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Tang Yan: I have been Miss Wang for the past three years

Tang Yan: I have been Miss Wang for the past three years

From # Pure Love God of War Miss Wang #, to # Miss Wang sharpened into Hongkou Xiao Wang #, and then # Miss Wang I am my own dock #, Miss Wang’s growth and transformation are constantly on the hot search list in recent days.

Miss Wang is a character in the popular TV series “Flowers” on Jiangsu Satellite TV, played by Tang Yan. She explained: “Ms. Wang is a representative of the first batch of female white-collar workers. She is a very straightforward, tenacious and aggressive girl. The past three Years ago, I thought I was Miss Wang.”

  Playing the role of Miss Wang was very challenging and Wong Kar-wai gave me a lot of help

In “Flowers”, Miss Wang, played by Tang Yan, works in a foreign trade company. She has curly hair, bright and fashionable clothes, and is always lively and enthusiastic.

Miss Wang’s style reminds Tang Yan of what her mother looked like when she was young. “When I heard the sound of high heels when I was a child, I knew my mother was back. When I looked up and saw my mother walking from a distance, she looked exactly like Miss Wang in the play!” Tang Yan said that Miss Wang’s style was also approved by her mother, “During the filming During my free time, I would video chat with my family. When my mother saw my style, she would say, ‘I’m so silly.’ The subtext is that it’s very restorative.”

However, playing the role of Miss Wang is a challenge for Tang Yan: “The actors who play opposite me are all very strong, and they are like mountains to me. For example, Fan Zhiyi is not an actor with a professional background, so his performance is very comfortable. , very free, very relaxed. How do you keep up with his rhythm and create sparks? This is something that needs to be considered. Teacher Fan’s characteristic is authenticity, so I have to be more authentic.”

Tang Yan said that director Wong Kar-wai gave her a lot of help: “I went from being uncertain at first to being very sure that I was Ms. Wang. There was a transition point. It took about ten days of filming, and Director Wang showed the previously shot clips to I said, ‘Look, I said you can do it.’ After I saw it, my confidence really doubled. I no longer thought about whether I could do it or not, whether I was nervous or not. All the problems were thrown away. Tell yourself to just work hard and just put in the effort.”

  Collaborating with Hu Ge again after 10 years to discover new surprises

In the early stage, Miss Wang’s scenes were all hilarious. Suddenly one day, Wong Kar-wai prepared a lot of water and kept asking Tang Yan to drink water because “Nong Jinchao started to cry.”

The first scene that made Tang Yan cry was to rescue Mr. Bao (played by Hu Ge): At that time, Mr. Bao went to the Zhuji factory alone. After learning about it, Miss Wang was worried and drove directly to the rescue. Unexpectedly, she encountered a car accident halfway. When she saw Mr. Bao, Miss Wang could no longer control her emotions and burst into tears. “I spent the whole night shooting that day, crying and laughing, feeling happy and sad. After finishing the work, my eyes were like goldfish eyes and very swollen.”

Interestingly, Tang Yan was originally confident that “my tears will never dry up”, but after filming over and over again, she still couldn’t help but guzzle water: “My mouth will be really dry after the crying scene. It’s a It’s something very sad and soul-crushing that requires your full attention.”

This is also the second collaboration between Tang Yan and Hu Ge after 10 years. When talking about her feelings about the collaboration, she said: “Although we have collaborated several times before, this time it feels like it is the first time we collaborate together. When acting, I don’t even have the feeling of ‘You are Hu Ge and we are working together again’. We have been old friends for more than ten years, but when we act together it’s like working with a brand new actor. We all find something in each other. Surprise, find surprises in the performance.”

  Dedicate yourself wholeheartedly and feel lucky. It took three years to achieve a role.

The filming of “Flowers” took three years. In the past three years, Tang Yan devoted herself wholeheartedly to the role of Miss Wang. In the eyes of the outside world, the number of Tang Yan’s works has decreased, but Tang Yan is not anxious, but focuses on doing the things at hand well.

“I am a relatively optimistic person and don’t have much anxiety about myself. In the past three years, some friends from the media have asked me why I don’t take other roles. I just want to concentrate on playing Miss Wang in “Flowers”, and I just want to play the role. I’ll do everything I can. As for what will happen after I do it, I won’t think about it.”

In her opinion, it is a very lucky thing to join the crew of “Flowers”. “In the past three years, I thought that I was Miss Wang, and I naturally walked into Miss Wang’s emotions. Miss Wang is a very sober person. Even in the lowest period, people become more and more courageous with every setback. I myself have encountered many mountains and have overcome them one by one. This is my growth and gain in the past three years.”

Three years of getting along with Ms. Wang also gave Tang Yan more shadow of Ms. Si Wang. She said frankly: “‘Xiao Wang’ has strong mobility, and every word he speaks seems to be on double speed. One day, I discovered My movements at home have become faster, and the time I spent washing and blowing my hair has almost doubled. In the past three years, I have been Miss Wang, integrating body, mind and soul. I don’t think I am Tang Yan anymore.”

In fact, the role of Miss Wang also shows a different side of Tang Yan. “The different images you see of Miss Wang on the screen are also the first time I see different images of Tang Yan. I am also particularly grateful to Director Wang for discovering another side of me.”

Miss Wang’s story continues. Jiangsu Satellite TV’s Happiness Theater every night at 19:30, wait for “Flowers” to bloom!


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