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“The Belt and Road” theme key TV series “Big Sea Road” was recommended by the 6th Dunhuang Cultural Expo

“The Belt and Road” theme key TV series “Big Sea Road” was recommended by the 6th Dunhuang Cultural Expo


On September 6-7, the 6th Silk Road (Dunhuang) International Cultural Expo (referred to as: Dunhuang Cultural Expo) was held in Dunhuang, Gansu. Coinciding with the 10th anniversary of the “Belt and Road” initiative, this year’s Dunhuang Cultural Expo will take “Connecting the World: Cultural Exchange and Mutual Learning of Civilizations” as the theme, and fully demonstrate the “Belt and Road” along the “Belt and Road” from various categories such as cultural relics, literature and art, and cultural creativity. The fruitful results of deepening people-to-people and cultural exchanges between countries.

As a literary form with a broad audience base, what kind of works should Chinese dramas produce to participate in the dialogue with world civilization with high quality? The 6th Dunhuang Cultural Expo specially released the key TV drama topic selection projects for the 10th anniversary of the “Belt and Road” initiative at the forum of “Beauty of Drama, “Belt and Road” to Enhance People-to-People Bonding”, setting a trend and setting a benchmark for the industry.

Among them, “Big Sea Road”, jointly produced by Tencent Video, Rongyue Film and Television and Daming Sports Culture, was promoted by the Dunhuang Cultural Expo. As a drama about contemporary frontier life, “Big Sea Road” strives to make Xinjiang an important window to decode the “Community of the Chinese Nation” and to inherit and carry forward the spirit of the Silk Road. , vividly demonstrates a beautiful Xinjiang that is united and harmonious, prosperous, prosperous, civilized and progressive, lives and works in peace and contentment, and has a good ecology that is struggling to build in the new era and new journey.

Tell the Chinese story of unity and forge ahead

Start a dream-seeking journey on the ancient silk road

Since its inception in 2016, as a strategic platform for people-to-people exchanges and cooperation among countries along the Silk Road, the Dunhuang Cultural Expo has carried an increasingly important national mission in promoting Chinese culture and enhancing people-to-people bonds. “It is necessary to strengthen positive publicity, show the new face and new atmosphere of Xinjiang’s openness and confidence, and tell the story of Xinjiang in the new era through multiple channels and in various forms.” The Sixth Dunhuang Cultural Expo focused on promoting it, which shows the deep conception, weight and high expectations of the works.

On the eve of the 6th Dunhuang Cultural Expo, “Dahai Dao” was officially launched, and the program information was announced: Lin Hao (played by Yin?), a young Han nationality who grew up in Xinjiang, and Halik (played by Waer), a Uyghur youth, performed in Dahai Road, Xinjiang in 2013. When they met in no man’s land, two people with different personalities but the same persistence learned from each other and became brothers through constant competition. In order to realize their common dream of becoming professional motorcycle racers, they endured a series of difficult challenges and met the same people Shen Di (played by Jiao Junyan), who is attracted by a desert, is bold and ambitious, and wants to shift the focus of his career to Xinjiang. Finally, with the promotion of town cadres Hao Qiang (Liu Xiaohai decoration) and Xilin (Janaina decoration decoration), as well as the help of people from all walks of life such as Zhao Youwei (Zhang Guoqiang decoration decoration) who are also teachers and friends, they finally reached the world-class level. Arena of professional motorcycle rally.

“In “Big Sea Road”, we let brothers of all ethnic groups restart the ancient Silk Road with love through fast-moving motorcycle sports, and become ordinary heroes! It shows a story of Xinjiang in the new era with flesh and blood, love and righteousness.” “Big Sea Road” “The chief producer and chief screenwriter Zhou Jinxiang said at the Dunhuang Cultural Expo. At the site of the Dunhuang Cultural Expo, the promotional film “The Way of the Sea” was also played, in which all the leading actors appeared on stage, showing the beautiful scenery of Xinjiang.

Haidao Road is the shortest road between Dunhuang, Hami and Turpan in ancient times. It was opened and used in the Han Dynasty, and it was gradually abandoned after the Tang Dynasty. It is not only a geographical channel, but also a bond of historical and cultural significance and national spirit. The TV series “Big Sea Road” draws wisdom and strength from the spirit of the Silk Road that has lasted for thousands of years and stretches thousands of miles, and uses realistic expressions to compose a hymn of national unity that Chinese people have endless lives and struggles. In this Chinese story of a blind date and going international, the audience will understand why the “Chinese nation community” and “pomegranate seeds connect hearts”.

