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The first Joy Plaza in the north is the first spoiler, leading the regional business to a “new” start

The first Joy Plaza in the north is the first spoiler, leading the regional business to a “new” start

When it comes to popular projects in Tianjin in 2023, Tianjin Xiqing Joy Plaza will definitely be on the list.

As the first Joy Plaza in the north, Tianjin Xiqing Joy Plaza has already aroused attention and reverie just after its official announcement: what kind of surprises will Joy City Holdings Commercial bring this time?

On September 6, Tianjin Xiqing Joy Plaza shared and updated its latest developments with the outside world through an investment promotion conference themed “Towards a better life”: it plans to debut at the end of December 2023, and will cooperate with Qixian Supermarket , Wanda Cinemas, Miaoka KTV and other high-quality brands signed contracts on the spot. The appearance of these characteristic brands also “spoiled” the diversified commercial layout of Tianjin Xiqing Joy Plaza in advance.

The creativity and content of this investment promotion conference are just like the prelude to the official presentation of Tianjin Xiqing Joy Plaza. Strong product strength with leading and sustainability as the core.

  Choose a mature residential area around the city

  Drive the innovation of regional business interface

The effective use of product power is related to the precise location strategy. Looking at the business layout of Joy City Holdings across the country, every investment is a stable strategic implementation, and Tianjin Xiqing Joy Plaza is no exception.

In terms of location, Zhongbei Town is a very representative part of the development around the city. It is not only a mature residential area, but also has complete supporting facilities such as commerce, office buildings, and subways. It also benefits from the Caozhuang Flower Market and Tropical Botanical Garden. With cultural and tourism resources, Zhongbei Town is also a destination for short-distance trips for Tianjin residents on weekends and holidays. In addition, Zhongbei Town is geographically adjacent to the urban area, attracting many young people and young families to settle in. With years of steady development and layout, Zhongbei Town is now a mature core living area in the surrounding area of ​​Tianjin, which is full of prosperity. scene.

From the perspective of population, Zhongbei Town has developed rapidly for 20 years, and has completed the transition from rigid demand to improvement. The population base is relatively large, and the family customer group accounts for more than half. According to data, the population aged 22-45 accounted for 63.5%, families of three accounted for 52.2%, and households with a total monthly income of more than 10,000 yuan accounted for 49.1%.

In addition, with the continuous influx of population and the innovation of the urban interface, there is only one one-stop shopping center in the Zhongbei Town area, which obviously cannot meet the higher requirements of the new middle-class customers and family customers in the area for quality life. Higher positioning and more living centers and leisure spaces that convey spiritual value are needed to match regional development and population needs. The emergence of Tianjin Xiqing Joy Plaza accurately captures market demand and fills the gap in high-end commercial areas in the region. Therefore It is better to understand the reason why Tianjin Xiqing Joy Plaza has aroused market expectations.

  Differentiated positioning of Hall A/B

  Fully meet the needs of geographical customers

According to the needs and subdivision of the target customer group, Tianjin Xiqing Joy Plaza cuts in from the three dimensions of lifestyle, spiritual appeal, and fashion expression, differentiates the positioning of Hall A and Hall B, and builds it into a regional quality life center. An excellent mix of business formats meets the needs of geographical customers in an all-round way. There are 8 first-introduced brands in the city and more than 60% of the first-in-region brands, leading regional business upgrades.

The positioning of Hall A focuses on fashion, trend and uniqueness. It focuses on fast fashion, boutique retail, entertainment experience of youth social attributes, and fashionable catering formats, bringing together international boutiques and trendy play experiences. In terms of the selection of main stores, Hall A introduced Qixian Supermarket and Miaoka KTV, bringing more choices to regional customers in terms of life services and entertainment experience. In terms of retail business, Tianjin Xiqing Joy Plaza has introduced fashion brands such as Tesla, Chow Tai Fook, Chow Sang Sang, BOY LONDON, GXG, NB1906, LEE, MLB, UGG, CHINISM, etc., driving the increase in regional fashion consumption and rejuvenating refined life Way. In terms of catering business, highly popular catering brands such as Taste of Macau, Kunji Self-service Barbecue, Yao Allure, Green Manor, Yuanmai Hill, and Tous Les Jours gather together to meet personalized, diversified, and high-quality consumption need.

The positioning of Hall B focuses on family life and high-quality parent-child entertainment experience. It focuses on home life, sports flagship, children’s retail, education and entertainment experience formats, and is matched with special food blocks to create a “concern” that brings together quality life, sports vitality, and family entertainment gatherings. Family members grow together” one-stop leisure and shopping gathering place. Under this positioning, brands such as Neilbao, Wanda Cinemas, and the indoor basketball hall created by Hippo Sports Theme Park are deployed in Hall B, bringing more brand combinations and scene creation suitable for the family customer group, and improving the quality of family consumption.

It is not difficult to find through the brand layout of halls A and B that Tianjin Xiqing Joy Plaza has continuously optimized the brand portfolio according to the characteristics of surrounding competing products and consumer groups, increased the proportion of high-experience businesses such as catering, entertainment, and parent-child, and improved the area. Brand level, in terms of brand level selection and format combination, more attention is paid to the sense of quality and experience. At the same time, the differentiated positioning of halls A and B is also covering different customer groups in a more detailed manner. Starting from the consumption needs of the customer groups, it will drive the consumption upgrade of the existing business circles, and take into account the individual needs of the niche while meeting the needs of the mainstream market. Improve the value proposition of projects and brands, meet consumer experience needs, and achieve differentiated operations.

