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Postal e-commerce festival, ice cream exhibition, tea expo…more activities will be unveiled soon

Postal e-commerce festival, ice cream exhibition, tea expo…more activities will be unveiled soon

  Tianjin North Net News: Time flies, and it has entered in a blink of an eyeSeptember. In the crisp autumn season, more consumption promotion activities in Tianjin will be unveiled soon.

  postal“919 E-commerce Festival” kicks off

  China Post Group Co., Ltd. heldThe launching ceremony of China Post’s “919 E-commerce Festival” in 2023 kicked off the wonderful curtain of the seventh Postal “919 E-commerce Festival”. Tianjin Post will make full use of the postal “919 E-commerce Festival” influence, continue to integrate marketing resources, strengthen the linkage between online and offline, outlets and sites, and actively launch small-site rice, Shawo radish and other large single-product businesses. Utilizing the advantages of postal delivery, platforms, products, etc., introduce local Jinnong boutiques, Chinese time-honored brands, and intangible cultural heritage products such as Yumeijing, Goubuli Steamed Buns, and Camel House Roast Chicken to peripheral areas, covering the whole city, expanding brand influence, and achieving cooperation win-win.

  China Ice Cream and Frozen Food Industry Expo

  Sponsored by Tianjin Baker Qilong Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., the exhibition includes ice cream cold drink manufacturing and production equipment, supporting packaging and processing equipment, special raw materials for ice cream, sales, storage and transportation equipment, instant food products and ingredients, etc.time:September 22-24.

  2023 Tianjin International Tea Industry Expo and Phoenix Dancong Tea Culture Festival

  Sponsored by Shenzhen Huajuchen International Exhibition Group Co., Ltd., the exhibition includes six major tea categories, international and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan tea, tea utensils, tea food, tea service, tea utensils, ceramic purple sand, handicrafts and other tea industry chain products.time:September 14-17.

  2023 The 11th Tianjin Rong Media Fan Festival will be re-launched

  This year’s Media Fan Festival will start fromIt officially started at Jinwan Plaza on September 8 and lasted for three weeks. Compared with previous years’ fan festivals, there have been some changes.

  A brief summary of the fan festival’s activity mode is two home events. The event takes Jinwan Plaza as the first home, and holds three days of activities, covering live outdoor opening performances, Haihe Media’s main column display, market exhibitions, and key corporate business promotions. activities, etc., in three days, there will be24 events are displayed together. At the same time, on September 24th, at the Wuqing Sports Center, which is the second home stadium, the launch ceremony of the sister city tour was held. A promotion meeting for large-scale foreign-related reporting activities will be held here. In addition, the Fan Festival also designed “X” activities, which will be held in different areas of the city every week after the Fan Festival, Helicopter Expo, City Cycling, Eco-City Overnight at Haibo Museum, Rice Field Music Festival There are more than 20 activities, such as , comic talk conference, etc., among which there are as many as three cycling activities, including city scenery, historical exploration, cycling to the seaside, etc. Through these activities, I hope to use the planning, organization and influence of Haihe Media Center to show everyone Tianjin LOHAS, Tesco Tianjin, Enjoy Tianjin and Enjoy Tianjin.

  2023 China (Tianjin) International Automobile Exhibition

  Sponsored by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Automobile Industry Branch, the exhibition areaWith an area of ​​200,000 square meters, it is the only international top-level auto show in Tianjin. It will gather the central administrative circle of the Beijing capital, the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei integrated industrial circle and urban agglomeration, the cities and industrial agglomerations around the Bohai Bay, and the industrial cluster in the Xiongan Headquarters Economic New Area—— The core location advantage of the intersection of four circle centers radiates across the country and faces the world, and will continue to inject new vitality into the development of the global automobile industry.time:September 28-October 4.

  Tianjin International Catering Ingredients and Hot Pot Ingredients Supplies Exhibition

  Hosted by Zhengzhou Qiyang Dianke Exhibition Co., Ltd., as one of the domestic professional hot pot food industry events, the exhibition has become the first choice platform for the annual new product release of the hot pot food industry. , attracting many well-known domestic and foreign hot pot food companies to gather.time:September 6-8.

  Hetian Youpin

  Sponsored by the Cooperation and Exchange Office of the Tianjin Municipal People’s Government, Tianjin Aid Xinjiang to create“Hetian Youpin” is a regional public brand that integrates high-quality characteristic agricultural and sideline products, characteristic intangible cultural heritage cultural and creative products, and Hotan cuisine into a high-quality, experiential, and all-round consumption platform.time:September 28-October 1.

  China Home Fair

  Sponsored by Tianjin Branch of Shanghai Huamo Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., the exhibits of Huaxia Home Expo involve home decoration design, floor doors and windows, ceramic tile bathroom, lighting, home accessories, wall materials, ceiling and floor heating, comprehensive building materials, etc..time:September 29th – October 1st.

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