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All the best! “The Gathering of Everything – 2024 New Year’s Eve” makes its grand debut on the first day of the Lunar New Year – Culture and Entertainment – Northern Net

All the best! “The Gathering of Everything – 2024 New Year’s Eve” makes its grand debut on the first day of the Lunar New Year – Culture and Entertainment – Northern Net

From February 10th to February 15th (the first day of the Lunar New Year to the sixth day of the Lunar New Year), the Spring Festival special program “Everything Gathered – 2024 New Year’s Gala” launched by the China Central Radio and Television Station’s Cultural Program Center will be broadcast on CCTV- 3 will be broadcast simultaneously with CCTV. The program uses a live market to showcase different styles of folk arts from various places, build a new space for Spring Festival folk arts, and continue the peaceful atmosphere of celebrating the New Year happily.

  Immersive tour, a comprehensive collection of real-life tours

The program uses a real-life market to create an immersive tour of “everything is happening”, organically combining performances, interactions, and entertainment. In the market, the audience can follow the pace of the “Experience Group”, watch folk art performances, taste delicious food from various places, and feel the New Year atmosphere. In the six episodes of the program, interesting themes such as collecting three-fold seals, collecting badges to exchange for New Year flowers, and collecting stamps of the Year of the Dragon were designed to gain real feelings through experience, appreciate traditional culture through entertainment, and lead the audience to experience the Chinese style in all aspects New Year.

  Celebrate the New Year in a fancy way, capturing the memories of the New Year customs of the whole people

What was it like when you were a child? Is it the booming sound of firecrackers, the sweet and sour candied haws, or the blessing characters and couplets posted on the doors of every house? “The Gathering of Everything – 2024 New Year’s Gala” displays folk arts and folk activities with regional characteristics, and uses the unique customs of various places to arouse emotional resonance among the people. The “experience group” visited the flower market, welcomed the God of Wealth, tasted snacks, and appreciated intangible cultural heritage in the market, experiencing the unique Spring Festival customs of various places, and celebrating the New Year in a lively manner.

When talking about the special New Year flavors in their hometown, everyone can say a few words. It is a familiar local accent and a cordial nostalgia. After watching the Hubei ditty “Too Early”, Yan Shangjia from Wuhan was moved to tears when faced with the voice from his hometown; when it came to “going to temple fairs in the north and flower markets in the south”, Yang Di from Sichuan enthusiastically shared the routine of making New Year’s Eve flowers Selected flowers; Sun Mingze and Han Jingxuan brought dialect numbers “Anhui Flavor Live Room”, using dialect Anhui delicacies… Everyone relived the familiar New Year flavor and Amway hometown customs in the market, and enjoyed it, It’s fun.

  Combining tradition with innovation, presenting a variety of works of art

In the program, famous seniors will present authentic traditional folk arts, cross-border talents and folk artists will jointly present artistic works, and newcomers in folk arts will present newly adapted creative programs. Zhang Gatai collaborated with Dou Chenguang and Chang Pengxu in cross-border collaboration. In the cross talk “Between Flirting and Flirting”, he used a sanxian as both a joke and a joke, which was full of laughter; Lan Xi, Zhang Xiaolong, Li Yinfei, and Ye Peng collaborated The cross talk “Sweet Life” incorporates the classic plot of Doctor Wen and Shen Meizhuang, and the dialect version of “Mr. Wen” makes people laugh. Folk art forces from the east, west, south, and north gather together to create an art event where tradition and innovation collide.

“Everything goes together, everything goes well!” The program conveys to the audience the festive atmosphere of reunion, peace and warmth during the Spring Festival through a variety of performances and interactions. Music artists gather to celebrate the New Year with you, and celebrities cross-border “amplify their moves”. From the first to the sixth day of the new year, “Everything Gathers – 2024 New Year’s Eve” will accompany you to welcome the Year of the Dragon with laughter, and the party begins happily!

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