  The Three Great Ideas of Friendship Break the Situation with Innovation

  Link regional customers to live a better life

Tianjin Xiqing Joy Plaza launched three friendly concepts, namely parent-child friendly, sports-friendly and pet-friendly, in order to build a spiritual bridge linking the beautiful lifestyle of families.

In terms of “parent-child friendliness”, Tianjin Xiqing Joy Club further refines the experience of parent-child customers, creates consumption scenarios around “parent-child companionship” and “family joy”, and provides refined services for parent-child families. The high-end indoor parent-child brand Nairbao was introduced as the passenger flow engine. At the same time, a rich and diverse parent-child business brand matrix was laid out, and the entire second floor of Hall B was built as a children-themed floor, starting a wonderful journey about parent-child companionship. There are also outdoor plazas with children’s facilities, such as Tianjin Zuo Art Sculpture and Breeze Plaza, which stimulate children’s inner joy while continuously meeting the needs of parent-child families, bringing more cutting-edge accompanying education concepts, and promoting the upgrading of urban parent-child consumption patterns.

The idea of ​​”sports-friendly” is also rooted in Tianjin Xiqing Joy Club’s in-depth interpretation of young family customers. At present, young family customers are more and more advocating a green and healthy lifestyle. Tianjin Xiqing Joy Plaza has introduced the brand “Hippo Sports Theme Park” to build two sports venues. Hall A is an outdoor comprehensive sports field, and Hall B is an indoor basketball hall. , through the two indoor and outdoor sports fields covering a variety of sports, to meet the needs of consumers for a variety of sports. In addition, in the future, Tianjin Xiqing Joy Club will also focus on outdoor camping, cycling and other sports lifestyles, provide sports enthusiasts with more convenient service facilities and tentacles of social scenes, and become a gathering place for regional sports and social activities.

In recent years, the number of consumers who keep pets has been increasing, and the concept of keeping pets has been continuously upgraded. As a member of the family, pets, going out with pets has become the demand of more and more people. At the same time, with the continuous development of pet culture Deeply rooted, more and more humanized concepts are introduced into life. Tianjin Xiqing Dayuehui has observed this strong consumer demand and business trend, and regards “pet-friendly” as one of its business concepts. , Build a circle social platform and integrate it into the commercial space, establish an emotional connection and value resonance with pet lovers, and continue to attract target customers.

Through the interpretation of the three friendship concepts, it is not difficult to find that Tianjin Xiqing Joy Club has been putting the business logic on the real needs of the regional customer groups, and has been committed to creating a lifestyle that they love and pursue for the regional customer groups. Through The interests and hobbies of different circles link the happiness and spiritual joy of consumers, and complete the interpretation of “enjoying life and sharing love”.

  Comes with flow buff

  Explore new ways to play business scenarios

In addition to the matching of business logic and business philosophy, and the matching of target customer groups and business brands, Tianjin Xiqing Joy Plaza also pays attention to the precise communication of project positioning in the design of space scenes and outdoor landscapes.

The creation of space scenes endows the project with more “readability”, and the combination of scenes and content is an effective means for shopping centers to create a “sense of telling” and “sense of story”, forming a rich and layered scene force. On the street side that represents the main image of the project, Tianjin Xiqing Joy Plaza has made great efforts. It not only uses all-glass curtain walls to create a transparent facade effect, but also forms a distinctive and stylish urbanization highlight label, and also brings the largest naked eye in North China. 3D screen, using ultra-high-definition video technology to create a naked-eye 3D audio-visual feast, lighting up the city’s new business card. At the same time, the A and B halls are connected in the form of air corridors to create the most beautiful air-themed corridors and empower commercial space value through diversified and innovative themes.

In the space inside the venue, Tianjin Xiqing Joy Club creates a relaxed, casual and comfortable style, mainly in log colors and natural systems, decorating the space with large areas of green plants, and creating a canal-forest-themed member center, bringing “comfort with The high-end experience of natural symbiosis creates a comfortable and authentic lifestyle. There are also water curtain waterfall landscape, large sunken stepped leisure area, etc., with dense highlights. In addition, the first Grand Canal cultural-themed catering block in China integrates the four-in-one economic model of “national fashion, community, experience, and nightlife”, striving to become the first highland in Jincheng’s commercial & cultural tourism projects.

In terms of the design and creation of the off-site landscape, Tianjin Xiqing Joy Plaza pays more attention to the interaction between space and people. The Breeze Square, built with “wind movement” as the main element, placed three large-scale artistically shaped wind-moving devices, organically combining nature with technology, sculpture and landscape, creating a smart small world with metal and breeze, endowing the square with a powerful Vitality, build a dynamic space full of inspiration, fun and surprises. Tianjin Xiqing Joy Plaza also takes the origin of the name “Tianjin” as a conceptual inspiration to create an outdoor characteristic art sculpture “Tianjin Block”. The term “Tianjin” originally referred to the star officials in the sky. Tianjin Xiqing Joy Plaza uses the network map of the ancient Chinese starry sky as the location of the “Tianjin Block”, links the city “Tianjin” with the star official “Tianjin”, carves unique city symbols, and draws closer to the city with unique creativity The distance between customers and consumers shapes the image of the city.


The appearance of Tianjin Xiqing Joy Plaza has brought more new possibilities for the advanced development of urban commerce. With its innovative and rich portfolio of businesses, modern hardware facilities and operating concepts that meet the needs of consumer groups, it is committed to serving family customers. Groups build a joyful living space, help upgrade regional consumption, and drive the continuous renewal of urban commercial expression.

Behind the excellent performance, Tianjin Xiqing Joy Plaza also showed the industry more possibilities for multiple content innovation and differentiated creation, leading regional business into a new era.

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