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“Shangganling” and other three major dramas appeared in the “Beijing Grand Audiovisual” Literary and Art Exhibition of the Service Trade Fair, which is full of creativity

“Shangganling” and other three major dramas appeared in the “Beijing Grand Audiovisual” Literary and Art Exhibition of the Service Trade Fair, which is full of creativity

On September 2, the 2023 China International Fair for Trade in Services was grandly opened in Beijing. This year is the first year for my country to resume offline exhibitions in an all-round way. This year’s Service Trade Fair takes “Openness Leads Development, Cooperation and Win-Win Future” as the annual theme, highlighting internationalization, authority, and specialization. More than 2,200 companies participated in the exhibition offline , covering the top 30 countries and regions in 28 service trade areas.

As an important part of the “2023 China Service Trade Fair Beijing New Audiovisual Exhibition”, the Beijing Radio, Film and Television Bureau brought 31 literary and artistic boutique projects of the “Beijing Grand Audiovisual” and 2022-2023 Beijing’s award-winning excellent film and television dramas, in Hall 1 of Shougang Park Film and television boutique exhibitions will be held in the Beijing New Audiovisual Exhibition Area. The 2023 “Beijing Grand Audiovisual” Literature and Art Exhibition focuses on the achievements of Beijing’s literary and artistic creations since the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and promotes a number of excellent movies, TV dramas, documentaries, online audio-visual programs and other masterpieces, highlighting the persistence of literary and art workers in the new era People-centered creative orientation, focusing on realistic themes, and the responsibility and responsibility of telling Chinese stories in the new era.

This year’s literary and artistic boutique exhibition is rich in elements. In addition to exhibiting high-quality items, it also added an interactive display stand for peripheral derivatives, as well as three key TV series “Shangganling”, “Kunpeng Clashing the Waves” and “Welcome to Mai Le Village”. The scene reappears in the experience area, which makes the literary and artistic boutique exhibition both beautiful and fun, and becomes a place for visitors to take pictures and check in enthusiastically. Why did these three dramas become the key high-quality projects of the year, and they became popular before they were broadcast, and they gained the expectations of countless audiences?


Since the establishment of the project, the 24-episode TV series “Shangganling” with the theme of resisting U.S. aggression and aiding Korea has attracted a lot of attention. This is a blockbuster work for Bona Films to enter the TV drama market. It is reported that the investment exceeds 250 million yuan. Since Dong is the chief producer, Liu Weiqiang is the producer and chief director, starring Huang Xuan, Wang Lei, Yuan Wenkang, Pan Binlong, Liu Haocun, etc. It brings together well-known actors such as Tang Guoqiang, Liu Jin, Du Jiang, Feng Shaofeng, Li Chen, Zhu Yawen, Ou Hao, Yin Xiaotian, Shi Xiaolong, etc., with a star-studded cast and a strong lineup.

This drama focuses on the 43-day heroic battle of the Chinese People’s Volunteers in Shangganling, and tells the story of a battle in which the volunteers relied on the “tunnel project”, held their positions, and completely smashed the “United Nations Army” and “Golden Offensive”. Judging from the released clips, the play lived up to the audience’s expectations. The battle scenes were fierce and the soldiers were indomitable. This period of major revolutionary history in China is full of expectations.

At the exhibition site, “Beijing Grand Audiovisual” reproduced the temporary command post of the 15th Army of the Chinese People’s Volunteers during the march. Qin Jiwei, then commander of the 15th Army, commanded Park Dafeng to fight here. The booth is divided into a small space with old wooden boards, displaying a number of real props in the play: sand table, military water bottle, ammunition box, map, military radio station, clothing of volunteer commanders and fighters, etc., to increase the immersive sense of substitution for visitors , as if witnessing a arduous battle that year.

“Kunpeng hits the waves”

The key repertoire commemorating the 130th anniversary of Mao Zedong’s birth and the TV series “Kunpeng Fighting the Waves” with a major revolutionary and historical theme were officially completed on August 20. The play takes young Mao Zedong as the main narrative line and tells the story of Mao Zedong’s mental journey and extraordinary revolutionary journey from graduating from Hunan No. 1 Normal School in 1918 to attending the First National Congress of the Communist Party of China in 1921.

