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“The Expendables 4: The Final Chapter” is scheduled for 9.15 Stallone joins hands with Jason Statham to start the war

“The Expendables 4: The Final Chapter” is scheduled for 9.15 Stallone joins hands with Jason Statham to start the war

Movie Expendables 4 final chapter finalized poster

  today,classic hollywood actionIPblockbusterExpendables4:final chapterThe official announcement of the mainland’s finalization,And release the finalized notice and poster.It is reported that the film will be2023Year9moon15day inChinaMainland release,ahead of North America7day, by scott·Directed by WaughJasonStatham, Sylvester Stallone, 50centsMeganFox, Dolph Lundgren, Tony Jaa, Iko Uwais, Randy Kudrow, Andy GarciaWaiting for an actor.Final chapter in The Expendables series,The film tells the last assembly of the death squad,Launch a super operation to stop World War III.

  Epic action series The Expendables returns  The final chapter is finalized in the MainlandSeptember 15

  Hollywood blockbusters that are highly anticipated by fansExpendables4:final chapterFinally, the mainland is set,WillAt9moon15release day.told aboutdeath squadagainAssemble, board a cargo ship loaded with nuclear bombs in the open sea,Launch a super operation to stop World War III.The film serves as the final chapter of the heavyweight action movie The Expendables series,It not only carries the audience’s feelings for the series of movies and expectations for classic characters, but also pays tribute to the spirit of tough guys.Extraordinary courage and determination, wonderfulskillgunfights, explosions, close combat,The adrenaline rush makes the blood boilallowing the audience to feel againrealactionblockbusterofshockedcharm.

  Stallone Jason Stathamreturn A group of Hollywood action stars gather

  trailer featuring super tough guy jasonChristmas played by StathamandSexy Goddess MeganFoxplaysA new character from Rivalry is introduced,Complicated intimate relationships arouse this timeBarney StalloneRossdoor to dooronce again assembled the death squadturn onbloody mission,Thrilling and exciting high-intensity fights.The film gathers almost all the famous action actors in Hollywood today,Show a luxurious lineup of superstars,former star jasonStatham, Sylvester Stallone, Dolph Lundgren, Randy Kudrow Return,50centsMeganFox, Tony Jaa, Iko Uwais, Andy Garciasurprisejoin ininject new blood into the film,The Expendables assemble for the last time,Set off a frenzy,complete challenging missions,New and old members join hands to present this exciting and thrilling super action.

  in previous interviewsStallonerevealedExpendables4:final chapterWill continue the series of high-intensity battle scenesthe action scenes are more direct, more impactful,more exciting.starring jasonThe wonderful performances of old tough guys such as Statham and Sylvester Stallone who dare to fight will also become a highlight of the film.

  Hollywood action blockbusterExpendables4:final chapterMillennium Filmscompanyproduce,Imported by China Film Group Corporation,Distributed by China Film Co., Ltd.,Translated by China Film Co., Ltd.,Beijing Alibaba Film Culture Co., Ltd. assists in the promotion.September15Today, walk into the theater and embark on this exciting and passionate adventure with the Death Squad,Feel the endless thrill of a real action blockbuster on the big screen!

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