In the new era of consumption upgrading, how does Wolong achieve “eat well” and “delicious”

In the new era of consumption upgrading, how does Wolong achieve “eat well” and “delicious”

The healthy demand for snacks among young consumers continues to grow. Consumers who pay attention to dietary conditioning will care about the nutrition and health of snacks themselves, and when purchasing, they will pay more attention to the ingredients, ingredients, and functions of products.

The speed of product iteration and update is fast. If you want to stand out, it is not difficult to conclude through the development of Qingdao Wolong Food Co., Ltd. that “good products with heart” is still an important magic weapon to win the recognition of consumers and the market.

At present, young people have a strong willingness to consume leisure food, strong consumption ability and a wide range of consumption scenarios, pursuing quality, health and a good consumption experience.

The high-quality characteristics of health and deliciousness have become an important factor why Wolong nuts continue to be favored by consumers, especially young consumers.

In the large-scale healthy food brand matrix, Qingdao Wolong Foods still adheres to the self-built factory and the production mode of independent production. Guarantee the quality of the product.

For food, quality is the best passport.

It is reported that the self-built factory allows Wolong to strictly control the product quality from the selection of raw materials, baking, to packaging, and it also makes it one of the few companies in the industry that has reached the “BRCGS” certification of A-level.

In terms of hardware, Wolong has introduced advanced baking equipment and automated production lines. During the processing and production process, it adopts the technology of combining air-driven screening and vibration screening to screen out small and bad fruits to ensure that each nut is evenly filled.

During the roasting process, Wolong uniformly adopts a light processing technology to lock in the nutrition of nuts to a greater extent. In order to better ensure production safety, Wolong has established and improved the risk prevention and management mechanism.

At the same time, Wolong adopts advanced technology to lock the freshness of nuts. Through the golden ratio of water control, there is no need to separate dry and wet, effectively keeping nuts and dried fruits with clear grains and crispy and natural taste.

At present, residents’ diet concept and life rhythm are quietly changing, the development of the snack industry is on the fast track, and the development of the nut industry is bound to move towards a more refined, healthy and professional development path. For Qingdao Wolong Foods, the future snack food track will definitely stick to quality, pay attention to health, taste and convenience, so that “the captain of nuts” Wolong will continue to seize the minds of consumers.

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