Unfold the picture scroll of life in contemporary Xinjiang

Walk into the youth story with both passionate dreams and pyrotechnic atmosphere

Today, the sea road with a total length of about 500 kilometers is the only uninhabited area in my country that can be crossed legally. Along the way, there are ancient castles, beacons, post stations, prehistoric human settlements, fossil mountains, mirages, wild camels in the desert, and many rare Its geographical features are described as “the most Mars-like place on Earth”.

The TV series “Big Sea Road” takes this ancient Silk Road, which combines a long history, colorful natural wonders and echoes of world civilization, as the place where the story takes place, naturally creating a simple, authentic and rich humanistic atmosphere. What is particularly worth looking forward to is that the work will carry dreams and challenges with motorcycle sports, create an image of a youthful dream chaser full of hormones, and spread a passionate picture of life in contemporary Xinjiang with group portraits.

It is worth mentioning that Wang Juan, vice president and editor-in-chief of Tencent Online Video, said at the Dunhuang Cultural Expo that the TV series “Big Sea Road” tells the story of young people in the desert chasing their racing dreams. With the theme of frontier life, a simple, authentic, and rich humanistic atmosphere has been constructed to attract the attention of people who pay attention to China in the world; starting from the perspective of passionate youths that are popular with film and television audiences around the world, with diverse group portraits and high-concentration emotional clues , showing younger and more modern Chinese stories.

As the most legendary section of the ancient Silk Road, Haidao is a natural training ground for Gobi riders. In the play, the two protagonists grow side by side in a difficult and charming environment. They carry the wildness from the depths of their lives, the courage given to them by the long river, and the vitality of generations of Xinjiang people facing the sun. Around them, there are cadres who are committed to developing the town, cultural tourism entrepreneurs who go to the west to find opportunities, and entrepreneurs who set up a cross-country rally stage for Xinjiang… They became friends with motorcycles one after another, and jointly opened the road of destiny. Wheels, and each looking for self-worth. The vast Gobi has left their down-to-earth imprints, and will eventually witness their sparkling dreams.

Brand-new scenes and unique perspectives will give “Big Sea Road” a refreshing content texture. The story will explore the humanistic life and spiritual attitude of the modern frontier from an equal perspective by presenting many realistic topics such as extreme sports, individual fate, the relationship between man and nature, the outdoor aesthetics of mountains, and the pursuit of love.

In this western life tour immersed in human fireworks, from the “oasis in the desert” Hami Wubao Town, to the strange Yardang landform, the vast desert sand sea, and the lush Barkol grassland… the work will also be elaborated The lens language presents the beautiful Xinjiang with various styles.

Create high-quality products that live up to expectations

Yin Yu and Jiao Junyan led the “Dream Chasing Squad” to explore the sea road

In recent years, Tencent Video has continued to increase the creation of works with epochal significance, and has launched a series of excellent drama series with Chinese characteristics, Chinese style, and Chinese style. Cultural awareness and innovative responsibility in the story of the “Belt and Road”.

In 2022, the TV series “Ocean Road” was successively listed as a key TV series project of the “Our New Era” theme of the State Administration of Radio and Television, and a key TV series project of the “14th Five-Year Plan” plan of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Radio and Television. The State Administration of Television’s “One Belt, One Road” theme TV series not only effectively highlights the major and unique theme advantages of the drama, but also highlights the high standards and high expectations of the competent authorities in the production of the drama.

“Big Sea Road” has assembled a strong team behind the scenes: Director Producer Wang Juan, Chief Producer Huang Jie, Chief Producer Zhou Jinxiang, Art Director Zou Jingzhi, Tencent Producers Chen Lei and Ma Shuang, Chief Screenwriter Zhou Jinxiang, Screenwriter Wu Xia, Ye Zi, director Shen Yu?. On September 2, the show was launched in Xinjiang, and the starring lineup was officially announced on the spot, starring Yin Yu and Jiao Junyan, and starring Ganina, Waer, Liu Xiaohai, and Zhang Guoqiang.

Give full play to the important role of Chinese dramas in telling Chinese stories, disseminating Chinese voices, and promoting Chinese culture to go global, fully demonstrate the dialogue of civilizations and cultural interlinkages, and make Chinese dramas an important carrier of high-quality construction of the Cultural Silk Road. A hot topic for creators. What kind of answer will “Big Sea Road” give? “Dream Chasing Squad” has embarked on a journey of exploration, which is worth looking forward to!


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