Send festive blessings and respect to female compatriots on International Women’s Day Healthy Medical launches donations

Send festive blessings and respect to female compatriots on International Women’s Day Healthy Medical launches donations

March 8th is the 113th International Working Women’s Day. Wenjian Medical sent a total of more than 5.6 million yuan in donations to a number of public welfare social organizations and charities in Shenzhen to pay respect and holiday blessings to the majority of female compatriots.

On March 9, Wenjian Medical and Shenzhen Longhua District Charity Association, one of the recipients, jointly held a donation ceremony. The relevant person in charge of Wenjian Medical said that this donation is aimed at many charities and social organizations in Shenzhen.



A few days ago, the All-China Women’s Federation stated in its speech on the occasion of the “March 8th” International Women’s Day that women should give full play to their unique roles in social life and family life in the new journey of Chinese-style modernization, and strive to become The role of “Half the Sky” is more prominent for the builders of the great cause, the advocates of civilized fashion, and the fighters who dare to pursue their dreams. Here, Winner Medical expressed its festive blessings and respect to female compatriots with practical actions. The donated materials have been sent to Shenzhen Longhua District Charity Association, Shenzhen Longhua District Women’s Federation, Shenzhen Volunteer Service Foundation, Shenzhen Social Welfare Service Guidance Center Social Welfare Resettlement Home (City Nursing Home for the Elderly), etc. Public welfare social organizations and charities, a total of 1,444 boxes, including masks, scar stickers, wet toilet paper, nursing pads and other protective and nursing products from Wenjian Medical and cotton era, totaled 5.63 million yuan.

As a large health enterprise, Wenjian Medical and its brand Cotton Times have long paid attention to the cause of women and children, and extensively supported various public welfare actions. In the 2023 Shenzhen Women’s “Micro Horse” Fashion Race held on March 5th, Wenjian Medical and Cotton Era created a characteristic women’s phalanx to participate in it, demonstrating the charm of women in the new era of “self-esteem, self-confidence, self-reliance, and self-improvement” .

In recent years, Winner Medical has donated to care for and protect the teachers and students of universities in many places, sent “safety packages” to women in mountainous areas, donated nursing and emergency medical supplies to Shanghai elderly care institutions, etc. Medical staff from many hospitals across the country sent emergency medical supplies, demonstrating the company’s humanistic care and social responsibility. It is understood that since 2020, Wenjian Medical has donated more than 600 batches of objects, with a total value of over 59 million yuan.

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