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Sunshine Life’s 2023 Customer Festival Continues to Heat Up Online and Offline

Sunshine Life’s 2023 Customer Festival Continues to Heat Up Online and Offline

At the beginning of midsummer, the 2023 Sunshine Life Customer Festival with the theme of “listening to customers’ voices and spreading love and responsibility” continues to heat up. With the opening ceremonies of the main venues in Yangzhou, Jiangsu and Conghua, Guangdong, Sunshine Life’s institutions across the country focus on “health + life” and family strategies, closely follow customer needs, and carry out unique customer festivals through a combination of online and offline. Activities, spend an energetic summer with customers.

Home is a warm harbor and a shelter from wind and rain. For family customers, Sunshine Life and the China International Painting and Calligraphy Art Research Association jointly launched the calligraphy and painting selection activity of “Painting and Praising Family Traditions in Ink Calligraphy”, encouraging contestants to use traditional calligraphy and painting methods to show the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, excellent family traditions and precepts, and reflect A new trend of socialist family civilization. Under the organization call of the head office, calligraphy and painting collection activities of various institutions across the country are in full swing. The colorful and vivid calligraphy and painting works promote the traditional culture of the Chinese nation and a healthy and progressive spiritual outlook.

(Sunshine Life Guangdong Branch)

(Sunshine Life Xinjiang Branch)

Various institutions of Sunshine Life Insurance across the country have also carried out various activities to bring joy and companionship to family customers. Sunshine Life Insurance Ningxia Branch invited customers’ families to the Saishang Xingchen Camping Base to carry out camping activities. Parent-child interactions such as guessing song names and ring rings were held on the spot. The warm moment conveys the cultural spirit of “love and responsibility”.

(Sunshine Life Ningxia Branch)

With the fast-paced development of the times, how to maintain a healthy life in an increasingly fast pace of life has become a topic of concern. Focusing on the theme of “health + life”, Sunshine Life launched a series of “Healthy China Tour” publicity activities offline, and organized online lectures on parent-child education, psychology, and financial management series of healthy life. Various institutions across the country have also launched characteristic health services for local customers, giving customers more warm care and health guidance. As the only official designated insurance sponsor, the opening ceremony of Sunshine Life Ningxia Branch’s Customer Festival will start simultaneously with the 5th “Silk Road” Ningxia·Yinchuan International Marathon in 2023. The branch specially invites 100 customers to join the Sunshine Running Group to participate in the competition , and carried out the “Running in the Sun” sports theme activity in the exclusive exhibition area of ​​the Marathon Expo for three days, bringing customers the eagle pupil experience, “My Sunshine” online game and other activities, and conveying the concept of healthy life and active exercise with practical actions ;Sunshine Life Fujian Branch invited medical doctors to explain cancer prevention knowledge to customers, answered questions raised by customers on the spot, and helped customers establish the awareness of “being the first person responsible for their own health”; Sunshine Life Heilongjiang Branch is picturesque in Spring Mountain The emerald green and red Shouyishan Park in Shuangyashan City carried out happy outdoor health walks and listened to customers’ voices at close range; Sunshine Life Insurance Baise Zhongzhi held customer pan-cancer early screening and physical examination activities to provide customers with high-quality health management services, which were unanimously received by customers praise.

(Sunshine Life Ningxia Branch)

(Sunshine Life Heilongjiang Branch)

(Sunshine Life Baise Central Branch)

In addition, Sunshine Life has always been guided by “Let people have more sunshine” and pays attention to the needs of special groups. Taking this customer festival as an opportunity, various institutions focused on the key groups of “one old and one young”, went to villages, nursing homes, special education schools, etc. to carry out financial education, condolences and caring activities, and practiced the responsibility and responsibility of enterprises with practical actions.

In recent years, Sunshine Life has actively built a differentiated and diversified value-added service system to provide customers with a warm insurance service experience. As a “grand event” for Sunshine Life to give back to and serve customers, the annual Customer Festival has become a bond of warmth and communication with customers, and it is also a good opportunity to showcase the company’s service transformation and upgrading results.

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