The Beijing premiere of the movie “Three Noble Loves” chatted about love fairy tales and witnessed the miracle of true love


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On September 4th, produced by Li Shaohong and Yao Chen, directed by Liu Siyi, starring Hu Xianxu, Yao Chen, Zhou Ye, Zhou Yiran, Zheng Yunlong, Xiang Yujing, and Zong Juntao, the fantasy romantic love fairy tale movie “The History of Love” was held Beijing premiere. The main creators came to the event site to communicate and interact with the audience, and talked about the creative stories in front of and behind the scenes. After watching the movie, the audience had a lot of feelings and shared their sympathy and insights. “I still believe that there is true love in the world.” “The story is full and the emotions are complete. It is not easy to make such a work.” “. The film explores the issue of true love in the style of fantasy fairy tales, which can easily heal and empathize.

At present, the pre-sale of the film has started, and it will be released on September 9, and we will go to the autumn fairy tale with the audience.

Hu Xianxu

  The director expounded that the proposition of true love deserves to be told, and the main creators interpret the stories behind the characters with their hearts

Chief Producer Fu Jia, Producer Ma Yanjie, Producer and Lead Star Yao Chen, Voice Director Ding Wei, Director Liu Siyi, Lead Stars Hu Xianxu, Zhou Ye, Starring Zheng Yunlong, Xiang Yujing, Qin Xue, Zheng Qianli, and friendly appearances Zong Juntao and other main creators attended the premiere event in Beijing. Director Liu Siyi revealed that the inspiration for the film came from his long-term insomnia, hoping that a prince would kiss him so that he could fall asleep soundly, and the setting of “one kiss and sleep” was born in this way. Regarding true love, the director also made his own explanation: true love is innocent yearning and imagination. Although this word is not recognized in the current context, true love is still worth being imagined and told. As the producer and leading star, Yao Chen talked about the topic of regret in the film, and believed that “regret can be made up for, and relief is also a kind of make up for.”

Hu Xianxu said that the most attractive part of the role of Sangui is the “introverted background” and the character’s growth. In order to get closer to the role, Hu Xianxu focused more on finding the feeling of being alone. Zhou also said frankly when talking about his role, “Yuyu is a girl living in her own world. The love in fantasy is not real, and we still have to distinguish reality.” When asked if Zheng Yunlong, who played Brother Feng, would give up the accordion for Sister Xia, Zheng Yunlong said, “It doesn’t matter whether you let go of the accordion or not, the most important thing is to let Sister Xia feel what love is.” In addition, Xiang Jingcici, who plays the role of the goddess, believes that there is a firm force behind the goddess’s betting, “she believes in the existence of true love.” The sharing of the main creators allowed the audience to better understand the characters in the movie, and to feel the sincerity and intention of the movie more deeply.

Yao Chen

  Zheng Yuanjie made a call to verify the film’s imagination and viewers commented on healing fairy tales and loosening the ties of reality

During the viewing of the Beijing premiere of the movie “The History of Three Noble Loves”, audiences of different ages can find resonance in it and gain a lot of touch. The audience expressed that “I didn’t believe in true love anymore, but after watching the movie, I discovered the beauty of true love and looked forward to it happening.” A fable about true love” “It resonates very much with the exposition of regret in the film” “This film brings us the beauty of true love, and can get the release of reality in such a fairy tale.”

The premiere also welcomed Zheng Yuanjie, Wang Hongwei, Yan Ni, Gao Ye, Yang Li, Re Yiza, Yu Baimei, Lu Yang, Li Jiuxiao, Zhang Ji, Zuo Lingfeng, Zhang Weiyi, Yamy Guoying, Meng Meiqi, etc. Many guests, they shared their viewing experience and called “The History of Love”. Teacher Zheng Yuanjie, the “father of fairy tales”, believes that imagination is the treasure of success, and hopes that this movie “can make many audiences find and have imagination.” Professor Wang Hongwei, one of the important initiators of the Shallot Project, believes that “The Love History of Three Nobility” is a film with a very special fairy tale setting and situation, and commented on the performance of the actors as “all excellent”. After watching the film, Yan Ni said categorically that she “believes in true love”. The fantasy fairy tale feeling of the film made her experience the “beautiful feeling of love”. After watching the movie, Gao Ye sighed that he was invited into a dream world, which was bizarre but reasonable. Yang Li praised that it had been a long time since he had seen such a relaxing and cute movie, and he saw a new interpretation of romance movies. Reiza said that he was very moved when he learned that the main creators of this work are all excellent women. Director Don He also believes that the film provides a particularly precious and beautiful world for girls. During the premiere event, the guests spoke freely, and every audience member also left their mark on the adventure of true love. Whether you believe in true love or not, you look forward to it. On September 9, when you walk into the theater, I believe everyone will find their own touch and resonance in the story.

The movie “The History of Three Precious Loves” is produced by Huaxia Film Distribution Co., Ltd., Tianjin Maoyan Weiying Culture Media Co., Ltd., Beijing Leyi Chengbang Film Co., Ltd., Shanghai Yunfeng Culture Media Co., Ltd., Beijing Sanren Culture Media Co., Ltd., bad Produced by Rabbit (Shanghai) Film Co., Ltd., jointly produced by Beijing China Directors Association Cultural Development Co., Ltd. and Xiamen Media Group Co., Ltd., produced by Leyi Chengbang Film (Xiamen) Co., Ltd., and Beijing Sanren Culture Media Co., Ltd. co-production. The film is in hot pre-sale, September 9th, looking forward to the arrival of true love.


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