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Careful care? Sunshine Life’s “Direct 30” full-process medical management service makes medical treatment more warm

Careful care? Sunshine Life’s “Direct 30” full-process medical management service makes medical treatment more warm

The report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China pointed out that people’s health is an important symbol of national prosperity and national strength. As we all know, cancer is one of the most serious diseases that threaten human life and health. In the face of the current situation of “talking about cancer discoloration”, in addition to having a healthier physique, how to solve the problem of “going to a good hospital for treatment” has become the most important issue for ordinary people. topic of concern.

Focusing on the “pain points” of medical treatment that everyone cares about, Sunshine Life launched the “Direct 30” service, which not only provides a high-quality medical network and full-process service experience, but also combines the attributes of insurance protection to provide a complete and comprehensive solution for risk resolution. The cooperation of medical insurance has prevented ordinary people from “talking about cancer.”

  What is the “Through 30” service?

The “Direct 30” service is a service system launched by Sunshine Life in 2022 to meet customers’ needs for high-quality medical services and protection. Relying on the “Direct 30” service, Sunshine Life can provide patients who unfortunately suffer from specific high-incidence cancers (10 types) with high-quality diagnosis and treatment service experience from domestic well-known tertiary hospitals, allowing patients to enjoy full-time assistance from the attending doctor and exclusive case manager. Full-process medical management services for first visit, follow-up visit, hospitalization and out-of-hospital rehabilitation. Once the claim conditions are met, the customer can also obtain insurance claims to reduce the economic pressure of the patient’s rehabilitation.

  What are the advantages of the “Through 30” service?

Advantage 1. Excellent authoritative hospital network

The high-quality medical network hospitals have been strictly selected and cover 9 provinces and cities across the country. They are all authoritative top three hospitals in the field of cancer diagnosis and treatment in China, including 32 well-known domestic well-known hospitals such as Beijing Union Medical College, Sichuan Huaxi, Shanghai Ruijin, Wuhan Union Medical College, and Hunan Xiangya. Hospital, let customers choose at ease.

Advantage 2. The housekeeper is more considerate throughout the process

A good hospital naturally needs good services. The “Direct 30” service can provide continuous and timely outpatient and inpatient guarantees from authoritative experts. Attending doctors can jointly participate in the whole process from inside to outside the hospital, high-quality, standardized diagnosis and treatment and post-hospital follow-up services , there is even a professional medical record manager butler accompanying the whole process, so that customers can see it comfortably.

Advantage 3. Insurance compensation and protection

In addition to the above, the “Direct 30” service is also seamlessly connected with insurance protection. While enjoying high-quality medical resources and full-process experience, once you meet the insurance product claim settlement conditions, you can also get insurance compensation, providing sufficient protection for subsequent rehabilitation treatment. Let customers feel more at ease.

  The real case of “Through 30” service

The customer, Ms. Chen, is a customer of Sunshine Life’s “Direct 30” service. She was initially diagnosed with liver cancer in September 2022. In order to obtain further diagnosis and treatment plans, Ms. Chen applied for the “Direct 30” service. On the day of application, the staff of Sunshine Life Insurance responded immediately and contacted the customer to collect diagnostic information. After the information was complete, a dedicated medical case manager was arranged to officially start the service process.

According to the client’s wishes, Sunshine Life arranged for Ms. Chen to visit the Department of Hepatobiliary Surgery of Zhongshan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University in Shanghai. Accompanied by the case manager, she completed the expert outpatient service on September 19. According to expert diagnosis, Ms. Chen was hospitalized on September 21 under the communication and coordination of the case manager. After two cycles of treatment and observation, the lesion tended to become smaller. After expert evaluation and advice, the treatment plan was adjusted and switched to liver protection treatment. .

At present, Ms. Chen is in good physical condition and is actively treating according to the rehabilitation plan of the expert team. Ms. Chen expressed her recognition for the outpatient arrangement, inpatient assistance, and the professional and responsible attitude of the case manager in this service. She repeatedly praised “your service is really good!” Assist in arranging follow-up visits, etc., to provide a better medical service experience.

The “Direct 30” service is an important part of Sunshine Life’s “Insurance +” ecological service system. It is oriented to the customer himself, and at the same time, it also takes into account the needs of the customer’s family. For qualified customers, the service can be extended to the immediate family members of the policyholder. , Really think what customers think and give customers what they need. In the future, Sunshine Life will still base itself on its main insurance business, deepen its customer service, and continue to launch products and services that meet the insurance protection needs of the people, so that people can have more sunshine.

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