Sunac Kaiyuan | Helping the opening ceremony of the World Tourism Alliance Headquarters with high-quality services

Sunac Kaiyuan | Helping the opening ceremony of the World Tourism Alliance Headquarters with high-quality services

On February 24, the opening ceremony of the World Tourism Alliance Headquarters was held at the Hangzhou Xianghu World Tourism Expo Project. This is not only the first international tourism organization headquarters introduced in Hangzhou, but also the first international organization headquarters in Xiaoshan.

On the same day, the main leaders of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, provinces and municipalities, as well as guests from all over the world, such as diplomatic envoys in China and heads of tourism offices in China, attended the event. As the service provider of Hangzhou Xianghu World Tourism Expo, Sunac Kaiyuan Service undertook the on-site service and reception work of the kick-off meeting, and won the approval of the guests present with its first-class service.

Treat high standards and high requirements with the implementation of G20 summit standards

It is reported that in order to successfully complete the reception work of this opening ceremony, Sunac Kaiyuan Service combined with the service experience of receiving the G20 summit to provide a personalized entrusted service plan. Before the meeting reception, the post service process and service standards were systematized and the work was refined. Classification and work modularization, the whole process is integrated into the golden key service of the conference, and elite troops are mobilized to guarantee the scene to ensure the efficient and perfect operation of the opening ceremony.

At the same time, through the customized services of facilities and equipment operation and maintenance, order and fire safety management, and differentiated cleaning service response, we will fully guarantee the opening ceremony, explore new service contacts, and empower the good.

High-quality and ingenious service welcomes the Asian Games with the city

Sunac Kaiyuan Service, as a sub-brand of Sunac Service, is not the first time to undertake international reception services. Sunac Services has provided services for many domestic and foreign events such as the 2016 Hangzhou G20 Summit, the 2019 National Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation Activities, and the 2020 World Young Scientists Summit, and has accumulated rich service experience in exhibition venues and public construction projects. And integrate hotel-style service standards into the service system of Asian Games venues, and empower Hangzhou Asian Games with precise and refined services.

As the official supplier of the Hangzhou Asian Games, Sunac Services provides venue property services for the third venue of the Asian Games and Hangzhou International Expo Center. The Asian Games will be held as a sports and cultural event with “Chinese characteristics, Zhejiang style, Hangzhou charm, and splendor”, and spare no effort to contribute its own strength.

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