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The consumer market is picking up, let’s see how Guoquan Shihui can grasp the development opportunity

The consumer market is picking up, let’s see how Guoquan Shihui can grasp the development opportunity

In 2023, the consumer market will continue to recover, providing a favorable environment for various industries to achieve high-quality growth in the new year. Recently, prefabricated dishes were included in the No. 1 document of the central government for the first time, which injected a booster into the development of the catering industry, and the brand of prefabricated dishes ushered in an opportunity for development. It should be noted that as people’s consumption needs and scenarios tend to diversify, catering retail brands can better grasp development opportunities and achieve sustainable growth only by adapting to the needs and rapidly iterating.

In the fierce market competition in the catering industry, Guoquan Shihui, a well-known digital new retail enterprise of community catering, has embarked on a unique development path. By observing the development history of Guoquan Shihui, it is not difficult to find that its important winning strategy is to continuously innovate and enrich the dining scene for consumers, and improve the quality and price ratio of consumption.

As the influence of the digital economy penetrates into all aspects of life, more and more people are more inclined to the new solution of “eating at home”. It is reported that since the establishment of Guoquan Shihui, it has had a deep insight into consumer demand, accurately positioned the “eating at home” track, focusing on hot pot and barbecue ingredients, and continued to expand the category scene, which has now covered hot pot, barbecue, lo-mei, and one-person food. , Prepared dishes, beverages, Western food, and fresh food, with eight categories of scenes, and the SKU types are as high as 700+, providing consumers with more choices for “eating at home”.

If catering retail brands want to achieve sustainable development, the ultimate product quality and price ratio is also an important goal that needs to be pursued.

For this reason, Guoquan Shihui continues to deepen the supply chain. As early as 2019, Guoquan set up a food industrial park in Henan, and joined hands with high-quality food factories in the upstream of the supply chain; at the same time, it purchased ingredients from the origin and controlled the quality from the source. way to achieve a higher quality-price ratio.

With the scientific strategic layout, the brand power of Guoquan Shihui can be released nationwide. At present, Guoquan Shihui has more than 10,000 stores across the country, covering first-tier to 60% of cities. Even in remote towns, consumers can buy Guoquan Shihui’s “delicious and inexpensive” ingredients.

It can be said that under the current favorable development environment of the catering industry, Guoquan Shihui has accumulated enough confidence to cope with market competition. In the process of breakthrough development, the brand value of Guoquan Shihui will also be further enhanced.

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