“Fireworks” hit Sun Qian: I am also illuminated by Tao Shuna’s light


“Who wouldn’t like Tao Shuna?” “Tao Shuna is so free, so confident, and so relaxed!” “Every girl wants to live like Tao Shuna!” With the popularity of Jiangsu Satellite TV’s “Fireworks”, Tao Shuna played by Sun Qian It has become the “favorite” of countless viewers. Her love affair with top student Zhang Xiaoyan and her bestie-like relationship with her mother, Meng Wanqing, are topics that everyone talks about. “Although the space in the original work and drama is limited, Tao Shuna is really a very charming character, and I have always been illuminated by her light.” Sun Qian said in an exclusive interview with Jiangsu Satellite TV.

 I am very surprised by the audience’s love for Tao Shuna, “she is endowed with high energy”

In the play, Tao Shuna is a PhD in mechanical engineering, smart, fashionable and has a wide range of interests. She has idolized the top student Zhang Xiaoyan since middle school. She has always followed his footsteps in academics and scientific research, and she also bravely pursued her own love. This kind of “straight-ball” character that is bold and bold has made Tao Shuna popular in the industry and won the love of many viewers. However, Sun Qian was somewhat unexpected about this love. “I have been following the show, and I was really surprised and touched when I saw everyone’s love for Tao Shuna on the bullet screen and in the comments.”

Sun Qian said that when she first turned on the film, she felt that Tao Shuna was very similar to herself. “It feels like Tao Shuna is Sun Qian, and Sun Qian is Tao Shuna.” Sun Qian said with a smile, but after finishing filming, she looked back at the show and realized that it was Tao Shuna who actually gave her a lot of energy during that time, “I hope I can have Tao Shuna is brave and straightforward, and I hope that like her, I will always know what I want,” Sun Qian said.

After the series was aired, the group “Pan Tao Shengyan” became popular. Sun Qian said frankly that he did not expect it. However, Sun Qian also said that although she understood and respected Tao Shuna’s emotional choice, if it were herself, she might not be able to accept such a long wait. “I am also a relatively direct and proactive person in life, and I say whatever I have to say. But if a relationship requires me to wait for seven or eight years, I feel that I am not as brave as Tao Shuna, and I may not be able to persist.” Sun Qian said.

  I improvise a lot with Liang Jing, and talk to my mother about everything in life

In addition to her romance with Zhang Xiaoyan, the relationship between Tao Shuna and her mother Meng Wanqing in the play also made many viewers envious. “It’s a pleasure to work with Teacher Liang Jing. She is really a very good sister and takes great care of us young actors. Teacher Liang Jing and I improvised many scenes on the spot, which is really exciting!”

Sun Qianpo also proudly said that his mother is very much like Meng Wanqing. Until now, they have video calls every day and can talk about everything. Sun Qian said: “Since I was a child, my mother has allowed me to decide my own life. She only gives suggestions or provides support behind the scenes. This has also developed my relatively independent character. I knew when I was very young that I must Take responsibility for every decision you make, and don’t blame others if you make a mistake.”

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