The play is written by Ma Jihong, a national first-level screenwriter, directed by the famous director Liu Biao, and the gold medal producer Gao Jun is the chief producer. The production team is strong and the quality of the content is guaranteed. It is reported that the production crew adhered to the production principle of “the big things are true and the small things are not limited”, organically combined historical reality and artistic reality, and finely restored the interior scenes of Sanyanjing Hutong, Fuyou Temple, Peking University Red Building, Changsha First Normal University, Shaoshan Chongmao’s House And many other scenes, successfully created a group of vivid characters with the young Mao Zedong as the core.

The “Beijing Grand Audiovisual” literary and art exhibition site reproduces the learning scene of Mao Zedong when he led the peasant movement in Hunan in a five-foot square space. On the left is Mao Zedong preventing the expelling of Zhang Tuan’s flag, and on the right is Mao Zedong’s inscription. The mimeograph machine, the fourth issue of “Xiangjiang Review” newspaper, the printed copy of “Communist Manifesto”, and the loudspeaker are reproduced on the desk in the middle, leading visitors to experience a The fighting spirit of young students who devoted themselves to the national salvation movement and revolutionary pioneers to run for the country.

“Welcome to Mai Le Village”

The key TV series of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television and the key project of the 2022 Beijing Cultural Quality Project “Welcome to Mai Le Village” completed the filming of the African part in late August, and the whole drama was completed. The play is written by the famous screenwriter Liang Zhenhua as the chief screenwriter and chief producer, directed by Jin Ye, starring Jin Dong, Zu Feng, Zhang Yuqi, and Liu Guanlin. It also brings together high-quality actors such as Liu Mintao, Ding Yongdai, Wang Shengdi, Yue Yu, etc. The strong team gives sufficient texture Guaranteed, worth the wait.

As a special work commemorating the 60th anniversary of China’s foreign aid medical treatment, this drama was filmed in many places in China and Africa. It lasted 120 days and was based on the real stories of medical teams from more than 30 African countries. The story of Nami, who was stationed in “Maile Village” to practice medical treatment for local residents, also established a deep friendship with many African doctors and patients, writing about China-Africa friendship with realistic brushwork, and helping to build a community with a shared future for mankind.

“Beijing Grand Audiovisual” specially built the exhibition area into a small “Mai Le Village”, equipped with local African coconut trees, poinciana trees, African drums, African masks and other special props, which can be used by visitors to take pictures on the spot and feel the exotic customs. At the same time, the village doctor’s consultation room was reproduced on the site, with real electronic blood pressure monitors, disinfectant wipes, etc., so that visitors can measure blood pressure on the spot and conduct simple physical examinations.

In addition, this exhibition area is also deeply integrated with the plot. According to the plot of the group portraits of the characters in Mai Le Village, the handprints of the Chinese aided African doctors and the protagonists in the play were collected as they were, and a “Mai Le Village Handprint Wall” was made. Visitors can also leave their handprints on the background board and interact with the characters in the play “Welcome to Mai Le Village”.

In 2023, the Service Trade Fair will focus on expanding the scope of market development, develop cultural and creative derivatives in a variety of ways, and gather excellent new scenes of cultural and technological integration and new models of cultural and tourism consumption across the country. The “Beijing Grand Audiovisual” literature and art exhibition, which mainly includes “Shangganling”, “Kunpeng Clashes the Waves”, “Welcome to Mai Le Village” and derivative products, deeply combines online and offline high-quality film and television content, bringing a wonderful experience to the visitors. An immersive audio-visual feast spanning time and space.

In addition to the above three works, this year’s “Beijing Grand Audiovisual” Literature and Art Exhibition exhibited a total of 31 high-quality film and television boutique content, and 2022-2023 Beijing award-winning excellent film and television drama works, representing the current high level and high requirements of domestic film and television production , aims to create an important platform for cultural and creative industry exchanges and cooperation, and promote the development and progress of the industry.

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