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“Anti-Corruption Storm: Crypto Crisis” is scheduled to be released on January 16th. Wu Zhuoxi will join the anti-corruption and eradicate the money laundering case of wealthy families.

“Anti-Corruption Storm: Crypto Crisis” is scheduled to be released on January 16th. Wu Zhuoxi will join the anti-corruption and eradicate the money laundering case of wealthy families.

Produced and distributed by Oriental Pictures Production Co., Ltd., directed by Wu Jiawei, written by Huang Ziheng and Huang Haohua, supervised by Lin Delu and Huang Ziheng, starring Wu Zhuoxi, Ma Zhiwei, So Haoer, Zhang Jiansheng, and starring Wu Jiali, Tiannan Chen, Chen Xinyan, Zhu Chenli and others The film “Anti-Corruption Storm: Encryption Crisis” has been officially announced to be released on January 16, and will premiere on iQiyi and Tencent Video.

The movie “Anti-Corruption Storm: Crypto Crisis” tells the story of Luo Yifeng (played by Wu Zhuoxi), the chief investigation director of ICAC, who was ordered by the director to set up a special team to conduct a secret investigation into the suspected market manipulation case of Chuangye Bank and uncover the money laundering and corruption of senior bank officials. conspiracy. As the case unfolds, the investigation team is also involved in the struggle between wealthy families, and is attacked by mysterious men one after another. The bank chairman is also kidnapped and faces many dangers. The case is reversed layer by layer, and the big boss hidden behind the case is complicated and confusing.

  The tens of billions of scams lead to a huge conspiracy of wealthy families, Wu Zhuoxi staged an “anti-triad version” cat-and-mouse game

The trailer released for the movie “Anti-Corruption Storm: Crypto Crisis” is full of tension. Bank market creation, money laundering by wealthy families, undercover lurking, hacker tracking, kidnapping and extortion, the investigation team is looking for the truth in the conspiracy, dangers are everywhere, and suspense is coming. The sense of mystery casts a veil of mystery over the film; there are also thrilling scenes taking turns, including fierce pursuits, hand-to-hand combat, and sea pursuits, which keep people’s adrenaline soaring. The difficulty of the undercover mission has been upgraded, and the tracking clues have been encrypted. Faced with the evil deeds of all members of the wealthy family, who can prevail between justice and evil? An extreme pursuit of wits and courage is about to begin. Huge financial transactions, complicated grievances between wealthy families, exciting duel scenes, unique camera performance and exciting action style make people full of expectations for the film.

For Wu Zhuoxi, playing the role of ICAC Chief Investigation Director Luo Yifeng this time is also a quite novel experience. He has contributed many exciting and high-octane action scenes in the film, and has the ability to stage a cat-and-mouse game of “he escapes and he chases”. He said with a smile, “It’s my first time to join this “Anti-Corruption” series. I didn’t expect that I would be able to fight more as an ICAC than as a police officer.” One of the scenes required a road closure in Central to film a speeding car entrance. Wu Zhuoxi was also very excited about this, “Because You don’t usually stand in the center of Gloucester Road, and it’s rare because your job gives you the opportunity to go to places where you can’t usually go to shoot.”


  The classic anti-corruption series returns strongly, and the new high-end game strikes hard

From the “Anti-Corruption Storm 1-5” series of films that began in 2014 to today’s “Anti-Corruption Storm: Crypto Crisis”, the anti-corruption film series has always been deeply loved by the audience as one of the most popular classic IPs in Hong Kong films. The movie has received outstanding results and good reputation upon its release. With the expectations of many “anti-corruption fans”, the anti-corruption series “Anti-Corruption Storm: Crypto Crisis” has made a strong return.

This case has been fully upgraded, and a high-end anti-gang bureau has been launched to keep up with the times. The wealthy family is curious and eye-opening. There is intrigue but also sincerity and warmth, making the film more “explosive” and a classic Hong Kong film. As soon as ICAC appeared on the scene, it felt familiar. There were many anti-corruption memes that triggered flashbacks. The anti-corruption hero has added another member. Wu Zhuoxi took up the banner of anti-corruption and detected sky-high investment scams. Ma Zhiwei, Su Haoer, and Zhang Jiansheng had strong voices. debut, bringing a new experience to the audience.

In addition to the handsome and capable cast, there are also director of the “Anti-Corruption Storm” series film director Lam Tak-luk and Hong Kong film screenwriter Huang Zihuan as executive producers, ensuring the quality of the movie “Anti-Corruption Storm: Crypto Crisis”. A thrilling anti-triad war is about to begin.

The film “Anti-Corruption Storm: Crypto Crisis” is produced and distributed by Oriental Pictures Production Co., Ltd. and will be officially launched on iQiyi and Tencent Video on January 16 to meet the audience and friends. More exciting things are waiting for you to watch!

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