The first Grand Canal Apricot Blossom Cultural Tourism Festival in Jinghai District opens



  Tianjin Northern Network News:On March 29, the first Grand Canal Apricot Blossom Cultural Tourism Festival in Tangguantun Town, Jinghai District opened in 2024 and will last until April 7. During the Tourism Festival, a number of cultural and sports activities will be held, including large-scale theatrical performances gathered by famous artists, the 2024 Jinghai “Walking the Grand Canal” national fitness walk, exhibitions and sales of intangible cultural heritage and famous and high-quality special products, and a canal ink rhyme couplet calligraphy exhibition. , to promote the in-depth development of the integration of agriculture, culture, sports and tourism in Tangguantun Town.


The Xinghua Festival theatrical performance with the theme “Apricot along the way and the fragrance of flowers in the Tang Dynasty” was co-hosted by Wei Yigang, Peng Fangyu, Shi Wei and Xinghua Fairy Yang Hanting. It had both exciting programs and Xinghua interactive with the audience. Feihualing, riddles, canal knowledge and Tangguantun tourism resource questions and answers, the atmosphere was very lively. The audience not only enjoyed the performances of famous artists, but also took out their mobile phones to shoot short videos to participate in the topic challenge activities.


Among the theatrical performances, crosstalk master Liu Junjie and young actors Xie Hongli and Li Jianfeng presented an original group crosstalk “Looking at Apricot Blossoms”; Hebei Bangzi master Chen Chun, young Peking opera actors Zhao Xiaodan and Peng Fangyu, and Jinghai Pingju opera actor Liu Zhengqing jointly presented the Beijing Review The medley of classic bang bang pieces delighted theatergoers present; Liu Ying, a famous Tianjin tune artist, presented his original work “Spring is Full of Tianjin Apricot Blossom Festival”; the famous sleight-of-hand artist Guo Yuwen and his apprentices Wu Jiahe and Yu Mingru presented the sleight-of-hand “Blooming Flowers” “Apricot Blossom Festival of Fortune” won rounds of applause; Liu Moyan and Gao Peihong, contracted actors of the “Yulong Baixi Talent Plan”, both presented newly created programs, such as the group allegro “Apricot Blossom Festival” and Jingdong Dagu’s “Apricot Blossoms Can Destiny” “By the River” were praised by the audience; Jingyun drummer Shi Wei sang the classic “Spring Scene”, Jinghai local Internet celebrity singer Man Wenhao sang the song “I am a Jinghai native”, as well as the Tangguantun Yangko Team and the Inspiration Team brought The wonderful programs all gave an excellent interpretation of Jinpai culture. The whole performance ended with the singing of “Better and Better” by young singer Zhang Yanrong. Many audience members did not want to leave for a long time after the show ended. They enthusiastically accompanied the artists to the Xinghua Embankment to enjoy the apricot flowers and taste intangible cultural heritage, experiencing first-hand the grand scene of flowers blooming all over Tianjin City and the charm of canal culture.


The Grand Canal is the epitome of China’s long history and splendid culture, and is an important carrier of the inheritance and development of Chinese civilization. In recent years, Tangguantun Town has continuously upgraded the Grand Canal reconstruction project. 8.578 kilometers of footpaths on the top of the dike have been hardened, 7 new platform stations on the top of the dike have been built, 25,528 green plants have been planted on the top of the dike, and 70,000 square meters of vegetation have been planted. At the same time, Tangguantun Town vigorously explores and promotes the Grand Canal culture, which not only makes the Grand Canal flow, but also allows the Grand Canal culture to be passed on.


In the next step, Tangguantun Town will also vigorously promote the excellent traditional Chinese culture and spread the contemporary values ​​and spirit of the times carried by the Grand Canal by holding a series of activities in various forms. Continuously deepen the public’s understanding of the Grand Canal, enhance protection awareness, and create a good atmosphere for the whole society to care for and protect the Grand Canal.


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