwriters, Tang Sancai and others are the screenwriters. Dilraba Dilmurat, Tong Dawei, Gao Xin, You Jingru starred, Feng Lei was invited to star, Han Dong and Jia Qing were special stars, and Xiong Ziqi, Tan Kai, Wang Xun, Li Yixiao, and Shen Xiaohai appeared in friendship.

The TV series “Public Prosecution” tells the story of An Ni (played by Di Lieba), the top ten prosecutors in Jiangcheng City, and He Luyuan (played by Tong Dawei), the captain of the criminal police, working together to investigate and prosecute Zhu Xin’s online gambling fraud and murder of his wife, and to testify in court overseas for extradition In the case of Qian Tianxin, the leader of the Internet fraud group, the review and prosecution of Zhao Jikai’s infringement of citizens’ personal information, the review and prosecution of the criminal group’s chief criminal, Xiao Muen, who organized an online casino, intentional homicide, and Internet fraud cases, etc., the art shows that the people’s prosecutors face every case. Judicial cases, active performance of duties, not afraid of sacrifice, review and prosecution, appearing in court for public prosecution, and finally successfully handling the “7.23 Project” professional demeanor.

  Di Lieba, Tong Dawei, the Public Prosecutor and the Public Prosecutor join forces to cross-border tracking and accurately crack down on criminal groups

The “Chasing Light and Fog” version of the poster released today uses light and fog as the background to outline the atmosphere of chasing light and finding light in the thick fog. Lu Yuan’s eyes are firm, and the actors of the public prosecutor’s side on the same front have the same eyesight. Accompanied by the words “Please believe in the prosecutor’s determination to maintain fairness and justice” on the top of the poster, it fully reflects the commitment of our country’s public prosecutors to combat cybercrime and clean up the cyber environment. determination and strength. However, Zhao Jikai played by Gao Xin and Li Yitang played by You Jingru have different expressions and elusive thoughts, vaguely peeking out the identities and situations of each character in the play and the unfathomable puzzle behind them.

The finalized preview released at the same time also strongly pointed out that the TV series “Public Prosecution” is based on the No. 6 Procuratorial Recommendation issued by the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, and is a TV series that jointly punishes and combats new types of cybercrime through public prosecutors. In the trailer, An Ni and He Luyuan, on behalf of the public security and prosecutors, jointly went abroad to investigate a cross-border cyber fraud case headed by Qian Tianxin (played by Chen Zihan) in order to uncover the cancer that harmed the property interests of the people. Faced with many difficulties, such as the unfamiliar environment and the differences in the judicial systems of the two countries, how will An Ni and He Luyuan plan their strategies to accurately attack the evil hands hidden thousands of miles away and behind the Internet, and restore the peace and security of the common people? In cyberspace, the TV series “Public Prosecution” will soon reveal the answer!

  Cases big and small run through the whole drama, exciting new era public prosecutors are vivid and vivid

In the face of fraud crimes, the procuratorial organs frequently “shine their swords”. The TV series “Public Prosecution” is based on the typical cases of cracking down on new cybercrimes punished by the procuratorial organs, and from the perspective of the prosecutors, it reveals how criminals use all kinds of means to steal money from the pockets of ordinary people under the background of frequent Internet crimes. Di Lieba, as a prosecutor, severely punishes telecommunications fraud and its related crimes in the play, skillfully defuses financial risks, and participates in social governance with prosecutors from the economic crime prosecution department to build a clean and clear cyberspace. Guard the pockets of ordinary people. The whole play connects the story lines with the logic of interlacing big and small cases and combining old and new cases. The cases involved include online trust fraud, online gambling, campus online loans, cross-border online fraud, etc., and through a story structure with a strong sense of suspense and reasoning. The youthful narrative method shows the whole process of a case from investigation to trial by combining on-the-spot case handling and court debate. Through real and vivid case stories, the whole play shows that prosecutors use the procuratorial hearing system to promote the substantive resolution of civil disputes, improve the efficiency of court trials with the system of pleading guilty and pleading light and leniency, and use procuratorial public interest litigation to crack down on crimes against the reputation and honor of heroes and martyrs on the Internet. The new concepts, new measures, and new achievements of the procuratorial work in the new era, such as supervising the legal compliance of Internet companies and escorting the healthy development of the private economy, continue to meet the legal needs of the people for a better life.

During the filming period, in order to truly reflect the image of the public prosecutor in the new era in the creation of the drama, the actors and staff went to the procuratorate many times, ate and lived with the prosecutor, experienced the daily work and life of the prosecutor immersively, and did enough homework for the role interpretation. A strong production team, a serious work attitude, and rigorous production details all make the broadcast of the TV series “Public Prosecution” highly anticipated.

It is reported that “Public Prosecution” was also selected as “Sichuan Province 2021 Major Literary and Art Project Support Project” and “Tencent Video 2022 Key Project”.

At 19:31 on May 29th, Zhejiang Satellite TV, Beijing Satellite TV, Tencent Video, iQiyi, and An Ni and He Luyuan will be tracked across the country to protect judicial fairness and justice!

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