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National style and national music, coming in spring | QQ music national style dance music will be launched in the beginning of spring

National style and national music, coming in spring | QQ music national style dance music will be launched in the beginning of spring

The flowers are full of victories in the morning, the moon and the evening, and they are healthy and healthy every year. As the first of the twenty-four solar terms, Lichun also represents the coming of spring, carrying everyone’s infinite hopes and expectations. On the occasion of the beginning of spring this year, QQ Music held a grand national style dance concert, aiming to present an audio-visual feast for everyone based on the national style and national music in a hotel full of national trends. On February 4th, QQ Music teamed up with HUALUXE Hotels and Resorts under the InterContinental Hotels Group, joined hands with folk music performers, Chinese style singers, and high-quality Chinese style idols, and presented a music festival for all fans of Chinese style and Chinese music around the world. The venue will be “Hualuxe Art Collection National Style Dance Concert”.

In this dance concert organized by QQ Music, featuring traditional Chinese musical instruments and singing and dancing, Wang Yu, a Sanxian virtuoso, combined synthetic electronic music with traditional Peking opera singing with amazing performance techniques, allowing Sanxian to break through the “only” The inherent impression of being suitable for playing Quyi music brings a group of avant-garde folk music performances. Liu Yu, a member of INTO1 and an excellent singer of Generation Z, performed a national style song born out of the “intangible cultural heritage” culture. With an amazing opera tone, the audience can see the uniqueness of the national style and music conveyed by the younger generation good.

In addition, Yang Wentao and Zhang Can CiCi, as a duo with a unique style, combine the power of street dance with the Zen of Chinese ink painting, and use the flowing dance to interpret the artistic conception of the country. The popular national style singer Deng Yujun (waiting for what) won thunderous applause with two highly popular and sassy songs. The folk music performers used traditional instruments such as pipa, erhu, suona, and drums to play smooth and changeable rhythms, and vividly unfolded a piece of “Oriental Legend” that is carefree, freehand, and uniquely Chinese in charm and artistic conception. A period of chivalrous demeanor of happiness and hatred. A series of programs performed by QQ Music feasted the audience’s eyes.

For many years, QQ Music has always insisted on cultivating the field of high-quality music, digging into the rich and diverse traditional music culture, injecting young and fresh expressions, and using more innovative interpretation and communication methods to let more people experience the beauty of quality Chinese music. Bring higher quality music to users. The “Renewal of Chinese Music” IP launched in 2022 will form Chinese music into an IP-based operation. While innovating the “reproduction” of traditional music both on and off the QQ platform, online and offline, QQ Music will also join hands with professional art institutions, well-known Masters of Chinese music, jointly create a marketing event with diverse and meaningful content——QQ Music joins hands with Nanjing National Orchestra and other professional art institutions to jointly create the first Nanjing National Music Festival, QQ Music joins hands with King Glory to launch the first Chinese music label, QQ Music Join hands with Chinese music master Feng Mantian to create an online live broadcast of the “Chinese Music Asking the Sky” concert, etc., and have achieved satisfactory responses.

Next, I hope that QQ Music can deliver this kind of national style and music to more places, which can not only satisfy the entertainment and cultural life of the public, but also convey traditional culture, and give full play to the charm of the music platform.

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