“The Belt and Road Initiative” bears fruit again, why is Yutong New Energy chosen by the world


From 2013 to 2023, since the “Belt and Road” initiative was put forward, it has brought great opportunities for Chinese equipment to go global. In the past ten years, represented by Yutong, Chinese bus companies have made steady progress and achieved solid and heavy achievements.

Today, as an important country along the “Belt and Road”, Uzbekistan once again joined hands with Yutong Bus to release a heavyweight order. On March 2, with the theme of “Yutong New Energy – New Choice for the World”, the Uzbekistan bulk order delivery ceremony was held. 800 units (300 units of Yuwei E12, 500 units of CNG natural gas vehicles) Yutong buses will be sent to Uzbekistan one after another. Bring a new boost to the development of local green transportation.

This batch of orders is the largest export order from China to Uzbekistan, and it is also the first time that Uzbekistan has introduced new energy buses in large quantities. The two milestone “high light superimpositions” have boosted the confidence of China’s buses to expand overseas, and set up a new model for the development of China’s buses along the “Belt and Road”. Then, in the face of increasingly fierce international competition and a century of changes, why did Uzbekistan choose Yutong? What is the secret of Yutong’s frequent large orders? An article to find out.

Seize the opportunity of the times

Witness the model of Chinese buses “going to sea”

For a long time, China’s bus manufacturing has a strong “going overseas complex”. Since the “Belt and Road” initiative was put forward, Yutong has given full play to its role as the main force in the “Belt and Road” energy construction. Through the continuous output of products, technologies, standards and concepts, Yutong actively participates in the construction of the “Belt and Road”, continues to deepen cooperation with countries along the route, provides strong momentum for green transportation in countries along the route, and establishes a good image of China’s manufacturing industry.

Uzbekistan, located in the hinterland of Central Asia, has cold winters, constant rain and snow, hot summers, dry and no rain, and a unique geographical and climate environment, which puts forward extremely high quality requirements for new energy vehicles.

In the local area, Yutong has already become the mainstream supplier of buses in the country. With reliable products, high-quality services, and professional and customized “Yutong model”, it has won high recognition from customers and successfully created another example of Chinese buses “going overseas”:

In 2012, Yutong successfully entered Uzbekistan; in 2018, Yutong won the bid for 168 ZK6122H9 orders in Uzbekistan, successfully breaking the record for the largest batch of purchase orders in Uzbekistan, and becoming one of the typical cases of the joint construction of the “One Belt One Road” initiative.

In 2022, 20 Yutong ZK6126BEVG pure electric buses will be successfully delivered to local users on the basis of rigorous inspections by Uzbekistan. The vehicles will subvert Uzbekistan’s original concept of new energy product technology in terms of safety, energy saving, and environmental protection. Awareness has helped Uzbekistan take a solid step forward in the development of bus electrification. At the same time, Yutong has also become the only supplier of new energy buses in the country.

In January 2023, Uzbekistan’s Minister of Communications Mahamov led a delegation from the Ministry of Communications to visit Yutong and highly affirmed the technical strength of Yutong’s products. The large order of 800 Yutong buses has once again become a win-win situation for both parties testimony.

This large batch order will be delivered to Tashkent Bus Company in Uzbekistan. Among them, 300 Yutong new energy buses are particularly attractive. With the continuous operation of these vehicles, it will bring great convenience to the travel of local people, and will help create a green and comfortable transportation environment and improve the transportation industry in Uzbekistan. The international image plays a positive role in promoting the electrification of local public transportation.

Multi-dimensional word-of-mouth output

Create a high-quality “engine” for green buses

It is worth mentioning that with the continuous deepening of the “Belt and Road” economic and trade cooperation, starting from green buses, with the participation and witness of Yutong Bus, the transformation of the “world impression” and “role positioning” of Chinese bus brands is also accelerating. .

In Uzbekistan, from traditional fuel vehicles to new energy buses, Yutong continues to support the electrification of local public transportation, allowing the public to fully enjoy the convenience and comfort of green public transportation. Many local residents said: “Yutong’s new energy buses make travel more convenient and comfortable, and let everyone enjoy the fun of travel!”

At the same time, based on the gradual progress of “product output, service output, and technology output”, Yutong has rooted the world’s leading new energy technology in the local area, created a number of new energy vehicle driving, maintenance and other related jobs, and more and more Ukrainians Young people in China are involved in the construction of new energy industries, adding strong impetus to the sustainable development of the local economy and society.

In addition, in addition to exporting products, Yutong has also established a comprehensive after-sales service system in Uzbekistan, signed three service stations in Tashkent, Bukhara and Samarkand, built a complete spare parts storage warehouse and a professional after-sales service team, and provided local customers with 7×24 hours of full-cycle service guarantee to solve customers’ worries about operation.

In the future, for the Ukrainian market, Yutong will also tailor-made natural gas and new energy buses, create safer, energy-saving and environmentally friendly products, and continue to improve the Ukrainian market sales network to benefit more users and people.

Top Design Sails

Yutong’s Overseas Strategy “Actual after Planning”

Of course, sailing overseas and continuous large orders are inseparable from the top-level support of Yutong Bus’s overseas strategy. It can be said that from product export to brand export, the “top-level design” of Yutong’s overseas market strategy not only ensures the success of its own development, but also injects new ideas and new vitality into the overseas development of China’s buses.

In the view of Yutong Bus, the success in Uzbekistan is not accidental. Only by earnestly sowing seeds and cultivating carefully, and realizing the transformation from “hunter” to “cultivator”, can we gain a long-term foothold.

Before planning for each market, Yutong Bus must conduct full research, plan and formulate a targeted “one country, one policy”, promote adaptive products based on mature product platforms, and leverage surrounding markets.

Secondly, for a long time, Yutong has adhered to the principle of “soldiers and horses are not moved, food and grass first”, put service guarantee and spare parts supply in the first place, and provide a package of solutions such as vehicle operation management, service and spare parts logistics to realize product sales, solution sales and Simultaneous merger of brand sales “do not fight an unprepared battle”.

On the product side, Yutong has actively carried out production capacity and technical cooperation with the local area, facilitated the localized assembly of bus spare parts and cooperation in production capacity and technology, realized the superior production capacity to go global, and completed the role change from product export to technology export and standard output , which has led to the effective improvement of the industrialization level of some countries.

In addition, according to the needs of different customers in different markets, Yutong Bus will provide corresponding products, accessories, financing and comprehensive guarantees to enhance the reputation of Chinese bus brands and achieve a virtuous circle of word-of-mouth.

To make the “development belt” that benefits the world more prosperous, and to make the “road to happiness” for mankind wider – the “Belt and Road” initiative originated from China, and the opportunities and achievements belong to the world.

Looking forward to the future, in the process of better integrating into the “Belt and Road”, Yutong will continue to give full play to its core technological advantages, assume more responsibilities and obligations, provide quality support for the green transformation of countries along the route, and help China’s bus reputation and image enjoy a global reputation!


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