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Cultivate the long-term care experimental field well and protect the happy time of the silver-haired people in their later years

Cultivate the long-term care experimental field well and protect the happy time of the silver-haired people in their later years

“Unexpectedly, in the extremely hot weather, you also sent staff to conduct a disability assessment for my mother. Thank you so much!”

  recentlythe family members of the customer Grandma Wang called Sunshine Life Insurance Chongqing Branch and expressed their sincere thanks for the company’s warm and caring remote disability assessment service.

In 2022, Sunshine Life Chongqing Branch will become one of the long-term care insurance service companies in Chongqing through bidding. The function and role of social management. Relying on the advantages of the group, we will start from a small place and make real efforts to continuously strengthen team building, optimize management, actively explore innovative models, promote the development of more comprehensive and perfect nursing methods, and make the lives of the elderly happier in their later years.

Provide high-quality services for the elderly with professional skills

According to the unified arrangement of the Chongqing Municipal Medical Security Bureau, Sunshine Life Insurance Chongqing Branch is responsible for the long-term care management services in the four districts and counties of Banan District, Fuling District, Dianjiang County, and Shizhu County. The branch has established a professional team of “Health Insurance Department + Joint Office Office”. At present, the team has nearly 100 people, of which 63% have degrees in traditional Chinese medicine, medicine, and nursing. Appraisal acceptance, treatment review, settlement payment, data management, etc.

  In order to continuously improve the level of handling, the company regularly organizes studies and on-site observations on policies, services, handling processes, etc., and participates in the long-term care insurance disability assessment training organized by the Municipal Medical Insurance Bureau. The service quality and efficiency have been significantly improved. Only this yearIn the first quarter, the team’s Banan Office’s on-site acceptance of cases increased by 138.73% year-on-year; on-site evaluation increased by 182.32% year-on-year; centralized review increased by 182.32% year-on-year; inspections increased by 91.32% year-on-year. In the process of handling services, we have received many pennants and letters of thanks from the families of the disabled.

Multi-mode solves cross-provincial and remote evaluation problems to improve the satisfaction of the elderly

“Unexpectedly, in the extremely hot weather, you also sent staff to Beijing to conduct a disability assessment for my mother. Thank you so much!” Grandma Wang now lives in Beijing, and her daughter submitted it for her mother in Chongqing after learning about the policy After receiving the application, the Banan Office entrusted staff to go to Beijing to conduct a disability assessment for Grandma Wang. At present, Grandma Wang has passed the review and can enjoy 40 yuan/day home personal care treatment.

At present, the Chongqing area has included people living in different places across provinces into the scope of long-term care insurance benefits. Faced with problems such as long distances and differences in assessments among provinces, Sunshine Life Insurance Chongqing Branch adopts the model of “off-site collection + local assessment” to ensure the accuracy of assessment results , while combining the “online collection + local evaluation” model to improve the timeliness of evaluation and reduce fund operating costs. From January to April 2023, the Chongqing Branch Office accepted 14 evaluations in different places, involving 7 provinces and cities including Shandong, Beijing, Sichuan, Yunnan, Hebei, Guangdong, and Shaanxi.

At the same time, Sunshine Life has also investigated the development and application of the intelligent monitoring system of long-term care insurance for many times, and promoted the upgrading of the model of long-term care insurance empowered by scientific and technological power.

Promote the improvement and innovation of the nursing system and improve the ability of nursing care for the elderly

Judging from the pilot situation, the current home nursing method accounts for a relatively high proportion. Compared with professional institutions, home nursing staff often lack relevant experience and skills, resulting in relatively low nursing quality. In order to solve this problem, Sunshine Life Insurance Chongqing Branch actively connected with Chongqing Medical Insurance Bureau, Chongqing Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau and Chongqing No. Provide more standardized, more standard, and more refined basic life care for the disabled at home, and continuously improve the quality of care for the disabled.

In response to the current lack of long-term care protection for the elderly, the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission recently issued the “Notice on Launching the Pilot Program of Life Insurance and Long-term Care Insurance Liability Conversion Business”. It will effectively increase the supply path of commercial long-term care insurance.

Sunshine Life will continue to accumulate data experience, improve risk management capabilities, and explore diversified insurance payment methods suitable for home care, door-to-door care and institutional care in the process of carrying out long-term care insurance services in Chongqing to meet the needs of the people’s personalized, The differentiated nursing protection needs have laid a solid foundation for the subsequent promotion of Sunshine Life’s long-term care insurance business across the country.

In the next stage, Sunshine Life will continue to uphold the original mission of “letting people have more sunshine”, and deeply explore the long-term care insurance service model that adapts to my country’s national conditions. Lao You An contributes to insurance strength to protect the happy time of the “silver-haired people” in their later years.

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