Fans will invite you and your children to watch the movie “Hi! mythical beast


The healing live-action animated fantasy film “Hi! “Mythical Beast” will be released nationwide on September 16. The film is called “Treasure Island’s version of “My Neighbor Totoro”, and it tells a story about a mythical beast that “every night ‘it’ sneaks into the village and eats everyone’s nightmare…”.

  The movie “Hi! Mythical Beast tells the story of Aji (played by Bai Runyin), a little boy who grew up in a fishing village. He has depended on his father (played by Li Liren) and grandma (played by Lu Xuefeng) since he was a child. Huge and docile animals, in the dead of night, will come to the streets and eat everyone’s nightmares. Aji always believed in what his father said, and looked forward to one day seeing the beast that his father had seen with his own eyes. Later, his father died in an accident while fishing at sea. Aji and his friends went to the forest to find the legendary beast and asked it to eat the nightmare of his father’s absence…“All sad things are just a nightmare, and you will be fine when you wake up.” The movie “Hi! Beast” is a souvenir for the director and his father. It combines real people and animations, wandering between real and virtual, time-consuming A heart-warming fantasy masterpiece created with 6 years of effort. The warmest director, made a very healing movie, healing everyone’s heart with touching stories.

The Fan Club of Jinyun will invite netizens to gather in the theater and watch the movie “Hi! God Beast”.

Number of participants: 10 families from “Jinyun Beifang Fan Club” (three movie tickets for each family)

Event time: September 9 (Saturday afternoon)

Venue: Tianjin Hedong Wanda Cinemas

Activity content: Please tell us your expectations for this movie, and you will have a chance to win “Hi! mythical beast3 movie tickets.

Step 1: Scan the QR code to follow “Jinyun Preferred Partner”

Step 2: Respond to your expectations for this movie, name and phone number

Step 3: Before 18:00 on September 8, the staff will private message the winnersTicket collection method.

We will randomly select 10 netizens to participate in this event, and the staff will notify the winning netizens by private message, please fill in the contact information carefully.

Scan the code to follow “Jinyun Preferred Partner”


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