“Snow Leopard” directed by Wanma Caidan successfully held its world premiere at the 80th Venice International Film Festival


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On September 6, local time in Italy, the eighth Tibetan-language film “Snow Leopard” directed by Pema Tseden held its world premiere at the Palace of Films on Lido Island in Venice. The son of director Wanma Caidan and the executive director of the movie “Snow Leopard”, Jiumei Chenglie, together with leading actors Jinba, Xiong Ziqi, Caiding Tashi, photography director Matthias Delvaux, special effects director Zhan Hansu and other crew members came to the scene. More than a thousand audiences from all over the world met, and the applause continued for a long time after the film was shown. “Snow Leopard” is the fourth film nominated for the Venice International Film Festival by director Wanma Caidan after “Talow”, “Killed a Sheep” and “Balloon”. This work took three years to create, and it contains director Wanma Caidan’s thinking on deeper themes such as people and society, culture and beliefs.

At the premiere press conference, Kumi Chenglie said that his father’s works, from “The Quiet Mani Stone” to “Snow Leopard”, have always been about the culture and life of the Tibetan people, as well as modern civilization’s life and thinking Ways of change, penetration, integration. “Snow Leopard” is a story about the present and the past. It expresses the eternal test of human nature in the alternation of time, and it is a symbol of compassion and spirituality. “Snow Leopard” is also a new breakthrough in Wanma Caidan’s film series. The audience can feel the hope of love from the cool environment, and director Wanma Caidan’s new understanding of life, the world and Tibetan culture.

Jinba, who has cooperated with director Wanma Caidan many times, expresses his special thanks to the director for his trust in him, and hopes that “Snow Leopard” will have a good response and be seen by more audiences. Xiong Ziqi, who was working with the director for the first time, admitted frankly that participating in “Snow Leopard” was the luckiest thing in his life, from which he felt that the relationship between man, nature and animals is an important topic in life. Caiding Zhaxi is also particularly grateful to director Wanma Caidan for leading him from an ordinary person who doesn’t know anything to the film world. In his opinion, “Snow Leopard” expresses the love for nature, and this love How great it is.

The film uses the globally endangered animal snow leopard to kill the herdsman’s nine sheep as the background of the story, and explores different people’s views and motivations on the snow leopard’s killing of the sheep. My own choice and persistence, seemingly reasonable demands, have become the fuse of intensifying conflicts among multiple parties.

In terms of subject matter, the film breaks through the concern and care for the human situation in the previous films of Wanma Caidan. The relationship of nature is incorporated into its entire film philosophy system, and it raises the big question of whether the relationship between humans and animals is a mutual harm relationship or a relationship of coexistence. Faced with the complex ecological system of society-economy-nature and self-belief. The difficulties and challenges of the film make the film have higher ideological and artistic value.

In terms of audio-visual style, “Snow Leopard” still continues Wanma Caidan’s unique aesthetics, such as dreamy and poetic expression techniques, color lenses and black and white images, seamlessly connecting reality and surreal. It is also the first time in Wanma Caidan’s works. Works that use high-industrial-level CG technology on a large scale. The film vividly presents the first high-definition digital image of snow leopards in China and even the world, allowing the audience to feel that the relationship between humans and snow leopards is real, seemingly illusory and far away, but it is reality at your fingertips.

after the world premiere. Some professional media commented that this film showed the depth and beauty of Tibetan culture from a unique perspective, and raised the relationship between man and nature to a new level. The depth and connotation of the film, as well as the excellent performances of the actors, have raised the audience’s expectations for the film to a new level.

After the screening, the audience expressed their high respect to the film art of director Wanma Caidan. A senior fan of director Wanma Caidan said that his works not only allow us to appreciate the artistic beauty of movies, but also allow us to think and explore the relationship and value between man and nature, man and society, and man and man.

Director Wanma Caidan has devoted his life to constructing a movie universe of Tibetan culture and lifestyle. His works are both national and global. He continues to show the world the uniqueness of Tibetan culture and nature. Charm and depth.

The film “Snow Leopard” is produced by Nanji, Zhou Hao, Wanma Caidan and Gong Yu, Wang Lei is the producer, and Caiduo is the executive producer. Special starring, at the same time assembled Luosang Chopel, Gengden Phuntsok, Gendan, Dang Haoyu, Jiu Xiancairang, Gadou Tashi, Deqing Yangzong, Juqiong Khyentse, etc. and director Wanma Caidan Excellent actors who have collaborated many times participated together.

The movie “Snow Leopard” was filmed in Sanjiangyuan National Wetland Park, Maduo County, Qinghai Province. The wetland park is also the habitat of many endangered species such as the snow leopard.

In terms of the main creative lineup, Matthias Delvaux, a young Belgian director of photography, took the shot, and a Chinese team led by special effects director Zhan Hansu, special effects director Zhang Beipeng, and Fang Xiaobin formed a special effects production team. Dege was the sound director and composer, Dou Zedong was the art director, Jin Di was the editing director, and Fu Shu was the color director.

The movie “Snow Leopard” is produced by Beijing Nanji Film Co., Ltd., Beijing Warm Open Culture Media Co., Ltd., Qinghai Manishi Film Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Niubi Film Co., Ltd., and iQiyi Film (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Beijing Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Jointly produced by Tewei Culture Development Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Hexi E-Commerce Co., Ltd., Shanghai Fangtan Culture Development Co., Ltd., and Beijing Film and Television Time Film Co., Ltd., jointly produced by Qinghai Manishi Film Co., Ltd. and China Academy of Art Film and Television Media Co., Ltd. Contract system.


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