O’Sullivan, who visited the movie “Lovely Home”, wanted to make a movie with Ding Junhui for the first time


The movie “Lovely Home” today released the latest cast stills, and also exposed the “Expert” version of the lineup poster. World billiards champion Ronnie O’Sullivan made a surprise appearance, starring in the film, and starring against director Chen Tianyi. , joyful interaction. The film is produced by Zhejiang Wozhou Film Co., Ltd., with director Chen Tianyi also serving as screenwriter and starring He Saifei, Shen Wei, Zhang Chenguang, Tian Niu, and Ronnie O’Sullivan as a special guest star. It is an inspirational film about family affection focusing on the theme of billiards. drama.

  O’Sullivan and Chen Tianyi interact closely and the “cute” actor makes his domestic entertainment debut

On the day of the visit, the on-site shooting was rigorous and orderly. The male protagonist “De Le” played by the film director Chen Tianyi had a peak match with his idol O’Sullivan in the scene; outside the scene, Director Chen was immersed in directing the scene while teaching Chinese on the spot. , interacted closely with O’Sullivan. This visit to China is also O’Sullivan’s first electric shock, as he makes his debut in domestic entertainment as a “cute” actor. Talking about his experience of cooperation, O’Sullivan said that the filming team was professional and efficient, and the atmosphere on set was relaxed and pleasant. If given the opportunity, he hopes to make a movie with Ding Junhui.

  Realistic themes focus on universal struggle, turning life around and pursuing dreams with all our strength

The film tells the story of “De Le”, a talented golfer who was abandoned by his mother when he was a child and whose father died young. He meets “He Xiaoyi”, the daughter of a billiards coach. After experiencing various practical and psychological obstacles, he transforms from a second-hand car dealer into a world-class player. The story of a billiards champion. As a rare billiards theme in domestic entertainment, the director of the movie “Lovely Home” Chen Tianyi has a unique personal style. He uses pyrotechnic shots, fast-paced narratives, and universal characters to target the struggling groups in today’s society. , accurately targets emotional pain points, and depicts a life picture of turning around and pursuing dreams with all one’s strength.

  The professional team’s word-of-mouth lineup creates a ground-breaking and emotional blockbuster

Looking at the film and television market in recent years, realistic-themed works tied to the sports genre have gradually emerged. Double-speed competition and romantic love constitute the suspended signature of such works. The audience is no longer tolerated by homogeneous works and is in urgent need of works that can reflect the current situation. Works with a more down-to-earth sense of life. Director Chen Tianyi rises to the challenge and targets the hinterland of sports. With his rich experience in billiards, he uses real materials in his creations and boldly recruits a professional team to star in the film’s male protagonist “De Le”. The actors formed a powerful cast, paired with domestic and foreign professional billiards players, to create this passionate blockbuster full of stories about the personal growth of little people and their family ties. All staff are working online, breaking the dimensional wall and collaborating for the first time. “Actors who can play ball” have become a highlight of the film.

It is reported that the film is about to enter the intensive post-production stage, so stay tuned for more surprises!


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