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Tencent’s Qianhai headquarters receives the highest level of accessibility and will be open to the public

Tencent’s Qianhai headquarters receives the highest level of accessibility and will be open to the public

  Recently, after review by the National Accessibility Expert Group, Tencent Qianhai Headquarters plans to complete the first batch of buildings by the end of 2024.Buildings 9 and 10 on Lot 04 meet three-star barrier-free standards (the highest level)construction and operation and maintenance will be carried out in an orderly manner, and upon completion, it will be certified by a certification agency jointly approved by the State Administration for Market Regulation and the China Disabled Persons’ Federation.

  On December 27, the first batch of “National Barrier-free Environment Construction Excellent Cases” jointly selected by the China Disabled Persons’ Federation’s Accessible Environment Construction Promotion Office and the China Disabled Volunteers Association were announced.The barrier-free buildings 9 and 10 of Tencent Qianhai Headquarters Lot 04 were awarded the “Facility Design” quality case.

  Tencent Qianhai Headquarters is located in Dachan Bay Port Area, Qianhai, Shenzhen. It will be constructed in five plots in phases.will be open to the public.In planning,Tencent’s Qianhai headquarters will build a series of public service facilities such as a science and technology museum, a cultural center, and a sports center.integrating cutting-edge practices such as world-class barrier-free environment, green and low-carbon, autonomous driving, and science and technology innovation blocks, to bring the public an inclusive, friendly, harmonious and livable urban experience.

At the Science and Technology Museum, Tencent will join forces with top scientific research institutions to create a flagship exhibit – a century-old “technology tree” that integrates digital and reality. Through Tencent’s Hunyuan large model and Quanzhen Internet technology, it will systematically present the development context and breakthrough achievements of a century of science. , and extended to create permanent exhibition halls for the four major disciplines of science, engineering, agriculture, and medicine. At the Cultural Center, Tencent will innovatively present Chinese traditional cultural IP and modern cultural IP based on next-generation Internet technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, blockchain, and game technology, bringing a new cultural experience to the public.

At the 18th China Information Accessibility Forum and National Accessibility Construction Achievements Exhibition and Application Promotion Event, Tencent announced that with the highest accessibility certification level of three stars as the goal, the Accessibility Promotion Committee of the China Disabled Volunteers Association will conduct the entire process Guided by the guidance, Tencent, together with Beijing Architectural Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd., Tsinghua University Architectural Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd., and Tianjin University, have compiled the “Guidelines for the Construction of an Age-Friendly Accessible Environment for Tencent Qianhai Headquarters”, covering barrier-free facilities and environments. , information exchange environment, barrier-free services, etc., will be implemented as special guiding documents.

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