Take good care of the pulse of development, and China Life Insurance will do a good job in people’s livelihood

Take good care of the pulse of development, and China Life Insurance will do a good job in people’s livelihood

In recent years, China Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “China Life Insurance”) Jiangsu Branch has adhered to the goal of “leading the forefront of high-quality development”, adhered to the origin of insurance, and focused on serving the country’s major strategies and the development of the real economy. We will wholeheartedly protect the people’s better life, and are determined to fulfill the mission, responsibility and responsibility of an insurance central enterprise.

  Keep in mind the “big country” and answer the “responsibility paper” for serving the national strategy

Serving the national strategy is the calling of the insurance industry in the new era. As a branch of a state-owned financial and insurance company in Jiangsu, China Life Insurance Jiangsu Branch has always insisted on integrating its own development into the national strategy. The company gives full play to the role of the insurance economy as a “shock absorber” and social “stabilizer”, and achieves high-quality development while serving the overall situation of the country and satisfying the people’s aspirations for a better life.

Help the “Double Carbon” target to be implemented. Actively innovate green and emerging industry insurance services, provide risk protection services for green industries and strategic emerging industries supported by the state, and serve enterprises including new energy power generation, comprehensive energy services, clean energy, environmental protection technology and other enterprises, and give full play to the role of insurance , Weaving an insurance protection network. In 2022, the company will provide risk guarantees of 136.9 billion yuan for 1,379 enterprises related to green industries and strategic emerging industries in the province.

Accurately align with the rural revitalization strategy. Actively participate in the insurance industry’s support for rural revitalization pilot demonstration work, in accordance with the general requirements of rural revitalization “prosperous industry, livable ecology, civilized villages and towns, effective governance, and affluent life”, centering on the ten key projects of rural revitalization determined by the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government, through Various methods such as service presentations, insurance company talks, and investigations were used to meet the insurance protection needs of 19 pilot towns and towns, and to combine macro policies, local needs, and public welfare care with insurance protection. In 2022, microinsurance in the province will cover 12.27 million rural residents.

Participate in the construction of the third pillar. In order to implement the important deployment of the state on standardizing the development of the third-pillar endowment insurance and better serve the construction of a multi-level and multi-pillar endowment insurance system, the company attaches great importance to, carefully plans, focuses on specific groups of people, and actively explores new industries and new formats of practitioners In order to meet the protection needs of various flexible employees, relying on the Internet platform to provide customers with online independent purchase paths, and fully accelerate the pilot work of exclusive commercial pension insurance.

  Give full play to the advantages of the main business and answer the “empowerment paper” to support the real economy

The real economy is the “ballast stone” for high-quality development. China Life Insurance Jiangsu Branch fully implements the Party Central Committee’s decision-making and deployment on financial support for the real economy, gives full play to insurance risk management and guarantee functions, actively implements new development concepts, and improves the quality and efficiency of the insurance industry in serving the real economy. By connecting with Jiangsu’s economic and social development goals, we will fully escort the construction of Jiangsu’s real economy and better help Jiangsu’s economic development and upgrading.

Strengthen enterprise risk protection. Actively focus on physical enterprises, innovatively launch exclusive products for small and medium-sized enterprises, and provide online insurance and real-time order issuance functions to meet their diverse insurance protection needs. At the same time, the “Caring and Care Insurance” product was launched to effectively help small and medium-sized enterprises resolve various personal risks, and actively promote the precise implementation of policies that benefit enterprises and the people. In 2022, the company’s exclusive products for small and medium-sized enterprises have covered more than 26,300 small, medium and micro enterprises in the province.

Implement the “Belt and Road” initiative. In response to the actual needs of outbound business owners, the company vigorously promotes the “Belt and Road” exclusive insurance, actively participates in the development of accident insurance for overseas migrant workers in Jiangsu, closely combines insurance with emergency rescue, and makes a good combination of insurance protection to help “going out” enterprises comprehensively Improve overseas security and risk response capabilities. In 2022, the company provided 1.228 billion yuan of risk protection for 32 Belt and Road enterprises.

Explore supplemental workers’ compensation insurance. In order to further build a multi-level work-related injury insurance system, effectively improve the benefits of work-related injury insurance, disperse the work-related injury risks of enterprises, and maintain social harmony and stability, the company has launched a supplementary work-related injury insurance policy in the face of problems such as flexible employment, overage people’s participation in insurance, and insufficient protection for heavy work-related injuries. The insurance project has won wide welcome from the government, enterprises and employees. In 2022, supplementary work-related injury insurance has served 2,711 enterprises in the province.

  Adhere to the people’s center and answer the “people’s livelihood paper” to protect a better life

To ensure and improve people’s livelihood, we must adhere to the people-centered approach, focus on the most direct and practical issues that the people are most concerned about, use the “strength” to solve difficult problems, show the “temperature” of development in the new era, and send care and benefits to the majority of ordinary people . In recent years, China Life Insurance Jiangsu Branch has created many industry-leading projects to serve the people’s livelihood, providing a variety of personal insurance services to more than 60 million people in the province, effectively enhancing the ability of the society to resist risks.

Build a sound security system. Actively promote a series of people’s livelihood insurance products that serve specific groups of people, such as elderly insurance, family health insurance, student and child insurance, insurance for the disabled, insurance for policemen and their families, insurance for soldiers and their families, and form a security system covering multiple channels for specific groups of people. In order to improve the accuracy and convenience of insurance services for inclusive finance and people’s livelihood protection, the company has established a service team that “understands policies, is familiar with people’s sentiments, is good at communication, is good at management, and provides excellent services”. Insurance services enter villages and households, effectively opening up the “last mile” of services.

Innovate and establish a mechanism for helping the elderly to avoid insurance. Promote the “Health Care Action” among the elderly over 60 years old in the province, covering comprehensive service measures for the elderly with “insurance for accidents, butlers for health, platforms for culture, respect for the elderly and care for the elderly”. In 2022, the insurance will cover 14.25 million elderly people in the province, with an insurance participation rate of 76.85%, and a total of 1.394 million people will be paid out, with a total of 2.224 billion yuan in compensation. The “China Life Cup” Elderly Spring Festival Gala has been successfully held for eleven sessions, with tens of thousands of elderly art performers participating in the performance. In the past ten years, through continuous polishing and accumulation, the “China Life Cup” Spring Festival Gala for the Elderly has been built into a brand of cultural activities for the elderly and a cultural event for the entire province.

Picture: “China Life Cup” Spring Festival Gala for the Elderly

Explore new citizen insurance services. In view of the large number of new citizens in Jiangsu, wide distribution, and strong mobility, the branches of China Life Insurance Jiangsu Branch combined local characteristics, adhered to one policy for one place, and created characteristic insurance protection; focused on cities with more concentrated new citizens , industrial chain, adhere to one city, one chain, and promote the chain-type, package insurance model; adhere to one household multi-dimensional, accurately meet the needs of new citizens in six aspects, including entrepreneurship, employment, housing, education, medical care, pension, and rights, and strive to form a diversified A unique, inclusive, and inclusive new citizen insurance service supply system helps new citizens integrate into a better new life.

Caring for the “big country” and practicing the responsibility of central enterprises. China Life Insurance Jiangsu Branch will always adhere to the mission of “serving the overall development of the country and protecting the people’s better life”, unswervingly follow the path of financial development with Chinese characteristics, keep in mind the original intention of serving the people wholeheartedly, and be effective in high-quality development Meet the people’s growing demand for insurance protection for a better life.

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