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Su Youpeng’s concert starts at the end of the year and tours 26 cities to evoke youthful memories

Su Youpeng’s concert starts at the end of the year and tours 26 cities to evoke youthful memories



On the afternoon of September 6th, Su Youpeng, a powerful singer in the Chinese music scene, appeared in Beijing. Witnessed by more than 100 fans and more than 20 performers from all over the country, he officially launched his new tour “Meeting You in Multiverse” official announcement. Su Youpeng will present a music journey across time and space with a sense of technological travel to fans on the long-lost stage. Nearly a million fans are cheering for Alec Su online through the live broadcast platform. The concert tour will kick off at the end of the year. After the first Shenzhen, it will be held in 26 cities across the country.

The press conference attracted many representatives of fans to come to the scene to cheer for the idols, and the outside of the scene was very beautifully decorated by fans’ cheering flower walls. The concert press conference started on time at 3:08 p.m., and the voices were interacted through different platforms such as “Douyin Live”, “Video Account” and “Sina Weibo”. Nearly a million online fans and live fans witnessed the start of the idol’s tour together. A fan from Taiwan even told a live emotional story with Su Youpeng, the “first-generation idol”. During the multi-hour live broadcast of the press conference, they supported the whole process, and they spared no effort to applaud and cheer for their idols. In the interactive song-guessing game session, whenever the melody sounded, the fans would immediately respond with a chorus, and touching scenes followed one after another. When Su Youpeng talked about the experience of interacting with fans and his mental journey, many fans shed tears. Facing fans and the media, Su Youpeng revealed his heart, “Actually, I was only 15 years old when I debuted. I don’t know why the agency asked me to do a lot of work. I just laughed mechanically. There are many songs that I don’t know. What do you mean, but now that I sing, I have a new understanding…” As far as the words are concerned, Youpeng also sang a few lines of the title song of the same name in the first album “I only want you to love me” after flying solo live. Compared with the youthful voice of the past, Su Youpeng’s sensual and charming mature voice attracted screams and applause from the audience as soon as he opened his mouth.

Su Youpeng revealed at the scene that for this “Meet You in Multiverse” concert, he has retreated for several months, concentrating on polishing his singing skills and stage performance. In addition, in order to better interpret the songs, he also actively learns the latest technological knowledge in order to incorporate science fiction elements into the performance. This move is admirable, and it also makes fans look forward to this concert. The main visual of this concert is the misty and vast outer space universe, and the poster is mainly in black, highlighting the mystery of the universe and Alec Su’s personal image. The vastness of the universe and Alec Su’s unique charm complement each other, adding infinite attraction and anticipation to the “Meet You in Multiverse” tour concert. In the screen with a strong sense of technology, Alec Su’s classic works are all over the stars. The reporter found that there are not only the classic old works from the early days of the group, but also the classic love songs that will develop solo in the future. At the same time, the episodes and theme songs of Alec Su’s film and television works, as well as the amazing singles he participated in and performed as a guest performer are also included. Su Youpeng expressed that he hopes to restore his music history of more than 30 years with his music works in different periods, so that the audience can meet their former self in different “cosmic spaces”. As for the “singing and dancing works” that many media pay attention to, Su Youpeng revealed that there will definitely be but will also be presented together with Adagio love songs. “Times have been changing. I have never been a young man who can’t sing or act. I have become the ‘Mr. Su’ that everyone calls today. Sometimes I think it’s amazing that everyone can communicate through a mobile phone screen, but each I live in a different world. It is not so much that I have witnessed everyone’s growth, but that you have accompanied me to achieve today’s achievements. Sometimes I read your messages through the Internet. In the same parallel universe, everyone I have witnessed a different Su Youpeng. Many fans in those days don’t have much time to listen to music due to the pressure of life, but their attention to me has not diminished in the slightest. It is not a certain person who is moved, but the youth we experienced together remember.”

The main visual of the tour poster has been hotly discussed since the official announcement. Fans at the press conference and live broadcast online said that they like the high-tech travel texture presented this time, and look forward to this show full of technological elements and unique creativity. audio-visual feast. At the same time, some people questioned: Can Alec Su manage such a grand theme and integrate science fiction elements into music? In this regard, Su Youpeng said: “I hope that this concert can break the constraints of time and space, explore more unknown possibilities, and use the power of music to bring the audience into a new dimension, so that everyone can feel the infiniteness of music.” Energy. For this tour, our team has put in a lot of effort, and the production team is also the top production lineup in the current Chinese entertainment circle. We are confident that we will create a technologically-sounding audio-visual feast for the audience. Witness the fruits of our hard work.”

During the one-hour live broadcast, Su Youpeng sorted out his music life in detail, and at the same time reviewed his different identities as a model “slash youth” in the entertainment industry. Su Youpeng, who combines talent and strength, will always impress you for a moment: as a singer, he released classic songs such as “Kangding Love Song”, “Fall in Love with Myself”, and “God Has Eyes”; as an actor, he starred in “My Fair Princess” “, “Whose Youth Is Not Confused”, “Dragon Babu” and other classic films; as a director, he directed popular dramas such as “If You Are the One”, “The Devotion of Suspect X”, “Left Ear”… This “return” In the music world, Su Youpeng is full of ambitions, “I hope that in the next time, I can present a better self on stage. I have already started to practice vocal music, and communicate with the director team and music team. I believe that during the concert time, Keep up the good stage.”

In the multiverse tour, we have witnessed countless times that the sun rises and the moon sets, and the stars twinkle. Traveling through each other’s youth, we followed the clues of the music and planned a solemn reunion. At the end of the “Meet You Concert in Multiple Universes” tour press conference, Alec Su and the representative of the concert operator Li Cheng of Beijing Yike Group, Li Yuan, general manager of Nanjing Yisike Culture Media Co., Ltd., and director of Hangzhou Xingshuo Performing Arts Brokerage Co., Ltd. Director Chen Gang and Beijing UFO Culture General Manager Wang Weihong started the tour mode together. On behalf of the organizer, Ms. Zhang Xiaoou from Beijing Yike Group introduced that Alec Su’s “Meet You in Multiverse” tour will start on December 16 at the Shenzhen Universiade Center Gymnasium, and then will be held in 26 cities including Nanjing. tour. Popular hits such as “Green Apple Paradise”, “Love” and “Backpack” were once part of the audience’s youthful memories. No matter how the years change, when the familiar melodies sound again, as if the door of time has opened, every listener will be moved by the familiar and warm notes, and they can’t help but sing along with them, reliving the memories hidden deep in their hearts. youthful years. This concert tour will become a long-awaited event for fans, which will undoubtedly arouse the enthusiasm and emotion of the audience.

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